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Watching TV on your Mobile Phone


Written on 8/07/2008 03:21:00 PM by poison_ivy

Right now, I think there are three ways of watching TV on your mobile phone. The first way is through mobile streaming. Vodafone has mobile streaming TV in partnership with Sky. The Live Channel is streamed through your mobile phone using 3G signals. The disadvantages of 3G TV streaming is that watching TV tends to be choppy and your viewing will be interrupted once someone phones you.

The second way is through DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting). BT used to offer through their BT Movio but I think the company has discontinued it. You need a mobile phone capable of receiving DAB signal. The advantage of this is that you can watch TV even in areas without a mobile phone signal, disadvantage is that it too can be a bit choppy.

The third and probably most expensive way is using Slingbox. With Slingbox, you need to buy their slingbox player plus the software needed on your mobile phone. Also, you need to have an unlimited data plan since you’re going to be watching the content on the internet or it would be better if you can always find a WiFi hotspot. The advantage of using Slingbox is that you’re not limited to the channels that your mobile phone provider gives you. You can watch whatever you have on your home TV right on your mobile phone so if you’re subscribed to BT Vision, you can watch Setanta Sports ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! Talk about a Football fan’s dream. You never have to miss a game ever, since you can watch the game on the train, bus, or even surreptitiously in your office desk.

The third way of watching TV on your mobile phone is for me, the coolest way to go. If you already have your Slingbox, you can watch this CNET tutorial on how to go about it.

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