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HTC Touch Diamond Review


Written on 5/08/2008 05:14:00 AM by poison_ivy

* Note: This review is based on a prototype.

So HTC has announced another new HTC Touch, the HTC Touch Diamond. Frankly, this is what, the fourth time that HTC had a go at being iPhone’s main competitor? So, is the fourth time a charm? Let’s find out. Just a word of warning to iPhone haters, I’m not Apple fanboy, but frankly, HTC is just trying too hard at making an iPhone copycat.


The HTC Touch Diamond still has the same 2.8 inch screen as other regular PDA phones. What is wrong with upping it to 3 inch, HTC? The design of the HTC Touch Diamond is reminiscent of the Nokia Prism phones, with diamond like patterns on the back of the device. Unlike the iPhone, the HTC Touch Diamond has a circular directional pad, much like the one in HTC Touch Cruise. Since HTC didn’t copy the iPhone’s design right off the bat, I have to give them points for design. The HTC Touch Diamond is one gorgeous, sleek phone.

Specifications and Features

The HTC Touch Diamond is a HUGE improvement from other HTC phones. Instead of the usual 400 MHz processor, you will get a Qualcomm MSM 7201A 528MHz processor plus you get a 192MB RAM. You’d think that the HTC Touch Diamond’s interface would be faster with the RAM and processor and all, however, the interface is still quite sluggish compared with the iPhone but a much better improvement from the HTC Touch Cruise’s sluggish interface. To get an idea of what I'm talking about, check out Slashgear's hands-on video:

Again, let me reiterate that I am no iPhone fan but I have to say that they did a damn good job creating their multi touch interface. Until now, not one mobile phone manufacturer was able to replicate or come close to their multi-touch interface. The TouchFLO 3D on the HTC Touch Diamond only offers animated icons but still no improvement to the previous TouchFLO interface. The HTC Diamond’s interface also looks like a rip off of iPhone’s home menu.

As for the browser, I’ll give points to the HTC Touch Diamond. The browser looks awesome plus the scroll wheel allows you to zoom in on web pages slowly rather than zoom in instantly on the web page. There was also little to no rendering when zooming in on web pages which makes the browser on the HTC Touch Diamond probably the best web browser for any pocket pc phones. Better than NetFront Browser 3.5 and Skyfire browser even, although I don’t think that it supports flash for youtube videos since there’s a separate application that you can launch for watching YouTube videos.

The HTC Touch Diamond is purely a touch screen phone, there’s no slide out QWERTY keyboard or anything, everything is on screen so for those who are tired of using touch screen keyboards (like me), this would probably turn you off. My suggestion is to wait for the Sony Xperia X1 since it has almost the same specifications but has a slide-out QWERTY pad.

The camera on the HTC Touch diamond seems promising, 3.2 mega pixel with auto focus so I hope the auto focus will allow users to get clearer shots than the previous HTC Phones. Other features of the HTC Touch Diamond includes: a built in accelerometer (Screen changes automatically from landscape to portrait mode), GPS, HSDPA connectivity, WiFi, and a generous 4GB internal storage (I think this is a first from HTC). Check out the HTC Touch Diamond's youtube video:


I love my windows mobile phone that’s why you can’t peg me for being an iPhone lover, however, the way that HTC is trying to hard to copy everything on the iPhone can sometimes get irritating. I mean, one good thing about having a windows mobile phone is the ability to brag about it, not to mention that most windows mobile phone have a hefty price tag, specially the ones from HTC (if bought without a contract). However, if they keep trying to copy the iPhone—well, there’s no sense showing off a product that looks like a rip-off of an original one, right?

However if you look beyond the too many iPhone rip-off features of the HTC Touch Diamond, this looks like one promising device. If they are able to go beyond the issues such as the scroll wheel not responding or sluggish performance, it may even surpass the iPhone. For those looking for a QWERTY keyboard, I suggest that, like me, you just wait for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. It basically has the same features (processor, RAM, WiFi, GPS, etc) but with the added slide-out QWERTY.

