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Comparing Nortel Business Phones


Written on 11/14/2008 05:26:00 PM by poison_ivy

Until such a time when mobile phones can be used or integrated into a company's business phone system, we all have to be stuck with these bulky landline phones. I've been searching over at Comtech business phone systems for some good models to replace the business phone in our office which is compatible with the Nortel business phone system but I couldn't find any good looking ones. I was hoping I could find a business phone that might look like the V-Tech Phone that Iron man used as his home phone but I was out of luck so I narrowed down my choice between the Nortel M3904 and T7316E.

Nortel M3904

The Nortel M3904 is the better choice for a manager's phone in the Nortel business phone system. It has a large LED display which supports up to 12 lines, the largest in Nortel's business phones plus it also supports the Personal Directory PC Utility which allows the user to create a directory of up to 100 names and then download it to the phone so managers can keep track of their client's phone number right on his office phone.

Nortel T7316E

The Nortel T7316E on the other hand is a full featured phone which is also completely expandable. It can be used as a centralized answering position by adding the T24 Key indicator module and is designed for high call volumes. Typical users include managers, supervisors, and executives though if the T24 key indicator module is added and used as a centralized answering position, this would be best suited for receptionists.

So which one is the winner? I really liked the M3904's ability to download a directory of names since I like to keep my contacts handy plus it has a large LED screen so for me, it's the M3904.

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