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Samsung S5230 Tocco Lite Review


Written on 5/20/2009 03:26:00 PM by poison_ivy

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I was recently able to try out Samsung's new budget phone that I'm positively sure they're aiming to be in competition with the LG KP500 Cookie. The Samsung Tocco Lite or more commonly known as the Samsung S5230 in other countries, is Samsung's cheapest budget phone.


The front of the Samsung Tocco Lite reminds me of the LG KP500 Cookie while the back of the device brings to mind my Samsung Omnia. This phone has a 3 inch screen with 256k colors. There are 3 physical keys in the front and I would have really preferred a directional pad so that I can easily go back a few words in case I misspelled something while writing a text message instead of touching the display but Samsung opted to copy the annoying back button that can be found on the Tocco Ultra Touch. Like Samsung's other mobile phones, you have to remove the battery in order to insert the microSD slot.

Performance and Features

Again, as with other Samsung phones, the Samsung S5230 Tocco Lite makes use of the TouchWiz interface. The interface is very similar to the Samsung Tocco Ultra except that the Tocco Lite has a resistive touchscreen which means you have to press your fingers hard in order to get it to respond. Interface is a bit laggy though it seems faster than the LG Cookie but I can't really compare as I don't have the LG KP500 anymore to make the comparison. Although both the LG Cookie and the Samsung Tocco Lite makes use of widgets, I find Samsung's widgets more useable.

What's new on the Tocco Lite mobile phone is that it can have three different homescreens which you can customize according to your liking. There's also the new contacts list that reminds you of Cover Flow where you flip through photos to dial your contact's number. Another cool feature is gesture lock which allows you to open applications while unlocking your phone just by drawing an alphabet letter on the screen.

The Samsung S5230 Tocco Lite has a 3.2 megapixel camera with the usual Samsung camera phone goodies such as face detection and smile detection, unfortunately, there's no autofocus here. The camera produces clear photos especially outdoors but there's noticeable noise when taking pictures indoors.

Audio quality using the headphones and Bluetooth Stereo headsets is good but unfortunately, I can't say the same when using the speakers. Audio becomes tinny when played using the highest volume setting but is okay when in the mid-level.

Since this is a budget phone, the Samsung Tocco Lite doesn't have 3G or HSDPA so you just have to make do with EDGE connection. This will seem a bummer to some but it could raise the battery life of this mobile phone ten folds compared with its other brother, the S5600 which has 3G/HSDPA.


Depending on the price of the Samsung Tocco Lite, the LG Cookie may have a competition. Although both mobile phones are similar in almost all hardware specifications, the addition of more camera features on the Samsung S5230 Tocco Lite might make it appeal more to other people. Of course, there's no denying that style-wise, the LG Cookie has the upper hand over the Samsung Tocco Lite. I guess it would really depend now on which feature would appeal to you most.

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  1. Anonymous |

    I am thinking about getting this phone. That, or the LG Cookie. It's funny though, because on the Carphone Warehouse website, it says that it doesn't have touchscreen. However, it must have, because there aren't many buttons.
    Could you confirm if this phone has touchscreen or not? I'm looking for a phone with a touchscreen ya see.

  2. poison_ivy |

    I don't know what's wrong with carphonewarehouse. This is the second comment I got this month informing me that their phone information is severely misguided. How can this not be a touchscreen phone?! Anyways, since I wasn't able to take any detailed pictures, try searching through YouTube for S5230 and you'll see that this is a touchscreen device.

    Maybe you've seen a different model? Samsung has been using the name "tocco" a lot on their products but as far a I know, all three of their Tocco phones are touchscreen capable.

  3. Anonymous |

    The S5230 is cheaper than the Cookie in my country. It's a bit slow but for that price, can't complain.

  4. Anonymous |

    I have a Tocco lite and you don't have to press your fingers hard on the screen to get a response, it's very responsive. I had a Nokia 5800 which was a lot less responsive than the Tocco lite, although it had more features. The Tocco Lite is an excellent phone.

  5. Anonymous |

    My mum got this phone 2 days ago and it is great! It's not fun or anything though - it's entertaining the first few hours then it seems like a normal phone you get for 40 pounds (omly it has a touch screen!)

  6. Anonymous |

    OH and it DOES have a touch screen. So need more need to worry Anonymous! :) LOL

  7. Anonymous |

    I bought this phone about a week ago its a really good phone you dont have to touch the screen hard my boyfriend has a samsung touch which is £400 8 mega pixel and my tocco lite has a few extra fetures than his well worth the money.

  8. Anonymous |

    i just bought this phone and i am very impressed with it. great if ur wanting a stylish touch phone without paying for unneccesary features!! :) i love it x

  9. Anonymous |

    i love this phone. recently bought it. was a great price at 126 on o2 and the touch screen is really quick and easy to use. looks great too x

  10. Anonymous |

    I recently bought this phone, love the way it looks and it's features but my one seem to have a serious problem. It cuts your voice during the phone call, so the person on the end of the line can't hear half of what you say. I can still hear them, but it goes completely silent for them for a couple of seconds. This keeps happening quite a few times during all the calls I've made. I was wondering if it's just me or has anyone else experienced this problem?

  11. Anonymous |

    i have had the same problem with the people on the other side of the phonecall not being able to hear me. it is a huge problem as i have people from jobs calling me and they think i'm being ignorant, it is really annoying, i swapped my phone for another one (same model) and this does it too!!! i'm going to change it again and if the next one does the same then i'll be swapping for a different model.

  12. Unknown |

    I have swapped the handset 3 times now and still have the same problem with it cutting and the people on the other side of the phone call not being able to hear me. I've got all 3 handsets from Carphone wharehouse so not sure if it's a batch of faulty handsets that they have or if it's something else. My sim seems to work fine on other (non-Tocco Lite) handsets so it's not a network problem.

  13. poison_ivy |

    Maybe you've set the mute button while holding the phone to your ear. Try playing with the volume controls when you're talking with someone or see if the mute button wasn't accidentally pushed.

  14. Rhysa Hughes |

    I got this a couple of week ago from The Carphone Warehouse. I was originally going in to buy the LG Cookie, but the man at the desk said he wouldn't sell me it because they're rubbish. He said that only 5% of the cookies he's sold have been "good". The others have been returned to the shop.

    So i decided on the samsung tocco lite. I LOVE IT. It's really fun to use too. Ace phone for cheap price!

  15. Chloe |

    I have been using this phone for 2 weeks - the best phone I have ever had. Extremly responsive touch screen (do not need a stylus), good picture quality even with shaky hands, easy to text on, easy to use, only problem is getting the back off. Ringtones and calling are extremly loud. Love it, love it love it - looks so much more expensive and stylish than the cookie!

