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Cellphones under $40?!!!


Written on 10/04/2008 02:13:00 PM by poison_ivy

I was initially intrigued and excited when I came upon this $40 Dollar Cell Phones website which claims you can find cheap smartphones and mobile phones, all under $40. I'm always in the hunt for websites that sell cheap mobile phones so I was really thrilled specially since the website's domain name says it all: 40dollarcell.

Well, after a quick look of their site, I was a bit disappointed. Yes, every mobile phone on their website is under $40, however, all items came from eBay and all are auction items and not "buy it now" items. So yes, you can find $40 mobile phones but after some time, the prices will go up. For those who lives under a rock and doesn't know what eBay is, well it's only THE biggest marketplace you can find where you can find goods at rock bottom prices, way below retail.

It's a shame though, the site domain name seems to have some potential. I hope the owners will include other auction sites as well and not just eBay since most of us will have no trouble finding $40 mobile phones on eBay by ourselves.

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  1. Anonymous |

    I was actually trying to find a used blackberry that was in decent condition, and found one at that link. You're right thatit's all ebay stuff, but it was kind of cool that it was already organized by brand and most had buy it now prices for $40 or less. If there were choices from other stores that would be a nice feature.

  2. poison_ivy |

    Didn't see their buy it now items but it's good that they have since it would be living up to their domain name. :D

  3. Sell iPhone |

    It's really all ebay stuff dude.


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