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Samsung F480 Tocco Review


Written on 6/14/2008 03:59:00 PM by poison_ivy

Maybe I should rename my blog to Samsung Cell Phone reviews since I seem to be reviewing more Samsung mobile phones. Anyways, the Samsung F480 is another new mobile phone from Samsung and if you’re looking for a touch screen phone this could be a good phone for you.


At first look, the Samsung F480 would remind you of the Samsung Armani though with its name, you’d think it would look more like the Samsung F490. The Samsung F480 is a very compact, touch screen phone. The metallic accents would make you think that this is a luxury phone. What I love about Samsung is that they are not scrimping on accessories and add-ons. First, they’re including spare battery with every package and now with the Samsung F480, you can refit your battery cover to change from leather-case look to non-leather case look.


The Samsung F480 has a 2.8 inch QVGA screen which means images and colors are alive and have the right balance of brightness and color saturation. As with the Samsung F490 the Samsung F480 offers haptic feedback so it adds to its user friendliness. What I love and I do mean LOVE about the Samsung F480 is its user interface. Unlike the Samsung F490 which offers a croix interface, you get widgets on this device. The interface reminds me of Windows Vista specially the sidebar. I’ve always wanted to get a Windows Vista feel on my windows mobile device but couldn’t find the right themes or widgets. The interface of the Samsung F480 is enough to drool about.

If you’ve noticed, there isn’t much talk about any iPhone-comparison with this review, it’s because I think that the Samsung F480 has enough features to distinguish it from the iPhone. The F480 doesn’t try hard to imitate the iPhone looks or its user interface, unlike other phones. If only HTC came up first with this user interface on their new HTC Touch Diamond I would definitely give it much more credit though I’m sure clever developers would find away to do that.

Unlike the Samsung F490, the Samsung F480 has a much responsive interface and faster too. Why Samsung named it so that users would think that the F480 is inferior to the F490 is beyond me. What’s wrong with Samsung F500 or F495?

Input option for the Samsung F480is through a regular phone pad and not a QWERTY one (another thing that sets it apart from the iPhone). Avid texters would love this.

The Samsung F480 is a capable music player, it has a music recognition feature, FM radio with RDS, equalizers and some sound effects. Audio quality is okay though I wish they would also put some Band and Olfusen like the one on the Samsung Soul on this device. The F480 is also equipped with Bluetooth A2DP profile.

Speaking of the Samsung Soul, the Samsung F480 also has a camera with face detection. The F480’s camera is 5 mega pixels and you also get, aside from face detection, anti-shake and other manual controls. It’s not as fast as the Samsung Soul’s camera it does the job.

Connectivity options on the Samsung F480 includes HSDPA, and Bluetooth


Though indoors, the Samsung F480’s camera provides sharp details, under direct sunlight, it’s hardly legible. I wish Samsung would do something about this, I have a similar complaint with the Samsung i780.

Though the Samsung F480’s camera settings is capable enough, the LED flash is pretty useless as it doesn’t do much to improve the image.

Though my preferred input option on my windows mobile devices is the phone pad, QWERTY phone users would probably complain about the lack of QWERTY input option. Samsung should have allowed users to choose what kind of input option they want.

Also, the Samsung F480 doesn't have WiFi but since it's not trying to be a smartphone, I'll forgive it for that. I originally thought it had one so I mentioned it in passing, forgive me for my boo-boo.


If you’re looking for a touch screen version of the Samsung Soul, the Samsung F480 is the closest thing amongst Samsung’s phone line-up. As a fashion phone, the Samsung F480 would definitely turn heads but I don’t know whether this phone would fit the music phone or camera phone category since it really doesn’t excel on both. I’m leaning more towards the camera phone type but there are much more capable camera phones out in the market. Rather, the Samsung F480 is an all-around device that doesn’t suck at anything (unlike the F490). If you’re looking for a phone that does a little bit of everything, then the Samsung F480 is definitely a must-have.

Samsung F480 Quick Specs:

Screen Size: 2.8 inch QVGA display
Internal Memory: 232MB
Networks: GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900, HSDPA 2100
Camera: 5 Megapixel with LED Flash
Expansion Slot: Yes, microSD
Connectivity: 3G with HSDPA, Bluetooth with A2DP profile, GPRS, EDGE, USB
Battery Life: 3 hours talk time, 250 hours stand-by time

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  1. Anonymous |

    it does NOT have wifi.