  16. Anonymous |

    i am thinking of getng this phone
    but i want a stylus pen with the phone
    and i dnt want it to cut off the people on the other side of the phone
    what shal i do

  17. Anonymous |

    I've had three Samsung Tocco Lites in 2 days. All from Carphonewarehouse and all with the same problem. The person on the other end of the call can't hear me several times in a conversation when I am talking, although I can hear them fine.
    Carphonewarehouse refused to give me a refund in the shop and I had to call customer services to get this allowed.
    Taking the third phone back tomorrow and going back to my old phone which works fine.

  18. Anonymous |

    i just got one and I LOVE IT! for a resonable priced phone it has everything! very sleek very pleasing to use and great on the old bank balance lol
    people dont be put off by some peoples exsperience there are always a few bad ones in the batch. this is another great product by samsung if your a fan of the brand then i recommend it

  19. Anonymous |

    I am also thinking of getting this phone. Does anyones phone not cut people off on the the other end? It looks like alot of them do!

  20. Anonymous |

    hi i am looking to by the samsung tocco lite but don't know which phone to by, ethier the samsung tocco or the LG cookie.


  21. Anonymous |

    hey just bought the tocco lite todai. the best phone out. so much better than the lg cookie. okai the phone cld b better.but no complaining its still relli gd.
    if n e ones unsure about whether or not to buy this phone my advice is go to carphone warehouse, they let u try the phone n then if u like it u buy it.
    my oppinion brilliant phone... deffo 5 *'s

  22. Anonymous |

    i got this phone yesterday and i think it is really good! it has brill graphics and a good quality camera. only thing it that it is a little slow when viewing images but that doesnt really matter.
    it does definately have a touch screen.

  23. Anonymous |

    I am Thinking about getting this phone or the LG Cookie. I want an entertainment phone as I am an entertaining person. So which one is better. Cookie or Lite ?

  24. Angela |

    Bought the tocco lite last week for 119.99 from the carphone warehouse.I was thinking about the lg cookie,but a lot of the reviews weren't that good.Apparently the tocco lite is newer than the cookie so a lot less teething problems hopefully.It's so easy to use.texting is good,camera is fine lots of good features.Be careful when you are taking the back off it!!! I haven't had any problems with it.Just remember to lock it after every use!!! I think it is well worth the money.

  25. Anonymous |

    I have had this phone for about a month now, I had the £10 top up put on it, and now all the money had gone.
    Also the CD that comes with it is not woring properly.

  26. Anonymous |

    just got this phone and its great but does anyone know how t add a name and number tp 'photo contacts....mike

  27. Anonymous |

    i am thinking of buying this fone but everyone says it cuts of in calls . if i buy mine from vodaphone do you think it will still do that

  28. poison_ivy |

    Why not give it a shot. If it cuts of calls, you can always return it to vodafone and get a better phone like the Samsung Blade or Samsung Jet.

  29. Anonymous |

    I've had this phone a week, at first i loved it, it's a great phone which is very easy to use and the touch screen is brilliant. The only major problem I've had with this phone, has been making and receiving calls!! It cuts out and has done so on every single call that i make or receive, the person on the other side can't hear me but i can hear them. this goes on for a few seconds and it's very annoying. I'm returning mine to carphone warehouse.

  30. Unknown |

    I've had three, all from the carphone warehouse on o2, all have had the same problem with the mic cutting out during calls. I sent it back to Samsung for repair and it came back supposedly fixed but still with the same fault. It's now too late to get a refund and all I can do is keep sending it back for repair until one day it might work. It would be a great phone if you could actually use it for calls!

  31. Anonymous |

    the phone is not 3g, only 2g, internet is so slow, selling mine after 2 days

  32. Anonymous |

    I am waiting for my Tocco Lite to arrive, as a replacement for a (what I thought was a broken) G600!! Whilst making and receiving calls, I was experiencing what everyone else is experiencing - calls going dead, but still being on the call????? I am on 02 network. So maybe it is the 02 network rather than out handsets? Just a thought? As like I said I had a G600 not a Tocco?

  33. Anonymous |

    I Tried This Phone Out Today !! I Love It going back to buy it later this month. I think it really is your luck with the calls cutting out ! becuase i have a samsung U600 and sometimes that happens but not all the time, and all photos on samsungs are slow to look at! Nothing is perfect in life ! Just like phones wont be! You know for what your paying for your getting a very stylish phone with good spefications!

  34. Anonymous |

    My ex boyfriend had the LG Cookie and to be honest it is awful and a boring phone. Tocco Lite far superior

  35. Anonymous |

    yh it definently has touchscreen its an amzing phone way better than the lg cookie

  36. Anonymous |

    i want to get the tocco lite reli bad. it sounds like a great phone apart from problem everybody keeps having with the calls cuttin out!!!!!!
    i'm gunna get my mum 2 buy it or my grandad. i'll get insurance wit it just incase.£44.99
    cant wait to get it, its such a great price 4 a touchscreen:£79.95

  37. Anonymous |

    My mum said she'll get me the phone......................... can't wait, jus hope she doesn't change her mind.
    SAMSUNG TOCCO LITE.. here i cooooooome!!

  38. Anonymous |

    Got this phone yesterday in white, and i LOVE it! :)
    The keybored is easy to use, and the camera is pretty good, i really like it and the value for money is great, it also looks great and i deffo recommended any one thinking of getting it to just go and buy it !
    Its the best phone i have had so far =D

  39. Anonymous |

    aparently the calls being cutting off is an error when you get the phone on o2.

    to solve it, make sure you get the proper o2 settings for the phone, you can do this by downloading them from somewhere on the phone.

  40. Anonymous |

    i am thinking of buying this phone on vodafone . can anyone tell me if you have had the problem of calls cutting off on this network ? please write back !

  41. poison_ivy |

    You can try visiting Vodafone's forums and asking people there if they have the Tocco Lite and if they've experienced the same problems.

  42. Anonymous |

    hi all! re: probs with phone, I have had 3 tocco lite handsets all from carphone warehouse on o2 and all of them had the problem, cutting out my side of conversation several times, and have just returned the last one for a refund. I have looked into this and apparently it is the o2 software on the phone that causes this; nothing seems to be being done about this despite hundreds of people reporting this problem and yet the carphone warehouse continue to sell them and are presumably not allowed to tell their customers about this. I don't think anyone have had probs who have bought it on orange, vodafone or tmobile, the software on these must be if you're thinking of buying it on o2 from carphone warehouse DO NOT waste your time or money, and everyone else, get a refund as soon as you can, you should not have to put up with it *sarah*

  43. Anonymous |

    hiya i have this fone on orange and it works fine none of my calls have been cut off and my photos arnt that slow to look at! but my friend has the tocco lite on O2 and she has experienced the problem with the calls being cut off so i think its an O2 fault??!!

