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iPhone OS 3.0 Features


Written on 3/18/2009 10:09:00 AM by poison_ivy

My, my, so instead of releasing an iPhone with keyboard, Apple just decided to upgrade its OS to give the iPhone some much needed new features. Some of these features are already old news to some manufacturers but die-hard Apple fanboys I'm sure are rejoicing to know that they're getting new features that are common in some lesser phone models.

Copy Paste Feature

Windows Mobile has this feature five years ago. The W595 also has a copy paste feature though has limited use but when Apple decides to finally give a copy paste feature their iPhone, it becomes a headline.

Copy & Paste Photos

Now this is actually something new which my Omnia doesn't though I hardly ever send photos over email. Anyways, this new feature will allow iPhone owners to copy selected photos and paste them on their email. In Outlook, you have to manually do this.

3G Tethering

This feature is probably old new for those iPhone owners who have managed to jailbrake their iPhones. Again, old news since all mobile phones even the low-end phones of Nokia are capable of being used as a modem.

Search Applications

An application called spotlight will enable you to search everything on your iPhone if it's supported by Spotlight. Whether it's in your contacts, messages or bookmarks, the iPhone will be capable of finding it.

Landscape Keyboard

Finally. Apple should have released this feature ever since their first firmware update. Anyways, with the new OS 3.0, iPhone owners can now use the landscape keyboard on Mail, Notes, and SMS.


Zzzzzzz....A very basic feature, which again, Apple should have thought of adding before they even released their iPhone 3G. This was a very basic flaw in the iPhone 2G and when the iPhone 3G still doesn't support MMS, I thought it was just Apple's way of saying, you don't need MMS, you have email so why backtrack and add something which is a little bit too late to do so now?

Stereo Bluetooth Support

I'm starting to get why the OS 3.0 deserves to get a headline. For every OS 3.0 headline, there should be a tagline that says: Apple finally decides to make the iPhone useable. Again, stereo Bluetooth is something which has become a standard in music-centered mobile phones.

Shuffle Music using accelerometer

Apple calls it "shake to shuffle", which allows iPhone users (if they're on the iPod application) to start the shuffle mode by just shaking their phone. Sony Ericsson calls theirs "Shake control". Hopefully, some developers would make a similar application to windows mobile phones.

Voice Memos

A new application that would allow users to record their thoughts or voice or sound. Honestly now, isn't there an application like this on the App store?

Anti Phishing and Parental Controls

A new feature on the Mobile Safari would warn you about malicious sites while you can apply adult filters on websites as well as videos, TV shows, and applications on your iPhone.

Well, those are just some of the features on the OS 3.0 for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iTouch. Apple claims there are over 100 new features but I guess those are just the highlights. Maybe they're counting new applications as "new features". Who knows.

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  1. Anonymous |

    LOL. Why do they keep boasting copy paste feature when this has been a feature on windows mobile phones since time immemorial?!


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