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NTT Docomo makes Bluetooth Pairing Easy


Written on 5/25/2009 02:04:00 PM by poison_ivy

Although Bluetooth has always been pretty useful for me, especially when I'm streaming audio wirelessly, it's still a pain to have to pair my Stereo Bluetooth headset with every new phone I have or have to pair two phones first before I could be able to transfer a file via Bluetooth to a different phone.

Well, lucky for the people in Japan, they have NTT Docomo which can make their Bluetooth pairing easier. According to TechON, NTT DoCoMo has incorporated an "i-appli touch" capability in 11 of the 18 phones they've announced last May 19.

With "i-appli touch", you can easily connect with another device using Bluetooth by just holding one handset over the other. The "i-Appli touch" uses Felica technology (Some fancy RFID technology by Sony) to initiate Bluetooth pairing between devices.

Pretty cool. Now if only Sony would bring that same technology here in the UK.

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  1. JeffBlightwood |

    Looks like they are trying to harp in on the iPhone, or rather i(something) naming convention of Apple there. Awesome idea though, hope it becomes an open standard.


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