Anyways, good job on this one, HTC. Next time, don’t try too hard.

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  1. Anonymous |

    Quite frankly, this is a ridiculous "review". You give no indication whatsoever of actually having held or seen the phone in the flesh. You certainly haven't used it for a protracted period of time.

    Furthermore, the constant iPhone copying references are silly. It's black, and it has a touch screen. The similarities basically end there - beyond the features that are required by virtue of them both being phones.

    There is no attempt whatsoever to copy the UI - the Diamond's UI is radically different to that on the iPhone.

    The physical designs are significantly different.

    The screen sizes are different.

    The touch screen technology itself is different - resistive vs capacitive.

    One is based on WINDOWS MOBILE.

    It's fair enough to leave a comment piece, but you shouldn't call it a review if it isn't...and my return comment is that your iPhone hang up is silly, and this is no more of a "copy" than a Mercedes SLK is of a BMW 7 series (both small, fast sports cars).

  2. poison_ivy |

    Firstly, one can review a product even if one hasn’t used it for a “protracted” period of time. Sure, my review is based on a prototype but like I said in my article, if HTC is able to conquer the hiccups of their prototype, the Touch Diamond will certainly be a good phone.

    Secondly, maybe you should also leave this comment on every other blog that compares other black touch screen phones with the iPhone. Like I said, I’m a windows mobile fan but since Apple came up with a pretty good phone with the iPhone you can’t help everyone if they start measuring up every other phone who has similar features to the iPhone. If I start comparing a low-end Nokia Phone with the iPhone, then I could understand your sentiments.

    As for the user interface copying, I was referring to how the Diamond’s program is set up to look like the iPhone’s menu screen and of course, the finger swiping thingy. HTC was perfectly content using stylus on every one of their PDA phones, which by the way I already have used three different models and which I really loved, until the iPhone was announced and they decided to make their own touch screen only phones with the HTC touch.

    “The physical designs are different” - I have mentioned that and which I gave points to the Diamond
    “The screen sizes are different” - which I also pointed out
    “touch screen technology is different” - of course it is, we don’t want HTC to get sued now, do we?
    One is based on WINDOWS MOBILE - which I also pointed out and which I have also mentioned if you bothered reading or understanding the article that I LOVE WINDOWS MOBILE and it is the only Mobile OS which I even consider using and which is the reason I still don’t own an iPhone

    Yes, all this iPhone hang up is silly. But even though I am NOT and I repeat NOT an Apply fan boy, everyone loves the iPhone’s touch screen capacity that is why ever since the iPhone was launched until a better interface comes along, the iPhone will always become the benchmark of all touch screen phones. It’s sad but it’s true.

  3. Anonymous |

    I'd have to go with Marsden on this one. You can't call an article a review without a full description of the product or without ever having touched the product. Otherwise just share your thoughts in a summed up preview or some comments.

    Poison Ivy had some good points but the comparison between a SLK and BMW7 says it all. The iphone and diamond are both high tech 'smart'phones but the comparison ends there.

  4. poison_ivy |

    *Rolls eyes*, okay, I can see why everybody thinks that I haven't touched this goddamn thing and cleared up the semantics.

    But as for the review, I'm still calling it a review but indicated that what I have seen and touched is a prototype.

    As for the iPhone comparison, I will stop once you have stopped half of the population that sees a touch screen phone and immediately thinks of an iPhone.

    Honestly now, who would compare a BMW7 and an SLK? As a motor enthusiast too, you can't compare a BMW7 with an SLK because the BMW7 is a sedan and the SLK is sports car.

    Like I've said, If I have compared the Nokia 2300 with the iPhone, then sue me, however, I and every other mobile phone enthusiast can rightly compare the HTC Touch diamond with the iPhone because, both are touch screen phones, both are smart phones, both are in the same price range, and both target specific consumers.

