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Samsung Omnia HD to drop the "Omnia"


Written on 4/09/2009 04:30:00 PM by poison_ivy

Well, like I've said in my Samsung Omnia HD overview, having an S60 OS is blasphemy to the original Omnia which is a windows mobile phone.

Well, it seems that Samsung has wised up (or read my original blog post)and decided to drop the "omnia" name and just call their device the i8910. Now while we, original Omnia users and windows mobile fans, are happy, I think it's a little bit late in the game for Samsung to be doing that.

The real question for Omnia users is--what would happen to the "Omnia HD" name? Would Samsung really be releasing an Omnia upgrade that's why they decided to drop the Omnia on this S60 device? If they do, it better be better than the i8910.

This name game is a bit too confusing but anyways, I forgot that I have to play nice to Samsung so that they'd choose me as an ambassador. Well, whatever be the name of the i8910, I just can't wait to get my hands on it.

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  1. Anonymous |

    yeah they should also make another upgrade version of omnia in windows platform since that phone is a hit... I myself bought this phone although I have toshiba G810 already. The reason? because I saw that there are so many support, blogs, updates, information etc. on this phone.

  2. Unknown |

    I am stuck with Verizon vz other carriers due to location/reception. That said, Is the Omnia the best all-around phone that Verizon has to offer? Is Omnia due to update this phone anytime soon, which means I should wait a month or so?

  3. Unknown |

    Is the Omnia the best all-around phone that Verizon has to offer? I am stuck with Verizon, due to location/reception issues. I have looked at storm, other rim, etc.

    I can get the Omnia to sync with a Mac?

    Will they be coming out with a newer version of the Omnia anytime soon, meaning wait a month or so before updating contract?

  4. poison_ivy |


    unfortunately, I don't know a lot about Verizon's mobile phones thus I don't know if they would be carrying the upgrade to the Omnia. However, knowing that US wireless carriers tend to be a bit late when it comes to new phones, it would take a few months more before they would release an update to the Omnia.

    Too bad you can't switch to Sprint. I heard the Pre is the Bomb!


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