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New Samsung Omnia Widgets gets Official, new ROM available


Written on 3/14/2009 08:00:00 AM by poison_ivy

Just saw an ad about new widgets for Samsung's TouchWiz compatible phones. I've been constantly complaining about how Samsung doesn't release new widgets for my Omnia. I've previously come upon a website that leaked that Samsung is coming up with new widgets and they have some sort of beta release available. I don't feel comfortable downloading an unstable version specially since there were already comments that the version made their Omnia hang a lot.

And now it's finally official. Samsung is boasting new widgets for their TouchWiz Interface and as of March 11th, 2009, Samsung has released a new ROM for the Omnia. I haven't downloaded the new ROM yet but it only means that the new widgets is incorporated in the new ROM. Hurray! Download the new ROM here.

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  1. Anonymous |

    the Samsung OmniaHD becomes a great portable media player. In this respect we love it.

  2. Anonymous |

    ummm...Why is the US not listed for when clicking on the link to upgrade?

  3. poison_ivy |

    Probably because the update is only for European and Asia versions of the Omnia which uses the same frequency bands. North American Models of the Omnia uses a different frequency so better hold off updating your phone through the link. Try looking at Samsung's US website to see if they have an update for US Omnias.

  4. Anonymous |

    I went to bit torrent to get the rom up grade and it worked great so much better than before with a black back ground easier to navigate too.By the way my google maps work now and the internet finally works too.looks like the HTC interface with extras but no mouse and small keyboard so had to download another aftermarket keyboard to improve this it was called finger keyboard 2 it worked great


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