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Zune Phone or software for Windows Mobile 6.5???


Written on 3/16/2009 08:00:00 AM by poison_ivy

Talks about the Zune Phone has been going around the blogosphere ever since Apple announced their iPhone but sadly, we have yet to see any pictures or specs or even a confirmation from Microsoft that a Zune Phone is indeed on the way.

I've come upon this thread at howardforums. The poster said that he was part of a focus group that talked about un upcoming Zune Phone. They were showed a Zune UI and they were made to compare the Zune software with the iPhone and Nokia. Some of the members quickly dismissed this and said that it might just be a software for Windows Mobile 6.5.

Anyways, the UI for the "Zune Phone" is similar to the current Zune's UI. Anyways, there are no pictures or anything but if you want a detailed description of what will it be about, visit the thread. It looks legit enough. Anyways, in my opinion, Microsoft should just shelve the idea of a Zune phone and dedicate their time in improving the UI of Windows Mobile.

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