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Nokia N97 Bugs, Issues and Problems


Written on 7/04/2009 09:49:00 AM by poison_ivy

After having a look at a pre-release model of the Nokia N97 (you can check the review by visiting the link), I thought I might have a go at Symbian again and purchase my own N97. I mean, it's been a while since I've had a symbian phone and honestly, I miss the numbing simplicity of Symbian.

Of course, since what I've first seen is a pre-release version, I can't exactly base my next purchase on that phone I've seen so like any other good consumer, I scoured the net for N97 user reviews. At howardforums, they have an official thread of Nokia N97 bugs, issues and problems. Most common issues include the phone bricking after installing some apps...Not a good sign. There are like, 38 pages of issues, I know that most of the conversation doesn't revolve around the N97's bugs but as I browsed through them, it seems like hardware buttons and bricking are the most common problems.

Not a good sign. I'm being turned off as I read through the thread. On the other hand, I always buy my Nokia phones with a warranty so if any of these issues happen, I could always return mine. Anybody else have bugs and issues on their N97?

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  1. Unknown |

    i have an issue with my nokia N97. loose part noise (when i shake the phone). any ideas. HELP!!!

  2. Unknown |

    Hi, I had the n97 for a week now, and I have to say that is an awesome phone, and I had the n95 8gb before which it has pretty good standards.
    There are quite a few bug on the n97 unfortunately like:
    1.- the know issue of the back light of the screen
    2.- it freezes some times
    3.- signal reception is week comparing with n95 8gb.
    4.- compatibility with backward applications.
    5.- some time is still in silent although profile its been changed to general.
    6.- Internet browsing its ok but not brilliant ( some times pages doesn't load.)

    And that are some issues I have found, but I am pretty sure nokia will fix this in the future (I hope soon). As the Iphone firt time it came out to the market it was a mess and apparently it is ok now.

    Considering nokia as one of the strongest Mobile company they should fix this ASAP as there are other brands doing very competitive phones. Hurry up Nokia!!!!.

  3. Unknown |

    Hi I am back.
    After some research on the net, I found that the problems that the n97 is having is hardware base, as the little phone memory that gets fill up.
    By freeing up phone memory, some of the issues can be resolved. Of course that after wards you have to keep an eye on the phone memory, which is annoying.
    Unfortunately there is nothing else it can be done, as I said before is a hardware problem.(Don't understand why nokia was so cheap in such a expensive handset.)

  4. SSK |

    Eversince i bought my NOkia N 97 , i thought life would be easy ......quote the oppposit e, its more complex now ...thanks to Symbian new version and nokia's upstart attempt at touch phones .....this is defintely NOT a business phone , its a gadget you can play with and keep playing .....
    It does not deliver what it promises ( or lets say what the ads promise )
    I was a great nokia fan so far ( even switched back from a motorola Razor V back to nokia ) , but i guess Nokia just lost one big ( expensive ) fan .....and boy am i going all over town with this ......wait till Nokia hears about it .
    Nokia N 97 can be explained in two simples words ;; IT SUCKS>..

  5. Anonymous |

    I'm also very disappointed with my N97 - the signal quality often drops/sound becomes quiet, its UI is very buggy and I often find it hard just to answer an incoming call with the touchscreen before it goes to voicemail! Even the alarm is buggy - it goes off anywhere between 1 minute and 5-minutes after its due. With the signal and usability issues I feel I need to rely on my N95 for more professional calls.

  6. Bag Kertas |

    the phone keeps warning the phone memory is full, i have deleted almost everything from the tiny phone memory but the problem persists. It's annoying and at some extend, it blocks other applications to work. can someone helps me

  7. Anonymous |


  8. Anonymous |

    I have had an n97 since launch and have gradually grown more and more disappointed. Once my 18month contract is up, the Android platform should have matured enough and that's where I will head next.

  9. Unknown |


    After reading what you have all posted, I wondered if any of you would be able to help with mi N97 problem, What it is, is i'm having problems with the text messages, i'm ok sending them but receiving them is the problem, I only seem to get them when I either send a text message after sending the previous message or when I turn the phone off then on again, now these messages dont come instimatically like they should do, has anyone experienced this or any wors of advice?? My network provider (Orange UK) has sent me an update and after followin their instructions, it hasnt helped

  10. Unknown |

    after i select a song to play as my ring tone the song only plays when the phone is unlocked. while it is locked it plays nokia tune instead.

  11. Hernan |

    In response to barsuk_alex, I had the same problem, I managed to get a fix and posted it here -->

  12. Anonymous |

    I had a problem with the lense on my n97. The "protective" slider made scratches on the camera lense making the photos blurry at the left side when I used the flash. Do a google search for "n97 scratched lense" to get more info about this.

