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Nokia dying a slow death?


Written on 7/16/2009 03:30:00 PM by poison_ivy

I must admit, the reviews of the Nokia N97 are less than stellar. I was really hoping that the preproduction model I've seen would undergo some major UI changes but it seems that Nokia stuck with the old Symbian OS which frankly, pales in comparison compared with its competition.

So the results of the less than stellar performance of the N97? A 66 percent drop in the second quarter profits of the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer, prompting it to lower their 2009 market share target for its mobile phones.

Of course the drop doesn't necessarily mean that Nokia is dying, the company just opted to be on the conservative side and instead of forecasting a rise in their profits this year, played it safe by saying this year's profit would be at par with last year. Because of this, Nokia's shares lowered on Thursday.

Competition is really tough for Nokia considering the aggressive marketing and pricing of Samsung Mobile Phones. Currently, the unlocked price of the Samsung i8910 HD is lower than the Nokia N97 with the former bringing to the table HD recording and a huge AMOLED screen while the latter--well, a QWERTY keyboard. Although both devices run S60, Samsung went a step further by adding their TouchWiz interface.

With Samsung's current strategy, I think it would only be a matter of time until the Korean mobile phone manufacturer topples the world's no.1 mobile phone manufacturer.

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