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Sony Ericsson W910i Review


Written on 3/25/2008 02:19:00 PM by poison_ivy

The red version of the Sony Ericsson W910i is more stylish
Vodafone has the Sony Ericsson W910i. If you think this phone is worth a go, read on.


The Sony Ericsson W910i is a sleek slider phone from the Japanese-Swedish mobile phone manufacturer. This mobile phone is available in red and black and has a very slim profile compared with other slider phones. So, is the Sony Ericsson W910i stylish? Well, the black version is not so much as it just looks like an ordinary candy bar phone but the red version looks cool. Another thing I like about the design is that it’s not too shiny

Cool Features

Some of the notable features on the Sony Ericsson W910i is that it is HSDPA capable. As you might have gleaned from my other reviews, I consider HSDPA as a must on mobile phones nowadays and the lack of one automatically gives the mobile phone something to complain about.

Since the Sony Ericsson W910i is a Walkman phone, naturally, music features matter. The music navigation on this device would look familiar for those Sony fan boys as it is the same navigation menu you can see on the PSP and the PS3. The Sony Ericsson W910i has the SenseMe feature which sorts tracks according to its tempo and mood. Since I’m not really a music fan, I didn’t find this feature of much use.

Music quality is what can be expected of Sony Ericsson’s Walkman phone line which is quite good. The Internal Memory of the Sony Ericsson W910i is only 40mb but you can make use of its expansion slot which of course uses Sony’s proprietary memory stick micro.

What I love about this Sony Ericsson W910i is its motion sensor. You can change tracks by tilting the phone and shuffle your tracks by just shaking the phone. The motion sensor is also great for the built-in games.


Though the Sony Ericsson W910i seems like a good music phone, sadly, it also suffers from many bugs. First of all, though this mobile phone has a 2 mega pixel camera, it’s admittedly disappointing. There’s no autofocus or flash plus image quality is—crappy. I mean, of course it’s a music phone but I wish Sony would have given us at least a mediocre camera on the Sony Ericsson W910i, but no, they have to reserve that for their Cyber-Shot phone line.

I also hate the speaker on this mobile phone, I don’t recommend you use it unless absolutely necessary.

If you’re going to put a motion sensor on a device, make sure it has a fast processor. This is another bug on the Sony Ericsson W910i. Though the motion sensor is cool and is probably the selling point of this device, it sometimes suffers from slow reaction time. The motion sensor is not the only thing that’s slow on the Sony Ericsson W910i, even the interface suffers from lags.

I also hate the fact that you have to convert all your wma files for it to play on this device since it’s not compatible. Transferring your wma music files could take a while.


All in all, I have to give the Sony Ericsson W910i three out of five stars. Yes, it’s a good music phone and the motion sensor feature is WAY cool, however, the slow processor of this device and the camera overshadows the other great features. If you’re just looking for something different and you’re very patient then you might not have any problems with the Sony Ericsson W910i.

Sony Ericsson W910 Specifications.

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  1. Anonymous |

    great review on the great Walkman Phone, thanks.

  2. Anonymous |

    The motion sensor IS cool. I wonder if there are other games available for the W910i that makes use of the motion sensor.

  3. Anonymous |

    Are there any other colors besides black and red? Sounds like a cool phone but I'm having second thoughts since you've mentioned that this is a slow phone.

  4. Anonymous |

    The phone is not that slow, at least for my standards. Great music player and good games--works for me.

  5. Anonymous |

    yea...the phone is little slow compared to other SE phones....but definitely faster than any nokias available.

  6. Anonymous |

    I love SE Walkman phones but this one sucks!!! I got the white & gold version which is a beauty but as other reviewers on some webpages have mentioned: this line is faulty, it keeps turning itself off. I even exchanged for another one and the same thing still happens. Very dissappointed!!! Never think such things happen with SE.

    Another thing is the speaker is really bad, I can't believe there's still such low-quality speakers on modern phones.

    Have to use a crap phone at the moment and wait for W980i to be released.

  7. Anonymous |

    I have this phone and the main problem is that it crashes a lot. It turns itself off randomly and the only way to fix it is to take out the battery and reboot. I've also read of other people with the same problem even after being a week old. The music player is slow even more so with lots of music. This also affects even the speed of scrolling through your contact list. The speakers broken on it and i've only had it around 3 months. still in good condition. The tilt for songs function is not ergonomically designed (hard to hold and function) and must be shook quite hard to get it to work. The tilt function on other aspects such as taking pictures and the marble game , it seems to work very well. The phone looks very smart and sleek but bears other problems which can be annoying in general day to day use.

  8. Anonymous |

    OMG i love this phone!!!
    There is other colors, i have got GREY & PINK. Wooo i love it soooooo much! it is an amazing phone i recommend it to anyonee!!

  9. Pink Mobile Phone Lover |

    ...and now it's been made in Black and Pink which is a very very nice looking phone.

  10. Anonymous |

    hate this phone..Dont ever buy it! those bugs are freakkin me out..It sucks.


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