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Comparison of Long Distance Call rates of UK wireless carriers


Written on 6/26/2008 03:59:00 PM by poison_ivy

If you have relatives or friends abroad and you’re thinking of using your mobile phone to call them, well, here’s a price comparison of Long Distance Rates of the different UK wireless carriers so you can choose which one would best suit you, though I have to say that you can probably save more if you just use a prepaid card.


For O2 UK, if you make frequent international calls, you can opt in for their International Traveller Service (ITS) for an additional £2.99 per month. If you have tariffs with 600 minutes above, it is already included. O2 divided the world into 6 zones with prices ranging from as low as 14p to 90p per minute. You can check their rates here.

3 UK

With 3 UK, you can save a lot depending on which country you will call and how frequently you call your relatives there. For an additional £15 on any of their plans, you can make unlimited International calls by simply dialing 388 and the international number. For more information on their service, you can check here

Vodafone UK

Vodafone offers a similar plan as O2’s ITS only they call theirs International Call Saver (ICS). ICS is free on Vodafone’s Anytime 1200 plan or you can add £2.50 per month on their other price plans. Vodafone divided the world into five regions and international call rates with ICS range from 20p to 90p per minute. Their international call rates can be found here.

T-Mobile UK

T-Mobile on the other hand offers International Open Pass and they offer two choices. With “Light”, you have to pay £2.50 per month and you can call at a flat rate of 20p per minute to both mobiles and landlines. With their “Max” plan, you have to add £5 per month to your monthly bill and you can avail of their low rates of 15p per minute to international mobile phone numbers or 4p per minute to landlines. You can learn more here.

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