    Please, if anybody else feels the need to rant about always comparing touch screen phones with the iPhone, take it with Steve Jobs and tell him the next time he decides to make a very cool product, make sure it's not SO COOL that it becomes a benchmark product.

  5. Programatix |

    Maybe because poison_ivy keeps stating that HTC is trying hard to copy the iPhone interface. That might be the reason why j. marsden is calling this a ridiculous "review".

    Anyway, are you sure that HTC is trying to copy iPhone interface? For me, the two interfaces are different. Maybe the scrolling and sliding part look and feel the same but that is all.

  6. poison_ivy |

    *rolls eyes* If the interface is different then why do you say "maybe the scrolling and sliding part look and feel the same way" if it's the same, then it's not different. Anyways, try visiting engadget's hands-on review:

    We both noticed a lag. Maybe it's not so pronounced on the actual models as on the prototype but still, it's sad that HTC couldn't put in a more powerful processor. Still, amongst HTC's touch screen phones, the Touch Diamond IS "the Diamond" amongst them.

  7. Anonymous |

    Hey poison, i share the same opinion as ur review. I bought one and find that there's quite a bit of iphone similarities. But it was a good effort from HTC.

    I find the TouchFLO3D impressive but lags a little. I wonder if it's possible to switch or download the old TouchFLO. that way, the phone will be really fast!

    Also one other factor that's bugging me is the LARGE FONTS on the pop up menu. (when u use a prgm, and need to access additional functions, u'll have to go 'menu'..) yeah, for some reason, i found NO WAY to reduce the size. So i find it absolutely irritating.. it's as though HTC assumes i'm a little blind or something.

    Well, if i had somehow missed out on how to reduce the size. Someone please advice. Thanks!

    oh otherwise, this phone is pretty awesome. Esp the browsing experience! Cheers!

    Btw, if anyone finds the review ridiculous... just close the window and move on..

  8. poison_ivy |

    THANK YOU! Finally, someone with some sense. :D I envy that you have one but I'm saving my money for the Xperia X1. :D

  9. poison_ivy |

    By the way, try downloading RealVGA and use 90dpi, it reduced the buttons and fonts on my Samsung i780.

  10. Anonymous |

    Copy iPhone? I personally don't think... and what if some good ideas are copied? Do you complain about your PC mouse because Apple was the first to introduce mouse on its MAC???

    Lag/Slow: False... Check the latest ROM versions!

    Xperia better? Not so sure... HTC has some years of experience of such devices, not Sony E///. So far didn't see real Xperia reviews !

  11. Anonymous |

    Yup, that's no review, it's some sorta preview/editorial thing... it's like reviewing a new videogame from a demo - not very useful at all! oh well, better luck next time...

    I highly reccomend anyone who wants to see a serious review heads over to where I just spent an hour reading a propre review, with video-diaries & all sorts. Good stuff.

    And just to put boris straight, the Experian X1 is being made by HTC for Sony, so should be pretty sweet - ifSony get their asses in gear and release it before it goes totally out of date. Personally I'll be going for the Touch Pro (diamond with a qwerty), which should be the best of both worlds.

    Anywho, that's my 2 cents, laters

  12. Anonymous |

    hello just an inquiry as to whether or not the release date is confirmed, if it has I would like to know, and on which networks will it be available and for what price?

  13. Anonymous |

    does any one know for what money the phone will come out on the orange network for? thankyou

  14. poison_ivy |

    I have no idea which network will carry it but already has it for £434.69 so it would should work on most networks.

  15. dca |

    Just read the 'review' as I am contemplating buying.
    I am 100% with j.marsden.
    I have spent a lot of time with an iphone and about 20 mins with one of these(in a shop). I would say that I have clearly spent a lot longer with the HTC than the reviewer who would appear to have lifted much of the review from a compilation of other reviews. Yes of course the comparison with an iphone is inevitable but the constant nonsense reference to ripping it off discredits anything about the review.
    The additional fact that you include patronising repeated *rolls eyes* in your weak defensive responses discredits you further and makes you look desperate in your attempts to recover,
    The HTC is a fine creation - try obtaining one on a trial before writing your drivel. If your review was worth anything, I would imagine HTC would have lent you one!