  44. Anonymous |

    i was seriously thinking about getting this phone! everyone has the same problem with there phones it cuts off calls!i dont know if i should get this phone now or not!im pretty sure it has something to do with the phone not the network my mom has had a samsung for a year now and everytime someone rings they have to call her back!so what im trying to say is,it musnt just be the tocco that has this problem!other have samsung phones have the same problems too! can anyone tell me if they have the same problem with there samsungs?

  45. Anonymous |

    I'm getting the exact same problem as everyone on here about it cutting you off! Glad i came on here because now i know loads of people having the same problem. will be taking it back to carphone warehouse.

  46. Anonymous |

    It seems the people being cut off are all on 02, and all buy from the Carphone Warehouse... I've heard this on every review site! what's going on?!

  47. tilda |

    hiya im thinking of getting this fone in white. im with vodafone and i am wondering if this problem is only happening with o2 customers?? please reply, tilda xx

  48. Anonymous |

    I just got the tocco lite today after having the cookie for a week and hating it... the touch screen response on the cookie is soooo slow anyone thinking of getting it DONT!! anyway sold my cookie and got the tocco lite.. and its great so much faster than the cookie and looks a much nicer phone too! as for the cutting off during phone calls.. iv not experienced that seems it is just on O2 sim cards, got nothing to do with whether you get the phone from carphone warehouse or not!!

  49. Anonymous |

    I just got the tocoo lite today after having the cookie for a week and hating it.. I sold it after a week of getting it.. the touch response is sooooo slow!! However it is much more faster on the tocco lite :) I think its a great phone, anyone who cant decide when it comes to the cookie or the tocco lite.. definitely get the tocco lite.. great phone!!!

  50. Anonymous |

    This is a terrible phone, i have had the problem that everyone else is having and i've only had the phone a month. The Carphone Warehouse will not give me a refund. WARNING: save your money and buy something else.

  51. Anonymous |

    im thinking of getting this phone in about a week but im getting it on the meteor network..
    just asking if anybody has it on the meteor network that is having problems with the calls cutting out
    please leave a comment on what i should do or if you have it on meteor ....

  52. Anonymous |

    hiya i thought of savin up 4 da samsung tocco lite until i found all these terrible reviews if you think wat the heck im buyin it anyway then dont get it on o2 and definately not from the carphone warehouse! i strongly advise you to test this phone before buying-if poss. and if you cant when you buy it test the calls that day and if it goes wrong GET A REFUND do not get another one with all the problems going on with this phone i strongly advise to be cautious!
    it's not samsungs fault because all dere other phones seem to be fine! cya!

  53. Anonymous |

    i am thinking on buying this phone and was just wondering if it came with a stylus??

  54. Anonymous |

    Plz Plz PLz tell me

    do Meteor sell this fone in white?

    Plz Plz Plz tell me

  55. Anonymous |

    emm im not to sure about the white in meteor
    all i have seen is :
    but if you can find out
    if you can go into a meteor store then they will be able to let you no and tell you about anything that you need to no
    hope this infomation is anygood to anybody

  56. Anonymous |

    i brought the tocco lite in white on o2 from fone4u and kept getting hello?hello? new phone why could they not here me? so left it thinking must be them not me not my new £136 phone? but kept happening so tok it back within the 28days happily swapped it for another, and yep same thing started happening again only to the out of hours docter for my 1year old son, not impressed!! really needed to be heard and rang phones4u and will be returning it monday and will not be stupid enough to try a 3rd handset after confirming its not just me thats having problems, they shouldnt offer the phone on o2 if theres software problems allowing the phone to be used as a phone??

  57. ranging madnes |

    hey i bought a sonyericson w580 from caraphone warehouse and it has the same promblem as some of your mobiles do the people on the other side of the call cant hear me but i can hear them

  58. Anonymous |

    hi is it just the people that is getting the phones on o2 that is having the problem ?
    has anybody on anyother networks got a problem with there phones ??
    please plase text me back ....

  59. Anonymous |

    I was having trouble wether to get the LG COOKIE or the SAMSUNG TOCCO LITE, but im sooooo glad i got this one, i think its by far better! I got it like a week ago from an Orange shop and i love it! Its takes good photos and is good for photo editing. Its really stylish, slim and easy to use. I personally havnt had any problems with the phone being cut off at the over end or whatever. Its easy to text and the touchscreen is brill! I would reccomend it to anyone wanting a stylish phone.

  60. Anonymous |

    All phones from Carphone Warehouse are unlocked and don't have any branded software from any of the mobile companies whether it be O2, T-Mobile or whoever.
    The problem is NOT with the phone but with the O2 Sim cards. For some reason they don't seem to work with the Tocco firmware.
    I have now heard of problems with O2 cards in some other phones and it all seems to be linked to the problems that O2 have been having on their network recently.
    The Samsung Tocco Lite phone is perfectly's just an O2 firmware problem so if you want to buy the phone then go ahead and buy it....unless you are on O2.
    If you are then ask them for a new SIM card with the latest firmware on it.

  61. hand giver |

    my cousin has this phone on vodafone and it is working perfectly when you call people. the only thing is that you have to remember is to lock it when you are putting it in ur pocket or bag because it easily calls people when it is not locked.the only question that i have is, how good is the battery life??x:)

  62. Anonymous |

    Im really thinking about getting the Tocco Lite but some people say its a horrible phone? I really want a good stylish touchscreen phone for a reasonable price, so I was drawn to the Tocco Lite, but I don't want it if I'm going to have problems.

  63. Anonymous |

    im going to be getting this phone next wensday for my birthday..
    i have readed all these reviews and it really does seem like its only the o2 network so im going to go a head and get it and it anybody is not sure but wont to get it just have a try and getting it and the day that you get it just try out everything on it and the calls and if it turns out not to be working just bring it back and if you wont you can get another one but just dont get to many for them if they do not work you would be better off getting your money back
    im going to get this phone on the meteor network not the o2

  64. Anonymous |

    I think that this phone looks great, with the picture quality being 3.2MP and having a 50MB memory it also sounds great! I'd really like it as my new phone, and I have started getting excited as my parents and I are deciding if I should get it for my birthday :D.

  65. Anonymous |

    i bought mine from carphone warehouse. i was told all tocco lites are open 2 any network it's just the sim that belongs to the network. i'm on t mobile but i bought it on vodaphone cause it was £30 cheaper. then i put my t mobile sim it works fine. my advice is buy online at carphone on vodaphone.

