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Overview: Nokia 6600 Fold


Written on 5/18/2008 03:43:00 PM by poison_ivy

If the U9 is to Motorola, then the 6600 Fold is to Nokia. The Nokia 6600 Fold features the same hidden screen as the Motorola U9.

The Nokia 6600 Fold is slightly smaller and slimmer than the Motorola U9. This phone has a 2.13" OLED screen that can display up to 16 million colors. I think that the Nokia 6600 Fold is the first non-Prism phone that sports an OLED screen. The OLED screen I've seen on the Nokia Prism phones delivers a high contrast display with vibrant colors so if you're going to buy this phone, be sure that you have mobile wallpapers that are colorful. Let's hope that it also has a live wallpaper like the Prism.

The hidden outer display of the Nokia 6600 Fold can reveal time, incoming messages, missed calls, etc, when you tap the display twice. As for the features, this phone has 3G, an 18MB internal memory expandable with MicroSD slot, a 2 megapixel camera with double LED Flash, FM radio tuner, compatible with polyphonic and MP3 ringtones, and a media player with multi-format support.

Though not really a powerful phone, feature-wise, the Nokia 6600 is a medium-range phone, style-wise, the hidden display and OLED screen is something to watch out for.

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