  2. poison_ivy |

    Thanks for mentioning that. Only had this for a day and I thought it had one.

  3. Anonymous |

    got this phone yesterday, one of the best phones samsung had brought out

    samsung soul was crap

  4. Anonymous |

    this phone is driving me nuts!! touch screen is so sensitive so if you have nails or fat fingers forget it!! the picture quality is awful for a 5 mp and lastly when you speak on the phone i can hardly understand them and my partner says i sound tinny, going to try for another week than taking it back, am really diddapointed as i love the look

  5. poison_ivy |

    You may have gotten yourself a defective unit. There will always be defective units that manufacturers make, don't ask me why but it's all the same for all manufacturers. Try to exchange it for a new unit and if it still doesn't work then you might want to try other brands. Too bad though coz other people like it.

  6. Anonymous |

    Best phone i have ever had and i have had loads of phones. Personally I find texting on this phone easy and I have no problems with the Camera or Sound quality when you are on the phone... I'm so glad i got this phone, I got te phone yesterday on contract, just after having the samsung g600 on payt for a month. Absolutley hated it. But the F480 Tocco I must say is the best Samusung phone i have ever seen or used. Dead proud! Hope I have helped :) x

  7. Anonymous |

    the phone is amazing to look at but i have had this for a while now and the hold button regulary freezes the phone and when pressing the middlie button then pressing the music button it freezes. i have warmed to this phone and am amazed by its unique features but i am forced to get the n96 and i am dissapionted.

  8. Anonymous |

    I love this phone! its great to text on.. but i have one problem, the face direction doesnt work for some reason, when i activate it, it doesnt change the camera in use...does anyone know how to solve this? HELP!

  9. poison_ivy |

    Sorry, as I no longer have this phone, I won't be able to help you. I hope some of you will be able to help.

  10. Anonymous |

    don't like this phone at all, i can hardly text on it. picture and music quality are not at a high standared three of my friends have the phone and theythink the same . overall not a good phone.

  11. Anonymous |

    Does anyone know how to change the back camera to front camera? I'm unable to find the function to do this. Thanks!

  12. Anonymous |

    I LOVE THIS PHONE! This phone is honestly the best, do not hesitate to get one. As said in the review, the tocco doesn't excel in every category, but I would say its very good though. No the Music Player isn't the best, and the earphones it comes with don't improve the quality or volume much either. I do really Like how the earphones are set up, they plug into the charger socket, then the lead splits into two - you can use your own earphones with it or plug it in to separate speakers. The camera is excellent, apart from I also have a problem which somebody has pointed out in the comments section. How do you use the front camera, is it just for the expensive (and in my mind - useless)video call function? Why is everybody moaning about it not having a qwerty keyboard? To be honest, after having a go on the iPhone i an 02 shop, you easily press the wrong key hence being so close together. The widgets are amazing! So quick to get onto messages, or applications. It is very much like the Vista interface. There is just one niggle I have with this otherwise perfect phone. When in a call the speaker volume is 'wobbly' and slightly 'crackly'. However thats its only fault, I very rarely ring people, I text a lot and thats incredibly easy to use. As I have previously said, do not listen to the negative comments - you always get a faulty unit in a batch, if your considering buying one, really go for it, you will not regret it.

  13. Anonymous |

    hi im trying to set up my samsung tocco f480 to receive videos can anyone help me pleaseeeeeee

  14. poison_ivy |

    Where would your videos come from? Are you trying to receive videos through Bluetooth, MMS, or file transfer from a PC?

  15. Anonymous |

    Hey, ive had the tocco a few months.

    when i first got the phone it was great AMAZING even.But it didnt last for long. the camera is very poor. and it broke for no reason and i am on my second tocco.

    Which has now surpise surpise broke aswell, it freezes whilst in phone calls and will not let me get onto the text menu or make calls. which is the main thing i use the phone for. i mean what good is a phone if u can't make phone calls or text on it ? i am planning on re-turning the phone tommorrow.