  66. Anonymous |


    I have read all these reviews and really i have concluded these pros and cons

    Pros - good touchscreen, reasonable price,not come with any contract,camera is good

    Cons - calls seem to get cut off in between, phone can get unlock very easily

    I am also planning to but this phone but only point that is restricting me to buy it - calls getting cut off in between ....

    i was wondering whether it is a network problem OR phone problem OR it was just few phone sets were faulty .....

    need advice on this ..

  67. amyyyyyyyyyy. |

    hiaaa, umm.. i'm getting this phone next week some time, in pink. on o2 and from the carphone warehouse. am i doing wrong? i have reaad no bad reviews on other sites, but as soon as i came on here.. BANG! it hit me in the face. no im worried that im gonna get this gorgeous phone and have loadsa proplems with it and i cba with the fuss. anyone got any ideas? xx

  68. Anonymous |

    I got dis fone a week ago and I absolutely love it. I know some people have had trouble with da calls and it cuttin off but I tink it is just a faulty batch from carphone warehouse. If u cant figure out which fone 2 buy between cookie and tocco lite, I recamend u get da tocco. It is rly responsive and has great picture and good sound and txt and is just an all round great fone.

  69. poison_ivy |

    Hi Amyyyyyyyy. As what the others have said, most are having problems with phones coming from carphone warehouse and O2 sim. The phone itself doesn't seem to have any problems with other networks so maybe you should try getting one on another network.

    Just a precaution since it seems the problems have been isolated only on the O2 network.

  70. loren_xo |

    i am looking at getting a new phone and i am interested in the tocco lite but i am concerned about the calls cutting out as i would need to get it on o2 id there anyone who has got this phone on o2 and not had any cut off problems with calls?
    help? xx

  71. Anonymous |

    i got a samsung tocco lite not long ago and it works fine and i love it. it s arealy cool fone because you can desighn it up yourself

  72. UCHIHA |

    hi all!!! really thinking about getting this phone. i will have the money for it in less that a month. im gunna get it on vodafone so i can avoid the O2 problem. i don't have the money yet but will do in less than a month. sounds like an ultimate phone and i cant wait to get it. i was originally going to buy an LG, but after looking at these specs, OMG i like the sound of it. (btw im so eager to get it because im stuck with a vodafone samsung SGH-X680V, and for those of u without any imagination, its bull ****. so i cant wait to buy one) PLEASE WAIT FOR ME SAMSUNG

  73. UCHIHA |

    lol soz for the asterisks SORRY

  74. Anonymous |

    Could th prob's with o2 be the fact most o2 sim's r 3g but its a 2g phone? i'm gettin this phone on o2 tomorrow. hopefully i wont have prob's with it coz its a replacement 4 the se t700 which i had 3 replacement handsets and gave up.

  75. Anonymous |

    i got this phone 2 days ago from O2 shop on O2 and was on the phone for 1hr and it never cut off so it might have been a bad batch on O2 to carphone warehouse

  76. sinead from ireland |

    hii i got this phone last week for my birthday i have it a week today i got it a few days early :D
    anyway i got it on meteor and my mam and dad bought it from the carphone ware house again on meteor not o2
    anybody thinking of getting it on o2 i would say go ahead and get it if you like just keep your own sim card i think it is just the new sims that they give you that doesnt work andway if it doesnt work you can always bring it back

    the one that i got i have to say is probly the best phone that i have ever gotten and i have gotton alot of phones in my life
    everything is brillent on it :D
    if you get it allways put on the lock so importent :D
    when you first get it its like all phone abit hard to use but after awhile you just get used to it :D
    but be carful opening the back of the phone very hard to open and i say would be easy to brack if you keep messing with it
    with my one i didnt get a memery card the shop will try and sell you one but if you have a phone already you would probly have one with that :D

    for safty if i was you i would defenly buy a cover bag for them if you ask the person in the shop they will no what you mean
    its much more better than the LG COOKIE my cusin got one and the pink and everything on them doesnt look that nice and the samsung tocco lite is an over all better phone

    bye for now hope this information is anygood to anybody

    sinead x

  77. Ashanti |

    I really want to get the Samsung Tocco Lite! it sounds great nd i am going to get it on t-mobile from the carphone warehouse(£99.95)
    But I MITE HAVE TO SAVE UP! if thats the case then i will have the money in 1 month.
    I mite wait until my birthday in october , but i havent got a phone at the moment.
    Tommorrow my GCSE French results come out, so if i get a good grade my mum will buy it for me as a reward!!
    Cant wait!!!
    Ashanti x x

  78. Anonymous |

    people have been having problems with people on the other end of the call not being able 2 hear u, these problems r only on the ones from the carphone warhouse. i got mine from dial-a-phone(online)and i hav NO problems with it! its a lot better than the lg cookie! buy this phone!!!

  79. Danielle. |

    I am thinking of getting this phone rather soon, and i was wondering if it would be worth while? also it would have to be on pay as you go, and i have seen a deal on 'phones4u' website saying it is £78 with orange. does anyone know if i get it from the phone4u shop or website, would i still get the same deals i would get if i got it from the orange shop or website? eg: orange wednesdays,dolphin package,and especailly free facebook,bebo etc.

    would be a great help to me if anyone could help me, as it would be saying me money :)
    thanks & replys would be much appreciated :)

  80. Anonymous |

    Reply to Anonymous Aug 27: I have seen this phone on dial-a-phone (there are some good deals at the moment) but did you buy yours on O2??? I'd be very interested to know this as i've had a few faulty ones from carphone warehouse and i really dont want to go through that again. i've had to go back to my 3 yr old well used phone :( and there aren't any others that are similar in spec and price.

    Also i dont think it would have anything to do with old or new sim cards cuz carphone w.h give new ones but i used my 6 yr old sim card (pay monthly) and still had the cut out problem

    thanks for any replies and anyone else got theirs from dial-a-phone on o2

  81. Anonymous |

    i think i'm going to get the tocco lite - all your comments have really helped me make up my mind! i just won't get it on O2... thanks all!!!

  82. Anonymous |

    iyaa every one! im thinkin about saving up 4 this phone on vodaphone.. from the vodaphone shop. but tbh i reali cant decide weather to get a LG viewty instead? im spoilt for choice haha.

    anyways i wrote on facebook to see weather samsung tocco lite or LG viewty was better & everyone said samsung tocco lite!

    i cant wait to get this phone, but i hope i dont have any problems with it.

    im thinkin about getting a stylus for it, but do i reali need one? or is it reali easy 2 use?

    oh & another thing ive heard is that they break reali easy :S is this true?

    many thanx, reply back by email please x

  83. Anonymous |

    I bought Samsung tocco lite phone few days back .. excellent phone.. it gives more value in less price .. affordable touchscreen phone for everyone ....