  16. poison_ivy |

    Okay, DCA, then maybe you could contact your employers at HTC so that they could lent me one. I could easily buy one you know, but I won't. Exactly how much is HTC paying you guys to bash blogs that says something bad about the Touch Diamond? If you read other customer "reviews" you can see that the first batch of HTC touch diamond had A LOT of issues. I guess in order for HTC to beat the iPhone 3G, they rushed in and sold all their units without fixing the bugs and to address the complaints they have to issue a ROM update.

    Yes, you might have spent more time with the Touch Diamond than I did so why don't you go write your own review.

  17. Anonymous |

    The first HTC Touch, the daddy of this phone, came out BEFORE the iPhone, so calling it an iPhone rip-off is both wrong and insulting to HTC, who had been making smartphones before apple even thought of the idea. Plus, with the newer firmware - which is anything but the first few test devices sent to the press - the device runs smoothly, with no hiccups. I'm buying one. It's way better than the closed-up (and over-hyped) iPhone, not to mention that it's also way smaller, and well worth a few extra $$.

  18. Anonymous |

    The Diamond has a serious problem. When dialing a number the screen blanks after about 3 seconds. When asked by an automatic switchboard for further user input (say press 1 for tech support, 2 for sales etc.) The user must restart the screen by either switching on again or pulling out the stylus, then press the keypad button, then if the three second "power save mode" gives you time, enter a number. The screen again blanks, so that any further user input requires you to go through the whole procedure again. Painful. HTC say the setting cannot be changed. Surely a firmware or software upgrade could put this serious flaw right!

  19. Anonymous |

    I am changing to a touch diamond from my Vodaphone v1615 (made by HTC) precisely because of the problem with the screen blanking during a call - I had hoped this problem had been resolved by HTC

  20. Anonymous |

    Poison Ivy... Lol your going off the rails :) your behaviour towards anyone who does not share your view... is hilarious. How can we trust you to give a balanced and Unbiased review if you’re not able to accept anyone else may have a different view?

    Your “review” is superficial to say the least, it mainly focuses on the look and feel of the phone, along with how the phone compares to the look and feel of the Iphone (not sure about your 4th Iphone copy comment, perhaps you could list the other 3 phones HTC have released as iphone competitors), but this is information we can pick up from screen shots and product information our selves,
    We want some thing new, something insightful, we want to know how good the battery life is? How good the camera is? Will our windows mobile 5 apps still work on windows mobile 6? Can we turn I flow off, (then It doesn’t look like an Iphone)
    When will the diamond pro ( with keyboard ) be released.

  21. poison_ivy |

    Maybe you should say the same for the HTC fanatics who bashes me just because I don't share their views. Like I said, please read the fine print on the first line, this review is based on a prototype which I haven't really had much time with. As you can see the date, this was done even before the HTC Touch diamond was released commercially and frankly, I don't want to review the actual commercial unit so if you're looking for a thorough review then look elsewhere.

  22. Anonymous |

    this isnt a review... never can be called one..
    this is more like "iphone made this first, htc copies it" kinda rant... u never talked about the performance or anything about much about the phone.. mostly looks like a ripoff from other reviews on the net...

  23. poison_ivy |

    Check the date of my post, PrNtRHeaD before you say it's a copy of other reviews. Also, please list here the ones you think I've copied from. Maybe you're saying it's a copy because a lot of reviewers are finding the same faults on the Touch Diamond. Then again, maybe they copied me.

  24. Anonymous |

    I have just returned my HTC Touch Diamond to Vodafone as its a load of slow unresponsive rubbish that you still cant use ALL of the menus without having to resort to the stylus,so in my opinion its crap and thus its gone back. Oh and by the way YES I did the relevant updates, but that merely turned it from extremely slow into just unbearably slow avoid avoid avoid!!!

