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Mobile Market Not Affected by Recession


Written on 4/24/2009 05:37:00 PM by poison_ivy

Yes, the latest research from ABI research is in and the verdict? Mobile addicts like me did not let such a thing as recession deter us from buying the latest and greatest handsets during the first quarter of 2009. Mobile phone vendors have shipped around 258 million handsets which represents an 11 percent year on year decline but far exceeded the previous forecast of only 253.5 million.

Samsung and LG are the biggest winners with Samsung's market share increasing to 17.8% and LG to 8.8%. RIM's share also increased to 3% while Apple's market share, even though the iPhone 3G is very popular, is only 1.5%. ABI says that this Apple's less than stellar market share may be due to lack of product differentiation and dampening demand but ABI says that by the second half of 2009, newer siblings of the iPhone 3G will allow Apple's share to grow.

Is that a confirmation from ABI Research that there is indeed a new iPhone come June? Anyways, this is good news. Hopefully, mobile phone manufacturers will reward the buying public with more affordable phones in the future.


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