    Take my advise it is great when you first get it. but will soon break. DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!

  16. Anonymous |

    Hello (: for the people who are wondering about how to bring up the front camera. there is no way you can do this aprt from when making video calls although if u are enetering a number of someone u are going to make a video call 2 it brings it up in a small space but tht is only when you enetering the number (:

    by the way i love this phone :D the people who complain about it are wrong i love it!!
    it does everyhing and anything you want it to . i have had my phone since this phone was realised . nealry two years. not a single technical glitch or fault with this phone. Absoloutely love it !! Camera quality is great when blown up on a computer . i use the camrea alot and i think people could easily replace their pocket digital camera for this phone (:
    It is always useful. for taking a quick snap. going on the internet. easy and quick texting ! The music player is preety good considering the ear speaker is used as the loudspeaker. People saying it doesn't have wifi oh well it has 3g which is just as good as wifi if you have 3g in your area. This phone also has a good menu system. easy to foloow and use. my mum also has this phone (aged 76) yes 76 ! and she uses it just as wel as i do . it is that easy. Touchscreen i think is amzing. i have tried an iphone in a 02 shop. i think this phone is equaly as good.. contradictory to most reviews. I also use to have a lg viewty. this is phone is better than that in every way so if you are considering this phone then go for it (: Also samsung is realising a new tocco soon. we can only hope that the new phone can live up to it's dad's amazingness.. So if you are going to buy this phone i suggest you hurry up before it is put out of production ready for the new one. and if any of you are looking for this cheapest place to buy this phone try it is an amazing £176.99 there xx
    i hope this has helped you awfully (: thankyou for your reading x

  17. Anonymous |

    My bluetooth isnt working. Does anybody know why its saying its failed to activate bluetooth. Its really quite annoying.
    This phone is quite good apart from the bluetooth thing, but it does tend to freeze and press buttons if you got sausage fingers.

  18. Anonymous |

    this is da best phone ever.ive had it for a day and i love it
    its amazin,the only thing i dint like is that its got a very small amount of internal memory
    now my dad says he will buy me da card in a month or 2

  19. Anonymous |

    Great phone...The camera is excellent. I have printed pictures out on A4 Glossy and they are superb ! The phone its self has some great touches..Nice scrolling graphics etc. It feels very nice to hold smooth and solid. I have had this for about 5 months and dropped it a few times and it has no marks on it at all..Great phone..Best ive had so far and ive had loads !!! LOVE IT

  20. Anonymous |

    No APOSTROPHE! WHY? WHY? WHT???!!! '''''

  21. Anonymous |

    This Telephone hasn't got an APOSTROPHE!!!! ''''

  22. Anonymous |

    Had the tocco for almost a year now and my screen is broken (i think.) It wont let me go onto messages or anything, or let me enter my password to get into images, phonebook or messages :-( Can anybody help ?

  23. Anonymous |

    Hello there - The Apostrophe Problem SOLVED!
    You can find the apostrophe when texting by going into the 'symbol' option, scroll right one screen, and there it is, second across on the top line :0)
    My last Samsung had a hard to find apostrophe as well, I think it must just be one of Samsung's quirks. Hope this helps! xx

  24. Anonymous |

    The one thing that I really like about it is that you can change the icons on the home screen. Well done Tocco

  25. Unknown |

    how to solve the hanging or freezing problem, other are working fine

  26. Anonymous |

    I've had this bunch of crap phone for over a year now and can't wait for my 18 month contract to end so I can get rid of it.

    It drops calls all the time, text messaging is almost impossible, that is when you manage to get the keyboard up!

    Don't touch it or you regret it.

  27. Anonymous |

    I think that most of the people who bought this phone got it on o2/Orange or from the Carphone Warehouse and they're defective. Don't judge the phone from your faulty model because my best friend has one and has never given me a complaint and let me tell you, we're fusspots! It's a really good phone and it's just a shame that the manufacturer made so many faulty models. Don't blame the phone for provider's mistakes.x

  28. Anonymous |

    my bluetooth wont activate, and ive tried so many times, nd even tried resetting the whole phone. Anyone no why? other than that its a really good phonee :):):)


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