  25. 51Degrees |

    I have been reading the reviews from you guys and thought I would shed a little light (my opinion) on the HTC touch Dimond since i just recently purchased one.
    The Phone is definitly a good looker. It is very light and has some awesome graphics. I have never seen another phone with such a brilliant display screen full of colorful graphics and easy to navagate menus with the nice touch flo 3d screen.
    Apart from the great looks, this phone is a terrible device. The problem is the phone is extremely slow and you will be very fustrated using it for anything other that dialing and receiving calls. The text messaging is a pain in the a-- and you could find yourself counting up to seven before the actual message screen comes up. (talk about lag). Even though HTC has managed to pack alot of features into this phone such as Windows Mobil 6.1 and the new touch flo 3d, the problem always comes back to its sluggish speed. I have seen you guys comparing it to the i phone. Well even though I am not here to compare the two devices the speed difference between the phones are like comparing an intel dual core processor (iphone) to a 1987 286 IBM computer(HTC Dimond). Yes people its that bad. I cannot tell you how fustrating this phone is to use. Another downfall is the battry life is really bad. If you use it to make 10 calls around 5 min a call you will find yourself with more than half the battry life gone. As for the other features, the internet browser is a good one but multitasking between internet and receiving calls will result in you dropping the call due to its slow speed. Anothet thing I noticed was that the phone rings only a few times before going to the voice messags so if you dont answer after the second ring you would for the most part have lost the call. This will make you feel very down espically after paying 700USD for the phone. These are just some observations I have had since using the phone for 2 weeks. I dont mean to turn anybody off the Dimond but it just does not live up to what it should be due to its slow and I mean slow speed in switching applacations and sending simple text messages. I really hope HTC can overcome this issue and make the phone as good as it appearance is.

  26. Anonymous |

    Been using touch now for two weeks and my first impressions are, nice looking item but a terrible fact i'll state i've had alot of phones in my time but this is the worst phone i've ever used...It has so many floors its a bloody sky scraper, from very sluggish menu changing to completely locking up, what a load of rubbish, i'm so disapointed. Like this morning on alarm call, if you select the wrong touch key to switch the alarm off, it minimises the alarm into what i should say no where....not even into running apps, so yes a re-boot is called for and at 6.30 in the morning is not what you need...Basically if your thinking about getting on DON'T...I can't wait to get mine on e-bay and get rid...I have an HTC Titan II and its far better, mind you I only use it for web and sat nav..if you want a phone buy a proper one not this 'toy'...there is a rom upgrade soon from HTC but god knows when thats coming out...
    1 out of 10 and thats generous...

  27. Anonymous |

    i have Just purchased the touch diamond sim free i have used other htc devices with the windows interface abd i find it most enjoyable to use what others seem to forget about this device is that its still a windows driven system but only with a slick interface to make it more user friendly for the consummer cant wait till the next up date is released

  28. Anonymous |

    I absolutely concur with the negative reviews here and like the poster above have just sent my HTC back to Vodafone. It is ghastly.

    Slow, buggy, unresponsive and horrendously un-user friendly. Just try deleting email accounts - it highlights the naffness (if that's a word!) of the menus.

    Avoid, do not believe this is anything like an I-Phone. My experience was so frustrating.

  29. Anonymous |

    I am a htc fan but diamond is a big disappointment. Diamond's overly fancy user interface slows down the speed significantly comparing to previous models, sometimes crashing the machine altogether. Would not recommend it...

  30. Narayanaswamy G |

    Dont Buy! Battery is extremely Bad!!!
    I've sold mine and I'm buying a E71.

    Apparently When i went to sell it off, the Shop guy is showing me 2 more guys in the same boat. Waiting to sell it and buy E71. And the resale value is pathetic!!!

    If u really want to check out diamond, pls look in the market, theres a lot of 2nd hand stuff available at almost half the price or lesser!

