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Apple sells 1 million iPhone 3G S


Written on 6/22/2009 03:14:00 PM by poison_ivy

According to Apple, they have sold 1 million iPhone 3G S since Sunday, June 21st. Although that's faster than the first iPhone which took 74 days before Apple could claim that it sold over 1 million iPhones, it's slower than the iPhone 3G which only took 3 days before it sold 1 million units.

Of course, the first iPhone doesn't have the luxury of being sold in over 21 countries and I don't know whether that's the same with the iPhone 3G S although I know that we're only a day late before it was launched in the US, but still, I don't know whether this is an indication that Apple is losing its steam or not too many people were gullible enough to spend another hundred or so quid just to get the same looking phone. Still, it's pretty impressive. Congratulations.

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