  84. Helen |

    Was thinking about getting this phone, haven't yet.
    On a lot of other reviews it mentions the same problem with calls, bought from carphone warehouse and on o2.
    Maybe people should buy from somewhere else??
    Even if it costs a little more, surely it's worth it??

  85. Anonymous |

    yeah, mine cuts out too. Thought I was going mad!Can't call peaple back if it's an 'unknown' call. Very annoying. I'm not with O2 and didn't get mine from the carphonewarehouse. Is it repairable?

  86. AsHi |

    heya, if its any consalation, had this phone 4 2 months, and its fab!! hasn't been cutting off, im on orange but it does cut of on o2, so i would reccomend o2 users to "beaware." lol! its a good touchscreen, responsive and sensetive, but not too sensetive, and ppl who are asking the question, coookie or tocco lite, tocco lite defo! i used to have a cookie, constant freezing, broken screen etc. GO FOR THE TOCCO LITE!! you won't regret it! ;)

  87. Anonymous |

    hi i brought the phone on 3rd september 2009 . im very impressed its the first touch screen phone ive had. got if from orange for £99 +20pound top up. the only problem i have is how do i have three pictures on my screen as wallpaper. when i put on of my own picture as wallpaper the other to screens are plain white ny help

  88. Kate |

    just got one for my birthday :)
    absolutely love it.
    love the touchscreen & everything that comes with it.
    just cant seem to get the back off.. any help?
    definitely a phone to get from vodafone - they've been so helpful in setting it up! :)

  89. Anonymous |

    What i have heard from ALOT of people it only cuts off with o2 from the CARPHONE WAREHOUSE Today i'm getting in on meteor but could anyone tell me if you need to charge it up first ??

  90. Anonymous |

    ive read a tonne of reviews for this phone, it seems like the 'cutting off' seems so be a very large issue. Mostly if the phone is from O2 or bought from the carphone warehouse.
    I'm going to look for a better phone with better reviews before i make my choice.

  91. ringses |

    I am thinking of getting this phone but when I spoke to the guy in phones4u I asked him if I could check my emails on it and he said yes but it's really expensive and it will cost you loads. I have a yahoo email account and only want to check now and again when I'm not near my computer, can anyone tell me if it is scary price wise to use the internet on the tocco (i'll be on vodafone pay as you go)

  92. Anonymous |

    Hi i just got the samsung tocco lite is AMAZING got everything u need exept one problem downloading songs on to the phone its complycated and i still dont no but everything else really good cameras good music players good calls havent cut off on me never so i dont no were thats come from its really good well better than the cookie and the samsung tocco the only difference between the tocco and the tocco lite is the weight and the screen on the lite the touchsensitivity is much better than both!! p.s sorry about the spellings

  93. Colum |

    Just get a web bolt on or something.

    I have o2 simplicity which is basically pay and go only it comes out of my bank by direct debit each month. For £20/month, I get 1000 texts & 600mins to any network, plus unlimted web usage.

    This means I can sign onto msn, and stay signed onto it constantly, I can use google maps, youtube, email, bebo etc etc as much as I like. All this included for £20 is fantastic.

  94. Ravenwarrior! |

    I am thinking of getting the lite for my birthday cos it's cheap good looking and stylish. It seams to me that all the ones which r cutting off r coming from carphone so I might get mine from vodaphone and see wot happens. It looks like a good phone. Has anyone got it from vodafone ?? If so does it cut out?? If not I think carephone have had a faulty batch!! Thankx x

  95. Anonymous |

    do you get a screen cover when you buy it to stop it scratching when its in your pocket???

  96. sinead |

    hi i got mine on meteor in the carphone ware house in clarhall mine is grand i have it about 3 weeks now brillent

    and i would really recomend a phone bag to prtect the screen

    bye from sinead in ireland

  97. Anonymous |

    I have a LG Cookie, after a few weeks, about 3 or soo, the sound stopped working, if would play music but no sound, also if someone called you there was no sound as well. It is my birthday and christmas coming up and i am very interested in the tocco lite pink, it seems nearly the same but if you pay just a little more you get a better camera and a reliable brand.

  98. Anonymous |

    Hi defo want this phone as a replacement for a broken sony ericsson w595. i have a contract on 3. the only place i think you can get it unlocked is carphone warehouse? Does it break if you get it from there and how much is it to get it with no sim and unlocked?


  99. Kim |

    i was thinking about getting the tocco lite on virgin but the website said that it didnt have any games on it, does anyone have it on virgin? if so does it have any games on there? also does it have a flash coz i heard that it did but again the website said it didnt.
    could someone pls tell me if these are included
    kim x

  100. Anonymous |

    gettin the tocco lite on t-mobile nd has any1 had problems with it on that network?

  101. Anonymous |

    i love the phone!! but on a tesco tariff would it cut calls of ???

  102. Anonymous |

    The answer to most of your questions would be: Not all calls will get cut off it has nothing to do with Samsung's handset being faulty. It's the 02 network. So if you are on 02 and are planning to buy this, get it with a sim also, but on a different network.

    Hope this helped.

  103. Anonymous |

    as with previous comments im also having the same prob , i bought from carphone warehouse and im on o2 which seems to be the prob, i was told on another site to try going into MENU then APPLICATIONS then O2 then GET SETTINGS and see if that worked? worth a try?? other than that the phone is excellent but admittedly very VERY annoyed about this problem!

  104. Unknown |

    I was thinking of buying this phone in white, on vodafone network am i doing the right thing?

  105. Anonymous |

    Is the mp3 player good on the taco lite coz i lost my ipod nd i want to use the phone as an ipod aswell.Does it hold much songs?

  106. Bradley |

    I jut got this phone and to tell you the truth i felt bummbed!

    the screen nacked up 3 times

    (98 mb bult in)
    no memory card slot.

    i already had a cookie but tocco still beats the cookie.

    What did i like the easy to use this phone and great value for money but there are very big down sides

  107. Anonymous |

    Bradley, it does have a memory card slot. You have to open up the back and its behind the battery.

  108. cleo |

    Hi im buying this fone 2moz, but was wondering does it have a headfone port??

  109. Lisa |

    I got this phone 2 days ago, i love it,its a great mobile phone, i got the white one. The only thing that REALLY bugs me about the phone is that when u ring someone or someone rings u the phone automatically locks itself and u have to keep ur finger on the unlock button at the side to unlock it. Not very good if you press a button and ring someone by mistake cause by the time u unlock the screen, the person has already answered your call. Does anyone know how to change the settings so that when i wanna call or someone calls me, i dont have to unlock the screen??? please send me an email cause i wont be back on this site.