  31. Anonymous |

    this phone is absolutly gorgous looking no other phone beats it on looks and the features you can get on it are absolutly great but they are all EXTREMELY slow and my battary lasts me half a day with minimul usage all in all its not worth the headach glad i found that out before my 7 days ran out to send it bk looking to go for a sony ericsson G900 anybody got any updates on it

  32. localzuk |

    I've had my Touch Diamond for about a week now, and I have to say I think it is superb.

    Ok, it has a few issues - such as the T9 function being unfathomable (enter a word like don't and the apostrophe seems to delete the don part and then insert it after the apostrophe).

    The interface is nice and smooth, compared with traditional windows mobile.

    The battery life is not something I worry about, as I sync my phone with my computer daily, and plug it in overnight. So, the battery life is plentiful.

    The camera quality is superb also. Shame there is no flash, like the Symbol MC35.

    It is small and sturdy - I don't feel I am going to break it any time soon (unlike some phones I've used).

    Overall, I'd give it a 7.5/10.

    Oh, and I have it syncing nicely with Linux, and with my Google Calendar also. :)

  33. poison_ivy |

    I just spotted the G900 over in Hong Kong. I also saw the Omnia and the Omnia is priced at around $1200. Was tempted to buy the Omnia but I swore off touch screen phones and am still waiting for the Xperia.

  34. Anonymous |

    Hi, do you know how this compares to the more "business" orientated HTCs? I've been running a Tytn for about 3 months, it's a big slow brick but the functionality is great. Wonder how the diamond compares, any thoughts?

  35. poison_ivy |

    I don't know whether you'd want the Diamond as a business phone. Writing emails on the touchscreen could be a pain but as for speed, it is faster than the older models such as the TyTN II. I recommend using Samsung i780, it has a physical keyboard and it's faster than my previous HTC P3600. The problem with HTC is that their phones seem to be plagued with lag issues, or then again, maybe it's just Windows Mobile but I have less issues with my i780.

  36. Anonymous |

    Thganks for that, food for thought, I hadn't considered the samsung, my recent phone history has been vario - vario 2 - vario 3.

  37. Anonymous |

    The touch is not a good phone - its really slow - the touch software is dreadful and best switched off . The phone is not intuitive. While on a call , if you need to enter a number - you have to press too many button to execute a simple command. Battery life is poor. Old HTC was better

  38. Anonymous |

    well poision ivy u havnt tryed the phone! and u say they have copied the iphone , but loads of phones have touch screen! like the new samsung tocco! i agree with J.marsden!

  39. Anonymous |

    I'll add my my bit here too, i've only had the Touch for 2 days and find its shimmery shiny case difficult to handle, literally slipping out of my hands on 2 occasions. And as for the interface, well honestly Win-mobile is bad, but add the touch Flo 3D and its terrible. Using a touch keypad is really frustrating. I've gone back to my Nokia, a real phone.

  40. a_v |

    Had a bad start with new Diamond. Battery didn't last 24 hours. Am currently charging and running down to get some life into it. Have heard it's possible to "cook" the ROM and get rid of that irritating "lets launch EVERY function and system..and sub system" trademark of windows. Anybody heard of this?? On a positive note the Windows system means it's compatible with MemoryMap and TomTom so no need to get tied in to ongoing subscription to navigation services offered by network providors e.g. Vodafone. Am pleased with antenna sensivity so far, GPS seems to pick up pretty good too though pick up time can be a bit long to find some satellites. Ho Hum can't have everything.

  41. Anonymous |

    I have had a Touch Diamond for a couple of months. It is absolutely terrible - what were they thinking of?! I haven't got time to list all its faults - there are simply too many. Luckily it was a freebie from work (don't ask) so it can go in the bin. I wouldn't give it to my worst enemy.

  42. Anonymous |

    I agree - absolutely terrible. This phone is a piece of irritating junk - constantly crashing, otherwise tediously slow. It has so many problems and glitches that I would never touch HTC again!

