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Samsung SGH-U900 Soul Review


Written on 4/27/2008 02:34:00 AM by poison_ivy

Samsung sgh-u900 front
Samsung has introduced yet another gorgeous phone to add to their U lineup. The Samsung SGH-U900 is a gorgeous slider phone with 5 mega pixel camera and some unique features. Read on to find out more about the Samsung Soul.


Like I mentioned, the Samsung SGH-U900 is a slider phone with a brush metallic finish which makes it ultra chic. This phone also has a very solid build because it’s a little bit thicker at 12.9 mm, compared with other u-series phones. The screen on the Samsung SGH-U900 measures 2.2 inch and if you’re wondering what the square thingy is below the screen, that’s the touchpad which can give you access to some shortcut buttons.


The Samsung SGH-U900 has a QVGA display which gives excellent picture quality but it pretty much disappears on direct sunlight. The touchpad provides some haptic feedback and you can customize its touch sensitivity so you can be assured of a great user experience. Those not used to touch pads can set the sensitivity at the minimum so they can press it the same way they press a keypad.

Camera features is one of the best I’ve seen so far. The Samsung SGH-U900 houses a 5 mega pixel camera which produces excellent image quality. The great thing about this phone is that it lets you edit your pictures instantly, without the need to transfer it on your PC. Editing features allows you to crop and add some picture enhancements. While I was playing with the camera settings of the Samsung Soul, I found out that it has face detection, anti-shake, and ISO Settings! Whoa! Now THAT’s what I call, a camera phone.
samsung soul slider view
Audio quality on the Samsung SGH-U900 is good but I don’t think Samsung is marketing this phone as a music phone so it’s more of a camera phone. However, audiophiles who want a camera phone with a passable audio quality would love this phone. The Samsung Soul has a built-in 128MB memory expandable with a microSD card to house your favorite tunes. It also has an FM radio and supports Blutooth A2DP profile.

Another plus factor for the Samsung SGH-U900 is it is HSDPA capable.


Battery life on the Samsung SGH-U900 only lasted a day for me but I guess it’s because I was browsing and testing the phone so much. The built-in browser on this phone is not that great and you’re better off downloading the Opera Mini browser. Though image quality is great, I can’t say the same for video quality.


Well, what can I say? Though my time with the Samsung SGH-U900 was limited, I was really impressed, especially with the camera. Let’s recap: As a fashion phone, the Samsung SGH-U900 passes; as a camera phone, it passes with flying colors; and as a music phone, this one is passable. Hmm, now if only Samsung will give it a larger 3 inch screen, WiFi, and multi-touch support, this would be the Ultimate phone to have!

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  1. Anonymous |

    I have this phone and it is so difficult to use in fact its the worst phone ive ever owned.

  2. Anonymous |

    quiet the opposite, just love it ;)

  3. Anonymous |

    Difficult to use?!?!?! What are you talking about? You must be thick and ham-fisted. It is a brilliant 'phone.

  4. Anonymous |

    how do u get pics on pc iv downloaded cd but cnt get any files up on pc ????????

  5. poison_ivy |

    You can try transferring it without syncing your phone. Just go to menu, settings, phone settings, pc connection, and select mass storage. When you connectg your phone to your PC, your PC will warn you that there's a mass storage device connected. Just go to "my computer", browse your phone and search for the pictures that you want to copy to your PC.

  6. MANIPAL |

    cam is marvelous..but how to instal other softwares like dictionary etc...please do reply 2

  7. Anonymous |

    where can we download themes since it has an option for themes.... and if not themes then wallpapers?

  8. Unknown |

    i want to know which version of opera mini to use and also how to install other softwares.. thanks^^

  9. poison_ivy |

    The latest version of opera mini will do. Just point your browser to and download from your phone. To download themes, games and software, you can try the Samsung fun club at your local samsung website. Try

  10. chalks |


    could anyone help?

    I added a few noumbers to the reject call list and now i cant find a way of unblocking them, does anyone know how you do it?


  11. Anonymous |

    To recover numbers fromreject list:

    Settings -> Call Settings ->All Calls -> Auto Reject (On) -> Reject List -> Scroll to required number(s) listed and uncheck box then save changes.

  12. Anonymous |

    I don't even know what you are on about. I have had this phone for 6months and it is the best phone i have ever had the touch pad on it is fast and easy to use.

    Comment below don't listen to it
    Amazing phone slim and nice slide.

  13. Anonymous |

    I don't even know what you are on about. I have had this phone for 6months and it is the best phone i have ever had the touch pad on it is fast and easy to use.

    Comment below don't listen to it
    Amazing phone slim and nice slide.

  14. Unknown |

    pls help..i cant set my soul phone to use the memory card as the default reciever of video files..please do help im in agony..thanks

  15. Anonymous |

    hi, plz help me am facing a problem regarding ( E) EDGE displaying on my cell phone although am not having this facility on from my service provider.i guess somehow while exploring the phone i turned it on. could any one plz tell me how to turn it off?

  16. poison_ivy |

    It probably means your service provider is rolling out their EDGE service. You don't have to worry, you didn't turn anything own. The (E) or (3G) sign automatically appears if the phone detects that your network supports EDGE or 3G.

  17. Anonymous |

    i have lost the cd for my phone that lets me connect my phone to the pc to transfer pics and songs ,, does anyone know any downloads i can use ?? thanks

  18. Anonymous |


    ive got same problem with leonard seth reagard the memory card.

    And is there any way else to get padlock on without having to close the slide, i mean pressing somethings like in nokia.


  19. Anonymous |

    how do we run softwares n games in dis phone...wat file does it support???

  20. poison_ivy |

    Java files. You can download it from the browser or run it from the memory card of Samsung's PC software.

  21. Anonymous |

    whats the battery life like

  22. Anonymous |

    how do u get facebook on this phone

  23. Unknown |

    My samsung soul will only take photo's in black & white i have been through all the setting's that i can find but im still unable to change it any idea's

  24. Anonymous |

    Dear Anonymous | January 13, 2009 3:29 PM (reject call list) Your a legend.. I've been trying all weekend to unblock a contact without success now i've done it. Thank You. Regards Rich (Tocco Ultra owner)

  25. Anonymous |

    Can anyone help me?

    I have a samsung genio qwerty and have managed to block someones number from my phone and now i cant find my reject list to remove tem. When i co to Settings their is no option of call settings?

  26. çiçek |

    Thank you very much for your very good information sharing I wish you success

  27. çiçek siparişi |

    yes i got it ,and most i like this article .

    thank you!!! everybody..


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