  110. Anonymous |

    everyones sayin about the calls.? it cuts you off or something well heres how to fix it

    for O2 users: Try going to Menu - Applications - O2 - Get Settings. Install the settings you are sent and reset the phone

    OR TRY

    go to settings, network settings and for network mode select GSM 900/1800

    hope this helps :]

  111. abigail |

    hello everyone i am thinking about getting a tocco lite but after being on this website i am sooooo confused!! everyone keeps saying that it is a rubbish phone so i am asking for tips about where to get it from what network etc..
    please help!!

  112. Anonymous |

    I have got this phone on o2 and it has never cut out during calls. (obviously i didnt buy it from the carphone warehouse- no way!) I bought it in pink from unlocked and i am really pleased with it; I did have to pay more for it (about £150). I also asked o2 to send me a new sim card (which was free). i was really wary about getting another tocco lite after having cut out problems with 3 others i got from carphone w, but a friend recommended me to mphone, and if there are any problems, you can return it and the phones come with a 2year warranty which is good so i didnt mind paying the extra, and was more confident in buying this phone. hope this helps others who want the phone on o2 :)

  113. Anonymous |

    I just got the Samsung Tocco lite Phone a few hours ago, and i am COMPLETELY in love with this phone! it seems to be the ebst touch screen phone ever. it has lots of internet tools and is great for tis price. you should deffinitly get this phone and im so glad i got it. the camera isnt great but its good all the same. other than that, no negatives atall. fabulous 5*

  114. Anonymous |

    RIGHT lets get this sorted everyone has heard about and is moaning about the o2/samsung screw-up with the software on the sim this is all it is!! GET ANOTHER SIM FROM O2 !!!
    The Tocco Lite is an amazing phone for the petty price of £82 with discount which you can only get from o2 btw, (( they give you the average you have toped up by over the last three months as discount)).
    Screen is easy to use although yes, it can need a bit of firmness from time to time, SO WHAT? FABULOUS PHONES..... And yes it does deff have a touch screen any idiot can see that! And NO it does not have a stylus pen!

  115. Anonymous |

    This phone isnt that good. The phone has a really light metallic colour. The batterie life isnt really good. The screensavers aint that nice. There is a big bar. The touch sence isnt really good. When i click on music it takes me to videos. Ive gave mine back but stupid carphone warehouse didnt take it back so im stuck with the stupid phone. Its a terrible phone i vote it 1.5 stars. I think next time i will buy a LG phone or a motorola phone instead of crap samsung and i think i will buy the phone from orange they might take the phone back if they dont i guess i will move to china!

  116. Unknown |

    Who ever said they wanted to use a stylus on it, dont. It may SCRATCH and you can see the scratch when the phone is switched on. It happened to my LG Cookie. The tocco lite is a great phone btw, very smart. It would be a shame to scratch it.

  117. Anonymous |

    hi evry one i have had the samsung toco lite phone for a couple of days now ver easy to use and very stylish if had no proplems with any of my calls so i dont think there is any tging wrong whith the phone i would recomend this phone to any it is the best phone i have ever had

  118. ant |


  119. Emma |

    I'm 11 years old and I realy want to get either the LG Cookie or the Samsung Tocco Lite. But ... i've not heard many good reviews about it. So I don't know whether to get it or not. My mum says she isn't wasting her money on something that'll break easily. Also i've just read previous posts and reviews and a lot of people are having the cutting out problem. (Is the cutting out during call problem Tocco Lite or LG Cookie?) I mean... I want a touch screen and I want internet and stuff but it had route finder and stupid stuff on it that I SOOO don't need. Which other phone can I get? All my friends have cool touchscreens and Tocco Lite and LG Cookie look realy cool but ... I guess if you download loadsa stuff on it then you get more problems? And I won't need to download harldly anything onto it ... ARGH! I don't know what to do. HELP! :L

  120. Anonymous |

    i bought this phone about a week ago from carphone warehouse. i bought it on vodaphone and was already unlocked for o2. havent had any problems with it, not even with the calls.

    its a great phone :D

  121. Anonymous |

    Its a really good phone! I'm gutted that I broke it at a gig :( the only bad thing is, that camera seriously needs a flash, if it has a flash, I would have rated it 5/5, but because it has no flash, its going to have to be 4/5.

  122. Anonymous |

    This Phone is a touchscreen phone i myself prefare this phone to the lg cookie i havnt had this phone or the samsung tocco lite but bothe my friends have these phones and the samsung is a much better phone althugh the lg cookie is easier to use does anyone know if this phone has a stylus for the touchscreen?

  123. poison_ivy |

    The Tocco Lite comes with a stylus but it's not on the phone but a separate accessory in the box.

  124. Anonymous |

    i am thinking of getting this phone for xmas,im not sure if i'll get this one or the LG KS360
    Please someone help+tell me which is a better phone!!+does a stylus come with this phone??

  125. Anonymous |

    I had this phone from carphone warehouse, im on an o2 pay montly sim only contract. After having this phone for a month it started doing the cutting out during calls problem and it doesnt happen when i put the vodaphone sim card in so its a firmware problem. Carphone warehouse wont do anything but constantly send it for repair its a joke. The phone itself is ok, but the vibrate on it is very weak. I tried the changing the o2 settings trick and it didnt work so looks like ive wasted £100. Avoid this phone if you are on o2.

  126. Anonymous |

    I'm getting the tocco for my birthday. I was a bit torn between the cookie and tocco but after reading all these reviews I decided to go with the tocco.I'm thinking of getting it on o2 but NOT through carphone warehouse. Will the calling glitch still be there or is it just on carphone?

  127. Anonymous |

    i recently purchased the tocco lite. it is exelent value for money. and yes it does have touchscreen. however i have had a few problems. 1st the unlocking button is sometimes unresponsive and i cannot get onto the phone when i want to
    2nd it is sometimes very slow and takes a while to respond
    and finally scrolling through songs and other things is difficult but that could be because i am not yet use to it.
    on the plus side it is alot more stylish than the lg cookie and the quality of the camera appears to be alot better.
    (i have owned both phones)

  128. sinead |

    no i strongly dont think that it is the carphone ware house, see;
    i got my phone in the car phone ware house the tocco is a brill phone i got it in augest and i still hav it now it is the best phone i have ever had
    i really do think that it is just the o2 network or the o2 sim card that doesnt work with this phone

    as i said its not the carphone ware house there ok its just the o2
    hope the is anygd info for anybody

  129. Anonymous |

    carn't wait to get a samsung s5230 tocco lite phone for christmas !!

    there so cool

  130. Anonymous |

    I have got this phone, and i think it is brilliant. Whoever is guna get this phone over the LG cookie, you should get it. Because it responds more than the cookie and the cookie is really slow. My friend has got one and when she goes to read a message it wont let you see the message until like 15 seconds later, but with the tocco lite, it will come up straight away. All this is my point of veiw but honestly it's a brilliant phone with all the applications and the widgets.