  43. poison_ivy |

    @ Tony. Don't give up on HTC, HTC only sucks when they're releasing a new product. Take their first try with the TouchFlo interface. It took them three HTC Touch (The Touch, Touch Dual, Touch Cruise) to get it right and since the Diamond is their flagship device for the TouchFlo 3D, it's full of glitches but the Touch Pro is more refined. They're getting better and better, only two tries for the TouchFlo 3D!! I'm betting G1 sucks right now since it's their first Android device. Might I suggest the Omnia if you're still into winmo device but dislike HTC. :D

  44. Anonymous |

    I purchased a HTC touch diamond because I needed a new phone and nowhere in Adelaide had any remaining iphones in stock. After 2 months I have ddecided to wear the cost and bin it-I have never used a more irritating product-difficult touch screen to read and use, unable to read screen in daylight, slow and difficult web access,"sleep" mode being activated after 3 seconds on calls-irritation after irritation. I have just purchased an iphone-I am not a "Mac" man but it is so easy. the only fault is the large size for a phone but now I am happy!!

  45. Anonymous |

    i have only had this phone for a couple of weeks and i am returning it and getting a different phone. I like the design of this phone, it's modern, sleek design is very appealing but it is so impractical for every day use. The touch screen is SO difficult to use, for example, i wanted to turn the alarm off so it wouldn't come on the next morning... it took at least 25 taps to 'de-tick' the box (i used the 'pen' and my finger)
    I am constantly trying to type messages and the wrong letter comes up because the key next to the one i wanted responds instead. If you're gonna get this phone you need a lot of patience.

  46. Anonymous |

    I wanted to add to my earlier post... the 'battery life' has been quoted at something like 396 hours standby... this is a load of crap! some days it seems to last quite a whisle but a few days ago i charged it ALL night then went to work at 7am for 8 hours (so i didn't use it at all) then sent 3 txt messages and on my way home at 10pm that night i wanted to txt someone and my phone was dead and wouldn't turn back on until i started charging it. 396 hours my ass, less than 24 hours at best apparently!
    I'm going for the Samsung Omnia now instead... its got a lot better reviews (some people said that the battery life was bad on the omnia and that the screen was slow and unresponsive until they updated the firmware then it was smooth sailing and GREAT battery life... at least you can apparently do something about the bad features on the omnia...and yet it seems you're stuck with the problems on the HTC diamond!)

  47. anon |

    3 months ago I walked into a Telstra store to buy an iphone. The salesman however convinced me to buy an HTC black Diamond, saying it was better than an Iphone and had advanced touch screen abilities. I bought it - the touch screen does not work: it constantly freezes.The phone accidentally calls people all the time without me doing anything. The navigation and smart technology is primitive. I took it back to the store and complained that it was sold to me as a touch screen phone and the salesman said to me you had to use a stylus!!!! (yeah right -- look at your promotional ads you idiots) What sort of joke is that? I said to them they had recommended the phone over an Iphone and its capabilities were quite obviously no where near that standard. No refund given and I am stuck with a useless piece of expensive junk.
    Beware all -- do not buy this phone and don't listen to any "experts" in Telstra stores trying to sell you dodgy technology

  48. Anonymous |

    I have to say that the HTC Touch Diamond is an excellent phone. There have been some mixed review I know but there really no reason for this. Go and get it! You can get it fro free on most contracts. There is nothing wrong with the phone at all - it isn't meant to be a laptop you know! And the iPhone is a very unique piece of kit. Personally I just wanted a classy phone and a iTouch instead of the iPhone that everyone keeps ranting on about. HTC make great phones and this Touch Diamond lives up to their standards.

  49. Anonymous |

    Without a doubt the worst mobile phone I've ever had.
    It doesn't recognise daylight saving time so is constantly out by an hour. If I'm using the phone and an operator or automated response asks me to dial in a number the task is virtually impossible. You have to pull out the stylus to switch the screen on, then touch the keypad to bring it up then hit the number – by the time you've done all this you've “missed the boat” and it's too late.
    There is no effective way to lock this phone – turning it over as indicated in the instructions simply doesn't work. Too many times when you put it in your pocket something you don't want gets switched on.
    The limited number of available screens in Windows mode makes it unusable for many common internet tasks. I cannot do online banking on it for example – I simply run out of screens.
    The horizontal mode when using the phone as a web browser doesn't work.
    I cannot send email on it – it just doesn't work.
    This phone starts beeping for no apparent reason.
    A dog of a thing.

