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LG KF600 Review


Written on 3/28/2008 12:28:00 AM by poison_ivy

LG has made a lot of cool phones in the past, and some of them were even worthy of being called an iPhone rival. The LG KF600 is a new phone that boasts of a new feature: the InteractPad. Read on to find out of the LG KF600 is worth buying.


The LG KF600 is a slider phone. The front panel hosts the 2 inch display and the InteractPad. At first glance, the LG KF600 looks like a touchscreen phone—a miniature iPhone, if you will. If you're wondering why there seems to be two screens on the KF600's front display, it's because the one below the main screen is the InteractPad, more about the InteractPad in the features section. Design-wise, the LG KF600 is stylish. Ever since the iPhone, everyone wants to go with that full glass front.


One of the new features on the LG KF600 is the InteractPad. The InteractPad is a collection of shortcut keys so you can access the different features of this phone. I have a love-hate relationship with the InteractPad. The InteractPad is useful and it makes the LG KF600 much more fun to use. However, it is sometimes buggy and there's a delay in the haptic feedback.

If you're looking for a music phone, the KF600 delivers. Audio quality is good, there's also an equalizer, album art, FM radio and Bluetooth A2DP support, and everything a music lover needs — well, almost, see below for complaints.

The 2 inch screen though small produces vibrant images and plays videos quite well though I wouldn’t use it in direct sunlight as visibility is almost non existent.

The LG KF600 also scores in terms of its camera. The camera on this mobile phone has a 3.2 mega pixel resolution and is one of the better camera phones in the 3 mega pixel category. It has autofocus as well as manual settings like white balance, exposure, etc, plus the flash is quite useful. And here’s where the InteractPad gets interesting to use. Whenever you zoom in on photos, the InteractPad previews the images while the main shows the actual zoomed in portion of the image.

And let’s not forget that the LG KF600 is a mobile phone so naturally, I had to test the call function. Voice quality is very good and the speaker on the phone is not bad as well. Other things to like about this phone are the browser and the preloaded games. The games on this device make use of the InteractPad which is interesting and fun. Almost like playing a mini Nintendo DS.


Of course, not all phones are perfect and the LG KF600 leaves something to be desired. First off, and this is really what gets to me—handwriting recognition. LG has put a fancy handwriting recognition software on the LG KF600 for writing SMS messages. I like handwriting recognition and I’m no stranger to it since I’ve been using PDA Phones for 5 years now. The thing is—there’s no stylus! The LG KF600 is a fancy slider phone with some touchscreen feature via the InteractPad but it has no stylus. So why put a handwriting recognition function when you’re not going to put in a stylus? Perhaps LG would like to make more bucks by selling a stylus accessory for the LG KF600? Whatever the reason, I didn’t find much use for the handwriting recognition without a stylus and using your fingers isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Though the LG KF600 is a good phone, there’s no way to organize your music by artist or song genre, etc. I don’t know if I just missed this during my limited time with this phone but I don’t think there’s one. The screen is also very small so this is not much use for watching videos unless you want to strain your eyes.

Though the camera takes good picture quality, it takes quite a well for it to save the pictures. And my favorite reason for bashing a phone, no 3G. I know, I know, some people have no use for 3G but just a fact, I’ve read that in Japan, there were no 2G phones sold during January so they’re planning to phase out 2G handsets.


The LG KF600 scores some points for a stylish handset, good music phone, and good camera phone. If you’re not looking for a smart phone and you’re quite the fast learner, then you will have no problems using the LG KF600. Prepare yourself in constantly wiping down your handset everyday since the front panel is a fingerprint magnet.

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  1. Anonymous |

    The sync software killed my laptop - twice! All I wanted to do was download a couple of tracks to use as ringtones, but I have had to do a full system recovery since installing it! Laptop is only 5 months old and (was) working fine, so I am not imoressed with that. The phone itself is quite easy to use and I do like it - I only got it today though - but I am worried about the software and would like some feedback if possible. Thanks.

  2. poison_ivy |

    Never had problems on my end. Are you using vista? Because of you are, there may be some driver problems or something.

  3. Anonymous |

    piece of bloody crap !
    stopped working after two weeks, when i try to turn it on the flash goes and it vibrates and nothing else.
    completely terrivble !

  4. poison_ivy |

    Try contacting LG for a replacement. There will always be a defective phone that would reach the market. I hope LG tightens up their quality control.

  5. Anonymous |

    My memory is full so i tried to download photos from my phone to my pc but to no avail. I installed the disk but got no further. Have tried to find a manual on the internet but no joy either - did note that someone else also had bother with this! Do not want to delete these images so am desperate to get them downloaded. Please help!

  6. poison_ivy |

    Try the instructions on this site and see if it works:


  7. Anonymous |

    My Syncing software does not recognize my phone. It does appear as "removable disk: F", but I can't do anything to it. Can someone please help me?

  8. Anonymous |

    same problem as above. my network doesn't seem to have heard of this problem. or they're fobbing me off (which wouldn't suprise me). can anyone please help?

  9. Anonymous |

    i have had to take my phone back multiple times as the camera came loose, the screen leaked, it turned itself on and off, and it just vibrated for 3 weeks. the phone is rubbish!!! if your going to buy a phone dont buy this one! and after 4 months of knowing how to use it it is still damn hard to use!

  10. Anonymous |

    It's slow and takes forever to load a picture up when you want to have a flick through, if you go wrong on a txt you have to press the C butt 2 times to go back once... very annoying! Doesn't upload pictures to your laptop or PC, when you press the touch screen to go to a page it take a few seconds to recognise before it transfers you, and sometimes cancels you out of things without you even pressing anything. would not recommend!

  11. Unknown |

    Mine is brilliant, it easy to use and i well worth buyng.

    One thng you do have to be carefull of though is if you press something to fast and it doesnt like it it will crash. If this happens just take the back off.
    Also the back does not fit propely, is this just mine?

  12. Anonymous |

    Great phone, it is easy to use but i have had a few problems.
    If you do something to quickly and i doesnt like it it freezes and just viabrates but if this happens just take the battery out. Also the back of mine doesnt fit properly, is it just mine?

  13. Anonymous |

    For people that are trying to transfer files from their phone to their pc i have just followed the manual and it works brilliantly... Go to the settings option from your menu (on your phone) and then to connectivity, select USB connection and click OK on Mass storage. Now when you connect your phone to your PC it will come up with an external drive (two if you have a memory stick) and you can just copy your files across!
    I don't think there is even any need to install the software onto your PC, i did and did not find it helpful in the slightest!


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