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Windows Mobile and Windows App store


Written on 2/18/2009 02:03:00 PM by poison_ivy

First there was the Apple App store, then Nokia's OVI, then Palm's upcoming App store and now Microsoft is biting the bullet and releasing their own App store. I don't know whether that's really necessary. I mean what will happen to sites such as Pocketgear and Handango who sells mostly windows mobile applications and games? Hopefully, if Microsoft will support their own app store, we can see more creative applications and fun games at lower and reasonable prices. I for one am tired of envying all the cool games over at Apple's App store and searching for new games for my Omnia. If all goes well, we windows mobile users can find all the great games and applications for our mobile phones under one website. No more googling.

The other great news is Microsoft's announcement of Windows Mobile 6.5. Before continuing, I sure hope as hell that if Windows Mobile 6.5 will be released, I'll be able to upgrade my Omnia to 6.5 coz if that's not possible, I'll be boycotting Samsung. Windows Mobile 6.5 may be the answer to all the lags and unresponsiveness issues that are plaguing new windows mobile touch screen devices. With a more finger friendly interface, manufacturers won't have to develop their own UI to hide WinMo's ugly and old school interface. Check out PhoneArena's walkthrough video at the end of the post.

Looks like things are looking good for WinMo. Here's hoping to better devices in the future—hopefully, in the form of a Samsung Omnia with slide out keyboard.

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