  50. Anonymous |

    After 6 Months

    HTC Touch Diamond - buggy, locks up, processor not fast enough. Cannot enter password from reboot without waiting a minute or two for it to settle down otherwise you will attempt to re-enter on at least 2 occasions. Counter intuitive to everything a mobile phone should be; forget making and receiving calls, forget entering numbers for credit card payment or choosing options during a call, forget pressing physical button to end a call and expect it to work, don't expect to maintain a call for more than a few minutes without the call being terminating for no reason, expect it to terminate a call if you remove the usb cable during a call. Use its core functions and watch your battery drain faster than water from a sink. Even more disappointingly don't expect decent support from either orange and htc themselves, they are not interested.

    Never again

  51. BloggySnake |

    I just got one of these for my missus and it's so buggy like not 1 day we have had it and it's basicly locked up so many times, no alterations to it no updates HTC is usless. i ordered a iphone very little complaints and getting the same for my lady, 1 out of 5 for the HTC touch diamond, 4.5 out of 5 iphone. Sorry to dim others views but i expect results not rubbish.

  52. Anonymous |

    The HTC fuse is junk. The HTC 8525 that I replaced with the fuse was a better phone and a better pda.

    The fuse is buggy and the sound quality is terrible. I've had windows mobile smart phones since the Siemans SX-66. The fuse is by far the worst phone I have ever owned. It is a great concept, but very poorly implemented. I replaced my first fuse under warranty, when the replacement was worse than the original I had AT&T move me to a blackberry.

    Good riddance HTC.

  53. Offtobuyaniphone |

    I have had three HTC Touch Diamond phones (two as replacements under my Orange contract) and I am presently using an old Samsung D600E due to the numerous problems and unpredictable behaviour of the Touch Diamond (e.g. going through my contact list and making calls without my input, locking up and not accepting calls, inability to forward txt messages! The list of problems goes on, and on, and on...). If the phone was bug free it would be a winner - but after months of perseverance, I have now given up. I am convinced that the real problem is the unstable Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system that this phone uses, rather than the hardware, but then HTC should have solved these compatibility problems before launching this phone to market as a viable product.

  54. bong |

    I got the phone when it already shipped with the latest firmware (2.03) and its fast!
    The albums photoviewer was very fast.
    Everything from sliding to tab to tab was fast.
    It just needed updated software.
    Battery life was just average though.
    I idid turn off wifi and bluetooth since im not using them. 3g is on but im not using it since data plans are very expensive here.
    You can call this article a preview since what he had was a prototype.

    I have to disagree with the author said in his replys to what other poeple were saying on his blog.

    No just because apple did it doesnt mean it wa firt and even if 90 percent of the usa population thinks that the touchscreen started with apple doesnt mean its true or is reality.
    I think apple knows that most people arent tech savy and is taking advantage of this.
    Like when they released the iphone 4
    they made a big dal about video calling.
    Nokia had this feature a long long time ago yet at those iphone4 launches you can see people reacting like it was the very first time it happened in history.
    I just shook my head and felt sorry for them.

    As for the touch screens im sure many people know that it wasnt apple who started it.
    Ill concur that it was apple who made the touchscreen smartphone finger friendly the most.

  55. Anonymous |

    Today I just throw my HTC Diamond against the wall because I got tired of that crap. So imagine that my mobile phone is DEAD. I was using for 6 years Sony Ericsson P900i and I decided to buy something smaller and cheaper... So I settled for HTC, though my preferred mobile was Iphone. I regret that I throw my money to that crap. Thought I don't have a mobile now, because I "killed" it, I'm going to buy Iphone 4


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