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How to solve the paint peeling issues on the HTC P3600 aka Dopod D810


Written on 6/26/2008 03:59:00 PM by poison_ivy

I have previously owned the HTC P3600 or Dopod D810 as what it is called in Asia. Thankfully, I got the white one so I had no issues with any paint peeling off near the stylus section but it seems that this is a common problem with some HTC P3600 owners specially those early owners. Now most people on the forums recommend two solutions though the solutions are not exactly cosmetic dentistry on a chipped tooth, meaning they're only temporary.

Solution One, Silicon case. Silicon case does a good job of protecting any gadgets from cell phones to ipods and even laptops. Though sometimes, they lessen the appeal of your gadget but nevertheless, it would protect it.

Solution Two. Clear Nail Polish. Now you need the patience and precision of dentists Manchester to do this. You need to dab the right amount lest you want your PDA to look like it has goo sticking out of it. The nail polish would prevent future peeling though again, it is only a temporary solution.

Thankfully, if you bought a new one, HTC has already addressed the paint peeling issues. If you're savvy enough, you can also buy a different case off eBay and then replace the case yourself.

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