  13. Anonymous |

    I reallly pissed offf! my N97 went off... and it isnt turning on again. i thought it was a battery problem .. but it isnt.. two days ago.. my phone turned warm.. then the battery went off.. now it isnt turning on..!

  14. Nmufti |

    I was thinking of buying n97 contract but i think its better not to go for it. So WHY THEY ARE STILL SELLING IT IN MARKET??

  15. Anonymous |


  16. Anonymous |

    Yeah, I went to my local o2 store who confirmed they are not doing the N97 and Orange are set to dis-continue the N97 too due to too many problems. The Nokia N900 looks good and that is set to launch next month in the UK I think. Will the N900 suffer from teething problems also?

  17. sheena |

    my n97 has seemed to grown a crack in the bottom of the screen and overnight it has grown!!! has anybody else had the same problem? now the red and green button dont seem to work! i don't no what to do!

  18. Len |

    I had the Nokia phone for 5 weeks before I had to take it back. Initially, the phone was a dream, but my inability to sort out the issue of which memory to use to install got the phone to close to 2MB on the phone memory while the memory of the phone was still over 30GB. I cannot seem to find a solution of telling it to install from the extended memory.
    The phone freezes often, and it has a tendency to refuse to adjust the screen to the way I am viewing it (panorama or standard view).
    When the firmware upgrade was available, I tried it out and that is when the phone bombed out. It froze for more than an hour and when I finally disconnected it, it would not come on. I took the phone back, and it seems the service provider has ordered replcament phones, which indicate that they could not fix the problem. I was almost sold to Nokia, but now, no more Nokia. I have the Navigator which has problems with GPS that never come on, asks me to make a u-turn on the motorway, etc.
    No more Nokia ever again.

  19. Len |

    Ever try answering the N97? It seems whenever it rings, the phone locks and there is absolutely nothing you can do to answer the phone. It has cost me lots of money as I have had to call people back.
    Simply not acceptable for such an expensive phone

  20. Steve |

    I've had my N97 from day 1, really enjoying it, no problems what so ever. SUggest you visit and check it out.

  21. Anonymous |

    well today i bougth the n97. the funny thing is, when i got home i tried to turn it on but the stupid thing doesn't do anything!!! it just doesn't turn on. its not the battery because it allready should have some power from the factory. and after an hour on the charger is still doesn' do anything. so tomorrow i think ill go back to the store for an explanation or a new n97

  22. Unknown |

    I drop my n97 from 40cm hight my battery and back mask devided from phone, now every time when i try to turn it on it only showes NOKIA and than blocks everything i cannot eaven turn it off, to do that i must devide battery from my cel. Please help...

  23. Unknown |

    i drop my n97 and battery and back mask separated from my cell, now every time when i try to turn it on it only showes NOKIA and than my cel blocks everything i cant eaven turn it off to do that i must pull battery out.
    What should i do PLEASE HELP

  24. Anonymous |

    I bought an N97 3 weeks ago. It had multiple problems - when I tried to activate the loudspeaker it disconnected the call, as soon as the screenlight turns off I could not activate it by touching the screen (had to lock and then unlock)and multiple other gremlins. Occasionally it would freeze and I had to turn off the reboot. basically it was like a computer produced late on Friday afetrnoon! So I took it back and the shop swapped it over for a new handset. That handset also had multiple problems so I returned that a week later and they gave me the TJURD handset. Well guess what? Everything was oing fine till I had to turn it off to catch a flight. When i arrived the phone wouldn;t turn on. And never has since. So I'll be back to the shop this week and I think I'll try an iphone this time. It seems they have rushed a good idea to market before it was ready.

  25. tmark231 |


  26. Anonymous |

    Had my N97 for 5 days and i must say it's not suprised me at all at how bad the phone is, it has all the features first introduced in the n91 and it appears it has all it's faults too, slow sysem response, poor internet, inability to view pictures from it's hard drive (as it keeps forgetting it has a hard drive) and nokia now seems to have had the good idea of stopping you from transfering your contacts off via bluetooth (unless you have another nokia of course, at which you can use their "wonderfull" system sync software which doesn't work either)i used to be a fan of nokia, now i think i'll wait the contact out on this pathetic phone and then go back to my trusted sony ericssons, 4 nokia's 3 faulty handsets, 4 ericssons, 4 problem free handsets

  27. Anonymous |

    i have had nokia phones since they came out, and never had a problem with them except this one. I have had the phone for a little over 2 months, the back plate design is terrible, it always feels like its going to break, slow to turn on, slow to go from panoramic view to normal. That is fine i can deal with that but i woke up this morning and pressed snooze once and the thing turned off and would not start up again, took it back today and they are fixing it under warranty and i get a crap hire phone that doesnt even have a camera....its going to take 2 weeks to get back to me and made me late for work....annoyed....not to sure about nokia at this stage see what happens when i get it back.

