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Compare LG Cookie vs. Orange Vegas


Written on 5/02/2009 06:04:00 PM by poison_ivy

Before the Orange Vegas, the LG Cookie was like, the cheapest touchscreen phone in the market at only £100 but then the LG Vegas comes out of nowhere and at only £49 on Orange's Pay as You Go, it's now the cheapest touchscreen phone in the UK. Now since the LG Cookie comes in second place, it's only natural that some people who're trying to buy a touchscreen phone would also consider the LG Cookie. The question is really more on: would you spend £50 more just to get a few more features?

The first thing you need to know about the Orange Vegas is that it's not the first generation HTC Touch although both devices looks eerily similar. I think the Orange Vegas is made by ZTE, a Chinese phone manufacturer.

Anyways, for £49, what you will get with the Orange Vegas is a 1.3 megapixel camera, MP3 player, FM Radio, Bluetooth, expandable memory, and dual band GSM. For an additional £50 with the LG Cookie, you get an accelerometer, 3 megapixel camera, much better user interface, microSD slot up to 16GB, Bluetooth, and FM radio.

StuffTV has a review of the Orange Vegas and after reading it, it doesn't sound very good for the Vegas. Although it's cheap and has a good battery life, the user interface is VERY unresponsive, plus since the Operating System is Orange's proprietary OS, don't expect to find any applications or games for it on mainstream websites.

The LG Cookie on the other hand is made by one of the top 5 mobile phone manufacturers today. It's already been proven to be reliable and you can bet that you can find some forums that supports the LG Cookie in case you need help customizing or modding it.

Maybe the Orange Vegas is a good mobile phone to give a child 13 years old and below but for mainstream mobile phone users, £100 more doesn't seem to be such a bad price to pay for extra features.

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  1. Anonymous |

    Hi i have an Orange Vegas. I brought it the day after it came out. It is really super cute, i have the pink one. It is the 1st touch screen i have owned and i got it because it is cheap and pink!

    The touch screen is really responsive when texting (not using predictive as i never use that). The hand writting bit is just a waste of time really as it really, really slow as you have to do a letter at a time.

    There is a really random thing with the message outbox...i can't find it anywhere! It asks if i would like to save texts to it and the log book says it has one, but it really isn't there.

    Also the scroll bars at the sides of things are hard to use.

    I don't find the stylus hard to use but i don't have another to compair it to.

    Another problem is downloading things. This mobile is not listed in the drop down menu on the orange website. I spent ages at the phone shop the day after i got the mobile while we tried to download stuff but it just never happened. I contacted Orange but they never got back to me. You must be able to download stuff as on the game menu it says 'Games' yet there is only one game in there.

    Also, i recieved 2 picture messages and 1 video and the photo inbox was full. You have to save them to the memory card and delete the inbox.

    You really have to buy a memory card for it as the phote couldn't even save to photos without it.

    Another thing is when setting a picture as a wall paper, all the stuff on the screen is in the way of it. Yeah you can set the time and date not to show, but there is still a huge grey box across the screen.

    Composing a text message is a bit weird too. There isn't a 'Compose message' bit above the inbox like usual. You have to either go to the persons name in contacts, reply to a text they have sent you (ok if they have already sent one!) or press sideways on the wheel button. Just a bit of a farse really.

    Then there is the turning itself off thing which is by far the most annoying thing, and the reason i got rid of my last mobile and brought thins one! (My last one was about 10million years old though so it had an excuse). If you don't lay the Vegas down gently and it taps down it will turn itself off!! It turns off in my handbag too. This obviously really isn't good. To start with i thought it maybe because it wasn't charged. But i charge it loads as i don't think it lasts very long. I have now obviously found out that it just can't handle normal handeling. Oh and i left it in my car while i was at work tonight and it had turned itself off and wouldn't turn on at the end of my shift! That isn't any good if i had broken down or something.

    So unfortunately how ever cute i think the lil mobile is and how ever cheap it is (Even if it was only tenner) there is no point having a mobile that won't stay switched on.

    I will be taking it back tomorrow :(

    I will hopefully get the pink LG Cookie as that is only £30 more in phones 4 u. Hope i will have more luck with a moble that has been out longer. Fingers crossed.

