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The HTC Touch HD


Written on 10/06/2008 02:12:00 PM by poison_ivy

Damn, these mobile phone manufacturers are churning out more and more mobile phones than I can keep up with. Barely three months after it has launched the HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro, HTC is again releasing another windows mobile touch screen phone, the HTC Touch HD. For those who’ve already bought their Diamond and Touch Pro, please refrain from throwing your phones at HTC’s face.

What’s the difference between Touch Diamond and Touch Pro?

Well, the significant difference of the HTC Touch HD from the Diamond and Pro is that it has a larger, 3.8 inch screen with 480x800 WVGA resolution. Not exactly HD resolution but offers a brighter and crisper display over all other touch screen devices, according to the reviewers, that is. The HTC Touch HD still offers the TouchFLO 3D though it seems a significant improvement. According to some, the Touch HD has a more responsive screen compared with the Diamond and Pro. Other than that, it has the same processor as the two and the same 288MB RAM as the Touch Pro.

Features and performance

I’ve provided a video link to the actual review of the HTC Touch HD from Generation Phone House (lucky b*stards). Anyways, they tried to do a comparison between the iPhone, Touch HD, and the Omnia but it was more of a comparison between the HTC Touch HD and the iPhone since they barely touched the Omnia on the table. The HTC Touch HD offers a clearer screen resolution than the iPhone and the web browsing feature is almost up to par if not better than the Safari thanks to Opera 9.5. Camera wise, according to other reviews, the HTC Touch Diamond offers good picture quality though not better than other 5 megapixel camera phones (yep, Omnia still has the upper hand). Surprisingly, the ROM used on the pre-release version seems stable enough as it doesn’t hang or becomes unresponsive unlike the Touch Diamond Pre-release. Again, the Touch HD isn’t multi touch capable if that’s what you’re looking for but it seems that HTC has been improving on their TouchFLO 3D with every release of their windows mobile phones.


Well, HTC, is it like, umpteenth time’s the charm? Looks like we really do have a real winner here with the HTC Touch HD. You have a bigger screen just as we have hoped for, more responsive touch interface, and hopefully less hang-up issues. If you keep this up, I might be tempted to go back to HTC devices when you release a new phone in what, two months? Let’s just hope that your avid fans don’t rally in front of your offices and throw bricks at you for releasing a new phone before they even got to enjoy the last one. At least Apple had the sense to wait for a year before releasing another one.

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  1. Unknown |

    depends how much you care about getting the latest. I would have got a touch pro, but Orange Business wasn't doing it - so I'm waiting for next month when apparently the Touch HD will be available. I've been using HTC Hermes (aka Orange SPV M3100, sometimes upgraded to schaps windows mobile 6.1), and I'm still happy enough with that to wait...

  2. poison_ivy |

    Good for you but you'll probably miss the keypad of your Hermes once you switch to touch HD. The Touch Pro is a good phone, definitely better than the Diamond. If you're on Orange, I think they'll be carrying the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1, another cool mobile phone, and according to some, it can match the resolution on the touch HD, plus it has a QWERTY pad. :D Good luck on your wait for the touch HD.

  3. Anonymous |

    Nope - Orange aren't going to be carrying the X1 any more, for some bizarre reason.

  4. White Knight |

    Trying to be patient, still using Orange and SPV M3100 despite contract ending in 3.08, salivating for SE X1 to emerge, but had my head turned, first by Android G1 (which I discounted due to clumsy design and 'small' screen), then by HTC Touch HD's delicious 3.8 screen. Yes, but no, but, how easy will it be for my smallish digits to utilise the virtual keyboard at speed? I have written to HTC asking whether they will be releasing a 'Pro' version with a hard keyboard in the near future, but doubt whether they will reveal such secrets to poor mortals such as I, especially as we are still waiting for the HD to land in our sticky palms.
    On a wider view, at least we now are at the stage where an effective gadget phone/computer/GPS/music/video/
    radio/camera thingy is out there.
    Whatever did we do beforehand, other than lie on our grassy backs musing at a wispy sky, and be free to run in the fields, perhaps humming 'Poison Ivy' ;)

  5. poison_ivy |

    Well, it's HTC's loss for not carrying the X1.

    @Shy ted, LOL, I can't believe you even tried writing to them. Knowing those greedy B*stards, they'll wait around three months before announcing a version of the Touch HD with a keyboard. That's what they did with the Diamond. *sigh* with all the new phones, it's harder and harder to decide. As for the G1, didn't even give it the time of day. I heard that it's full of security issues and I'm still a winmo girl. :D

  6. White Knight |

    Ms Ivy...
    A WinMo girl speaks as a Winmo boy responds - but just in case the Touch HD has hiccoughs in getting to the shop on time (heard it's due in on 13th Nov) I will be hot-footing it to my very friendly Carphone Warehouse person who is keeping a SEX1 ready for me to fiddle with tomorrow (30 Oct 08).
    Will keep you and everyone posted as to whether my digits found the wait worth it. My prediction is that as HTC make both X1 and HD, they won't give all their goodies to the X1, and I'll still be wanting the 3.8 screen, which may be the deal breaker... ;0

  7. Anonymous |

    Can't blame them for releasing improved models on a regular basis. With the HD there's now a mature product to compete with the ipHONE. Can't wait till Verizon carries it in the US

  8. Anonymous |

    Thanks for providing an English version guys.


  9. So What's It All About, Bertie? |

    Shy Ted - did you ever get your hands on an X1? I agree with everything you say and am currently not clear what to go for - though HD with QWERTY would be nice...

  10. Anonymous |

    There are rumours of a HTC Touch HD Pro on the way ( so we should see it by Jan 08 at this rate!

  11. poison_ivy |

    LOL. Looks like Shy Ted will have a lot of deciding to do. If the rumors over at phonemag is true, then it's better to wait for the HTC Touch HD if you really like a QWERTY keypad. Hmm, let's see, my Omnia would probably be six months old by the time the HTC Touch HD Pro will come out, that's the shortest time I can let a phone I love go so maybe it's the HTC Touch HD Pro next for me---unless Samsung beat HTC to the punch and release their own Omnia--maybe the Samsung T*Omnia with QWERTY! Now THAT'S something I could definitely buy without deciding. ;)

  12. Anonymous |

    saw a site powered by yahoo business which offers htc touch hd for $600.00...
    is this a reputable store?

  13. Anonymous |

    Placed an order with for an HTC Touch HD for a good price of $600 + $40 FedEx overnight (the ONLY shipping choice) the evening of 02/11/2009.
    No e-mail confirmation or correspondence of any sort as of the evening of 2/12/2009. All of their listed phone numbers have been disconnected. Credit card has NOT been charged. Have sent them e-mail asking for some sort of contact before notifying credit card company not to accept any charges from them. Will update as appropriate.

  14. Pinoyfanboy |

    Jeez, this thing costs as much as a new laptop in our country. Is this really worth it?

  15. greenerblu |

    I really want the touch HD and can't stop wishing i could pay the price for it, that cost could buy me a much better laptop but i just want the touch HD!!!

  16. stephen |

    This mobile is an amazing all round phone, the screen is amazing and with the rom upgrades you can get this phone is an good all rounder that can do alot of stuff, and i mean alot!


    im selling my htc touch hd on ebay

    bidding starts from 99p.


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