    Hope i helped. :)

  131. Anonymous |

    i have tocco lite on orange. cant get the ans phone symbol to dissapear. have no new messages on it.has any one else had the same prob or know how to get rid of it?

  132. Anonymous |

    I recently bought the tacco lite and was using it on 02. The calls were 'cutting out'. The problem is not the phone it is the 02 network. You have to change the 'network' settings and the problem will be solved. Since doing this the phone works fine.

  133. Anonymous |

    KS360[whoever asked]
    I've had my LG KS360 for the past year and recently its completely messed up; unfortunately because of o2s 1 year warranty they won't refund.Easy to use and was good while it lasted, as far as i've seen not as good as the Tocco although it depends on whether you want a Qwerty keypad or touchscreen. For both I'd advise buying a cover or some sort of water protection for the KS360.

    Is the Tocco still having issues with cut out? Even with using a new SIM card or just with old ones?
    Or is it to do with o2 not the SIM?


  134. Anonymous |

    Hello everyone,
    I would like some information about the tocco lite. Has the tocco lite got a stylus. what colour is the best?? and should i get the tocco lite or the lg cookiee?? Please help!! i need to know before xmas as im getting it then :) thanks x

  135. Anonymous |

    i am getting this phone for christmas but i'm worried thr bluetooth won't work.

  136. Toccolite Fansite |

    * * * * * Fansite * * * * *

    Tocco related offers plus accessories reviewed and best buys!

  137. Anonymous |

    i was stuck between the tocco lite and the cookie, but now im getting the tocco lite =D.
    my cousin is getting the cookie. i have done loads of research on them both and the tocco is way more stylish, has a better camera, is more responsive and has more widgets and overall is an easier phone to use. i would defentily get the samsung tocco lite hope this helps =]

  138. Anonymous |

    I have had this phone for just over a week, it is a nice looking phone and easy to use but it has some bugs in the software which cause lock up and cant do anything until the battery has been removed.

    #1. If the camera is set to video and the camera button is pressed it locks up.

    #2. If the alarm clock goes off and you press some strange button sequence (dont know what was half asleep at the time) it locks up.

    #3. The unlock gesture doesnt always work, I have it set to "E" most of the time it works, but after phone has been locked for > 24 hours it says unrecognized character. You have to press the unlock button to unlock then it all works again.

    #4. When in a call and wanting the keypad on screen to dial extra numbers i.e. for telephone bank, the keypad does not always appear, sometimes have to end the call and redial to get it to work.

    My smasung software NPS update says its version 1.1.2 ID3 and if I do an update device, it says device not supported.

  139. Unknown |

    Had my tocco lite for about a week now. Best phone ive ever had, easy to use and some great features. Did have trouble getting key pad on screen so i could use my voice mail etc. Totally my fault press and hold lock button on side of phone and all becomes clear. All in all great phone.

  140. Anonymous |

    hey can anyone help me i was going to get my laptop and stood on my phone and it is a tocco and i have cracked the screen, my brother bought it for my birthday however i dont want to tell him and i dont have receipt so could anyone help plz

  141. Anonymous |

    just got this phone i loved it but i had to charge it i charged it for 12 hours then i was putting contacts in and it just turned off and wont turn back on ?

  142. Anonymous |

    Well if I had to pick between the lf cookie and the samsung tocco lite , i would pick the samsung tocco. i went out tody and bought it and it is like so amazing. It is much better than the lg cokkie my cousins got the lf cokkie but she even thinks the samsung tocco lit is so much better. so if your stuck out of these two please pick the samsung tocco and get it out of the carphone warehouse :D

  143. Anonymous |

    i am thinking of buying the tocco lite on Tesco mobile as it is cheeper than any where else £69.79. does any1 have it on this network? does it work on Yesco mobile? plz write bk

  144. Anonymous |

    I am on the brink of buying the tocco light and I was going to get it on O2 but I have heard that it goes dodgy and cuts it off. What other network would anyone reccommend. I live in North Yorkshire.

  145. Anonymous |

    I've just got the tocco lite for christmas but whenever i try signing into anything on the internet such as hotmail it just refreshes the login page and wont let me sign in. I took it to the o2 shop and they took the over 18 lock off it but that did not solve the problem, i've also rang o2 and they said they could not help as i am on pay as you go but they sent me settings still doesn't work!! Does anyone know what to do to make it work? I'd be really grateful for some help lol, cheers!

  146. poison_ivy |

    @ last ANONYMOUS: Try downloading Opera mini by going to on your browser. You not being able to sign in might be a browser issue on the Tocco's side. The Opera Mini browser should be able to handle sites like hotmail. Unless of course you're not able to go to ANY site in that case, your internet settings might be the problem.

  147. Anonymous |

    it is an awful phone. get a nokia 5800 instead

  148. Anonymous |

    Im thinking of getting this one its cool...

  149. Anonymous |

    I got this phone 2 months ago in carphone warehouse on o2 and have not experienced the calls cutting off, maybe you just got given a duff phone :/

  150. Anonymous |

    Anyone who has the problem with the cutting off during calls on O2 it was a firmware problem and I dont think any of the newer ones have the problem. After taking mine back to get repaired for the third time carephone warehouse finally upgraded the firmware and now after 6 months I can finally enjoy a phone call with no cutting off!

  151. Anonymous |

    hi , please can sumone help me ... =)

    i hve the samsung tocco lite from July 2009 and it was absloutely an AWSUMM FONE. but yesterday it got a drop of water spilt on it and now two of the buttons dont work and i am sooo upset plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz sumone help meeee i feel lyk crying coz i love this fone to bits and ppl who hve this fone can you plz tell me wat to du nowww asap =( xx thnks youuu

  152. Anonymous |

    What games can u put on the samsung tocco lite?
    The phone is definitly touch screen its the best phone in the world except iphone!!!!

  153. Anonymous |

    Samsung Tocco Rocks
    I reccomend this phone to any1 thats awesome!!
    Luv y

  154. Anonymous |

    Hi, I have had the tocco lite for about 3 mnths now and yes i am on 02.. but... i have never had a call cutting out on me, saying that i didnt buy it from the carphone ware house but direct from 02.
    The problem i have is that i have now got a bluetooth headset, when i connect the phone to it the screen just shows 'bluetooth connected' and i cant use the screen to call out or anything!! whats that all about??? has anyone else had this problem or is it just me? Also, it keeps turning off and on again, sometimes its just if i take it out of my pocket and put it on the table so its not like im dropping it?!?!? any ideas???

  155. poison_ivy |

    @Anonymous, January 8: You should take it back to where you got it from and see if they can fix it. Of course, it's not covered by the warranty so expect to pay for the costs.