    Gutted the Vegas is going.

    Cheers, Laura T.

  2. stikkz |

    I have an orange vegas and think it's an excellent phone. The touch screen was a wee bit awkward to start with, but i re-calibrated it and now it's perfect.

    the texting function is great as you have the choice of regluar style texting, hand-writing recognition(which is a bit slow) and a qwerty keyboard onscreen. texting is simple and as quick as any other mobile ive had.

    to create a text message, all you need to do is go to the message icon, choose if you want to send a text, a photo or answerphone, then click 'new message'....the same as any other phone, or you can set it to the short cut menu so all you have to do is press either up, down, left or right (depending where you have set the short cut) and it goes straight to it. the 'outbox' is also in the same menu as creat!?

    I have had absoulutely no problems with the phone turning itself off at all?

    the camera isn't brilliant but it does the job.

    it is true that, at the moment at least, i can't find any games to download, but im sure they'll come along soon.

    the internet works brilliantly and ewallly fast as well. the screen is a decent size for viewing bebo, facebook etc.

    the sound from the vegas for playing music is really quite impressive as well, and the music player is really simple to use.

    the file manager is user friendly and easy to navigate.

    I hooked the vegas up to my laptop and it installed within minutes and it's really easy to drag and drop photo's, video's and music.

    the bluetooth function is also very quick and easy.

    Overall i think the orange is an amazing phone for the money, the sound quality is great and it has a built in hands free and fm radio.

    I can't see why other touch screen phones are priced at least £30 - £50 more as orange has managed to pack so much into this little beauty.

    I'd give this phone 9/10 as it doesn't have wifi....but for £49 what do you expect! :)

  3. Anonymous |

    This phone is really basic and fiddly to use. I have had to return two to the shop as it kept switching off, I figured out the battery must be loose (on two of them and reading reviews other people having same problem), but Orange refused to refund (I did not want ANOTHER replacement as it was the second one I had, its obviously a problem), I would not advise wasting money on this cheap phone for the sake of having a touch screen. Avoid and save a few quid extra for better makes and models.

  4. Anonymous |

    hi i have a LG cookie and my friend has a orange vegas phone
    and both of our phones randomly turn off.
    on the LG cookie phone it turns off on the images page!
    and i have the vegas it was really cheap wich is why i brought it but it still has the same features that the cookie has apart from some stupid pointless ones like being able to draw pictures. and crap. so i like mine better its compact and is cute. my friend really wants one. but.. it does randomlly turn of when i drop it some time s. which is good cus it stops it getting damaged. so over all it depends how much money you have to spend. our friend connor had a cookie to and it bropke in the first three days. so there you go. they both have flaws you would be better of buying a totally diffrent phoone all together. thank you. peace out.

  5. Anonymous |

    this coment is to the Anonymous | May 17, 2009 1:35 AM

    i have just bought the phone . well yesterdy . and i have had nun of the problems you described. my phonre has not randomly turnd of . nor has it turned of after a prolonged time . the camera is aculy better than the one i had on the orange berlin althow it was 2 megapixels the qualty was aculy crap. the qwality on this phones camera is allot better .

    mabe becouse you can change the size of the picture and the qulity of it to low medeum or hy.

    for photos i recomend about 320 by 240 and normal quality. thast way you can take about 10 pictures . all you need to do to take more pictures is ether lower the resolution or the quality.

    the txt ing is inovotive . and may take a while for people that have never used a tuchpad befor . and if you havent . do not use the qwerty tuch pad . as the kes are very small . and hard to hit. i have yet to test the music feture . but no doubt from what allot of you have said it is good . all and all it is far superer to uthers i have see and had demos on

    it is a good cheap phone . for people that want a tuch screen . i would recomend it to people that want to try one out for the first time

  6. Anonymous |

    I have a orange vegas and it is not my first touch. i am only nine years old and i have had a
    iphone3G and someone offered me £500 for it so eventhough i had a iphone i have still ended up with a great touch and alot of my friends have the LG cookie but dont realy like it. So i am a fan of the Orange Vegas.