    @Anonymous, January 9: Try search for "Java games" That should work for the Tocco Lite. Some websites are offering free java games from your mobile phones.

    @Anonymous, January 10: What kind of Bluetooth headset are you using? Maybe it's not compatible.

  156. Anonymous |

    this fone is a brilliant fone but its annoying it beats my old sony erricson k750i on features but that sony ericsson was quality it was brilliant this one just cant do that !!!

  157. Anonymous |

    hiya, was thinking of buying this phone just on the handset cuz i wana keep my old number, but i have a 02 sim card n was wondering if its just going on pay as you go that causes the phone to cut off or if i put in my old o2 sim it would do the same too? if anyone knows please let me no or if u have advice on a better phone, cuz i really relay on my calls since boyfriends in the army...

  158. Anonymous |

    Hi, I have the earpeice type bluetooth, says its compatable but its not having it, bought one of them 'plug in to cigarette lighter speaker type bluetooth' now and its working fine with that! very odd! lol

    To Anon Jan 18th: I too am on 02 payg and like i said in my previous note i have had no problems whatsoever with making or recieving calls no cutting out or anything, i got mine from an 02 shop and i seems that most of the ones that are not working properly were from carphone warehouse... maybe just a few dodgy batches??? Hope this helps :o)

  159. Anonymous |

    I have just purchased a samsung s5230 from carphone warehouse, but have now changed it three times, and have had the same problem with them all. i.e the battery will only last about 10 hours switched on but being used from a full charge of 8 hrs, carphone warehouse refuse to give me a refund or the option to change to a different model, saying that I am the only one having this problem out of all the s5230 phones sold. Is there anyone else out there that is having this problem with the s5230.

  160. Anonymous |

    The battery life on my Tocco Lite is not great either, though not as bad as the last comment; I don't use the phone a great deal, maybe half an hour a day max, but it still needs charging every couple of days.

  161. Anonymous |

    Hi, I'm thinking of getting this phone but I've read all the comments about calls cutting out if you buy it on the o2 network from carphone warehouse. I was just wondering, will this happen if i buy it from an actual o2 shop?

  162. Unknown |

    I too am thinking of buying a Tocco lite and I was browsing around to check the pros and cons then I got onto this page.
    The problem of the line cutting off every now and then got me worried since this happen exclusively to O2 users and I am one of them...
    Found this info to solve the problem:

    - Go to menu
    - then application
    - then O2
    - then Get settings

    - install the settings you will be sent
    - restart your phone

    I do not know what it's worth since I didn't get my phone yet but I've made a note of it just in case...

  163. Anonymous |

    hi i have the lg ks360 on o2 and have the problem with not being able to make calls as other person cannot hear me, plus it constantly freezes and turns itself of so looking at getting this phone, however is problems are due to firmware issue is this on the sim card? i wanted to just put my old sim card in this phone but if i do this will the problems continue? very very annoying as have had firmware update twice due through warranty which has now run out and still not working! any advice much appreciated :)

  164. Ash |


    I've the same problem as some others, as it cuts off or goes silent in the middle of the conversation.

    Any Ideas ??

  165. Unknown |

    How do i override having to press the hold button during a call to use the keypad.? As this is a nightmare when you have a number option to press when asked.

  166. Anonymous |

    I have the same problem. When you dial an 1-800 number from address book or call log and you get a prompt to enter further numbers, you need the key pad but the key pad will not appear unless you press and hold the HOLD KEY. Then you need to press the keypad icon to get the keypad. This is an extra step and takes time and you may time out to enter the response especially if you are using the calling cards.

  167. Anonymous |

    hi i am getting an upgrade and i have nailed my choices down to 2 the tocco lite or the genio my contract is with o2 and iv read the probs wiv it any ideas please reply

  168. Anonymous |

    I had the same prob wiv my tocco on virgin but it soon sorted itself out overall wicked fone xx

  169. Anonymous |

    I recently left my phone into carphonewarehouse as my touchscreen had stopped working, they replaced the screen and it's working great now. Although i now have another problem; since i have got it back i can't get any network at all. it just says failed! I have tried to get network connection from different areas and nothing works. What should i do, please help!

  170. michaelan |

    My 9 month old Tocco Lite has started to switch off frequently, will not switch on at all now. Anyone had the same problem?

  171. Anonymous |

    Reeaally bad phone. Dont recommend. Poor touch screen. turns itself off and i have only had it 6 months! AWFUL PHONE. the only thing good about it is the battery life.

  172. Anonymous |

    I've had this phone for four months now and it is still great! I love the widgets and all the different options, and the camera is great! The touch screen is extremely responsive and it's extremely easy to type messages! I've found that the music, with earphones, is good but without earphones it can become quite tinny sounding :/ I adore the photo contacts app and the organiser is super! I love all the little apps which you get with the phone and the bluetooth is really responsive. From what I've seen, problems seem to be happening with phones bought from the carphone warehouse on O2?! so I'd stay clear of them, tesco mobile's good with the triple credit deal on pay as you go (what I'm on) The internet can be a bit slow but it is copable. The smart unlock blew me away (previously I'd had an ancient phone) and all the different call settings and security is really secure! There's even things to change if you're left or right handed for easy access! If I were you, I'd definitely get this phone; I'm not too sure of the prices now but when I got mine it was only £40 and with all the features it is definitely worth buying!

  173. Anonymous |

    i got this phone at the end of january and when i bash it off something depending how hard it is, it will reset its self and when the battery is low, if its turned off it turns on to tell me its low, it got to the point where i took my battery out cos it was annoying me at school. now i dropped it about 10cm from the floor today and it reset itself then turned back off, it took me 5 minutes to get it to work, it did this 2 weeks ago and it took me 1 hour to get it to work. i bashed it off the wall earlier and now it wont stay on without plugging it in. its starting to annoy me now cos i dont have a phone now

  174. Anonymous |

    at first when i got this phone 7 months ago i thought it was a good phone, it was the best phone id had, tbh it still is the best ive had compared to the other ones ive had in a way but it would restart itself when i bashed it or something, i had problems with it turning off at onepoint so i sent it off to get fixed, the problem was fixed and the phone was returned within a week. now it comes up with messages like incorrect character when i touch the screen when its locked and calls people by itself, it doesnt turn off itself anymore evenw when i dropped it on the floor in a street today it still stayed on but with the faults on the phone that i am having i reccoment you to buy something else, its not worth bothering with.

  175. Anonymous |

    got this fone last week from carphone warehouse £59.95....brilliant, knocks my D900i into a cocked hat, its defo the mutts nuts, luv all the features does wot it says on the tin & gess wot its on O2 no probs so far luv the shake feature to turn to landscape xlnt....BUY IT ITS BRILL


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