  7. Anonymous |

    In June I bought the Vegas as a first touch screen. I only needed a simple mobile as I only use it for texting. 15th August I returned it to Orange Shop as the screen kept freezing. They wouldn't replace it, saying they repaire free for the first year. I received it back on 28th August. I sent and received 2 texts on the 29th of August and my phone froze again. The shop has again sent it for repair. They won't replace it. I wouldn't advise anyone to shop with Orange - their customer service is terrible. The phone is faulty - I should have had a replacement.

  8. Anonymous |

    what a complete and utter crock, how can you comment on a phone you havn't used? reviews like this are why everyone thinks there opinions are fact, if you want to run reviews in the future, don't read someone else's, then post a link to it. Lazy and ill though out, the orange vegas is actually a pretty good phone, and i'm basing this OPINION on facts, iv'e used 3 other touch screen phones, and this by far has been the most responsive of the 3, and guess what? we don't all want to spend upwards of a tonne on a mobile phone, i got my vegas for 29.99 and that's a great price if i say so. In future mate, if you want to post reviews, i advise you to actually TRY the product, otherwise you just come off like a biased idiot.

  9. poison_ivy |

    @ the last anonymous. "how can you comment on a phone you havn't used" I haven't used the iPhone 3GS but I think it's good phone. If I go to a review page and want to comment on how I think it's a cool phone am I not allowed to do that? Because it's my opinion and I'm not saying that it's a fact, just that it's my opinion and I'm free to talk about my opinion just like you are free to talk about yours and that's the reason why I published your comment.

    "reviews like this..." Jeez, who said anything about this being a review? Where the heck in the full context of this phone have I said that I'm reviewing the Orange Vegas? I'm simply comparing the features (which by the way, IS based on facts considering the specifications of both devices are all over the internet) between the Cookie and the Vegas, AND COMMENTING on a review done by another person.

    Second of all, have you read the comments on this post? Users opinions which are based on facts since they actually have the phone are torn. Some love it and some hate it that's why the latter are taking it back.

    And from the tone of your comment, all I can say is...who's the biased IDIOT now?

  10. Anonymous |

    well to be honest, they sorted the problem with the Orange Vegas with it turning off and also it is perfect for boys and girls :) i personally think it is a great phone, i think i will have it forr a long time :D.

    I also think that it is easy to use when you know how it is cheap and a good phone :).

    really good for texting the only problem i think is the scrolling down! you can't quite get there! i think that if you get this phone you should make sure you have a case for it for protection, always a good idea.

    As for the stylus - very good and easy to use!
    Overall great phone, going to see my friend who has a cookie see what thtas like :) GREAT PHONE- VEGAS!!:)

  11. Anonymous |

    I got the Orange Vegas for my birthday almost 3 months ago and was very happy with it. I thoroughly enjoyed the fast responsiveness with the touchscreen. This meant that I hardly ever used the stylus that is secretly hidden with the handset.

    I asked for this phone because I thought it was a bargain for a touchscreen phone but there were some things that disappointed me:

    - lack of battery life (my handset never held a decent charge)

    - lack of quality ringtones

    - poor camera quality (I LOVE taking pics from my phone)

    Although I had some plus points, these were quickly dismissed as - after 3 months of owning the handset - it no longer worked. I was gutted. Needless to say I need to buy a new phone.

    Overall, the Orange Vegas is a very basic touchscreen handset but wouldn't really recommend it to a friend. I'd rather save up and invest in something else.

  12. Anonymous |

    Is it possible to set your own music as ringtones on it? If so how? I can't seem to get the phone to register my memory card, or if it has, i don't know how to get to it!

  13. Anonymous |

    I've got the Orange Vegas it is really good but there are a few minor problems when you text if you write each letter it's slow and you have to keep going back on the keypad to use the spacebar which I find very wierd you should be able to draw a line, when you get the phone you dont have hardly any memory at all, so your having to pay out more money for a micro SD card, i know this happens with all phone later on once you buy it but straight away just isn't right.

    But I would get the LG cookies either because I have used one before and I didn't like it at all, I think that the Orange Vegas is better !!! I'm think of getting i side slide phone instead!

    Anonymous xxx :)


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