  28. Unknown |

    Had this phone for 3 months now. Very disapointed. Memory often runs full. Soft reboots when using maps. Very very buggy user interface, somtimes not very responsive. I could go one and on. Stay away from this phone until Nokia fix the problems, if they can.

  29. Unknown |

    I gt my first N97 7 weeks ago now from vodafone and Im up to my 6th replacement handset. All replacements are straight out a a box. Nothing but problems. Freezing, cant answere calls, blacks out, doesn't charge of car charger, cant use real tones as ring tones. Plus other problems that just make life hard... STAY CLEAR OF THE N97...

  30. Anonymous |

    Had my phone 2 weeks now. What a pile of poo, keeps freezing, not moving past the loading part of a page, AccuWeather hasn't worked since the fist day, memory keeps saying it's full when there is nothing on there, slow to start up from the off postion. Getting a new one from vodafone tomorrow. I didn't want one, they can keep it just want rid of it.

  31. Unknown |

    I have Nokia N97 and it wont work with PC Suite when I try to update contacts on the PC it keeps telling me to restart the application. I do that & it still wot update them. Answering calls is a nightmare too, its a rubbish phone & Nokia should replace all these with working up to date phones for nothing. Customers deserve better treatment & NOKIA reputation is going down the tubes, Vodafone & all the other networks should stop selling rubbish to their customers.

  32. Unknown |

    The Nokia N97 is pure shite, it does not work with PC Suite properly, you can NOT update the contacts on your PC. Its a nightmare to navigate the web with, NOKIAs reputation is going down the tubes. They should replace this piece of shit free of charge to all the customers they duped into buying it.

  33. Anonymous |

    The Nokia N97 is a pure SHITE phone

  34. Anonymous |

    I have an N97 & it is the most useless phone I have ever purchased, it wont work with PC Suite when you update your contacts on the PC. Nokia should refund all the customers they sold this piece of thrash to. As useless as an ash tray on a motorcycle.

  35. Anonymous |

    I have a Nokia N97 and I'm VERY disappointed. Nokia made promises and came out with a useless device. It's firmware software is FULL of bugs, it's extremely slow, freezes, Skype is still not included but they said that the Nokia N97 will be shipped with Skype. The worst thing is that Nokia lied and lies about the N97. What they do is simply not telling the truth about their buggy device. I am very disappointed. I've always had Nokia phones, but I'm sure this is my last Nokia phone. Bugs and lies - this is what you can get from Nokia. If you planned to buy an N97, forget it. It sounds great what Nokia tells about the device, but the device is useless.

  36. Anonymous |

    to be honest, nokia have ripped off every single person with this, ive had so many problems but i just forgot about it and carried on as i cudnt be assed to get it fixed, now suddenly the music decides to stop playing, well it says its playing but you cant change the sound and there is a new icon like it is playing somewhere else, i thought maybe through a bluetooth sterio but i turned off bluetooth and my battery just keeps dieing so quick, i hate this stupid phone i cant even get the updates either! NEVER GETTING NOKIA AGAIN!!

  37. Tim |

    I have an issue with my N97 also, when I'm trying to make a phone call or text message occasionally the camera swithes itself on, the lens cover is firmly closed but the phone doesn't seem to recognise this, anyone got any ideas?

  38. dr. osama |

    hi friends,
    the same problems happen with me
    and also delete all things & save others but in message open inbox &in horizontal bar there is topics
    touch it until reach to templates all data saved there you can delete or save in mass memory or in memory card
    you can check phone memory you find it more free spaces

  39. Anonymous |

    hi friends, p/z, ive n97 but some problems meet me but i tray to solve it ,aproblem occur when open realplayer give me general system error & video not play, why i dont no, what is the soluation for this problem? thank you

  40. Unknown |

    Had my n97 3 days sorted the few bugs i've come across. when memory full comes up you need to go to phone management and swap the memory locations to mass memory. after upgrade has worked fine no problems. great phone.

  41. Anonymous |

    This is definitely the WORST phone ever released.

    List of problems I have encountered with my Nokia N97:

    * Web closes down on it's own
    * Web sh*ts itself as soon as multiple windows open.

    * Loudspeaker is terrible and person I call cannot hear me AT ALL.

    * It has now stopped making calls (shows as calling, but it actually isnt)

    * I can though receive calls, however once I hang up, it still shows the person as calling! and freezes on this screen.

    * It has now stopped loading web pages

    * General glitches:

    Keypad lock: Screen remains locked, even when you try and unlock.

    - Main screen (wallpaper with apps) no longer scrolls across.

    - Signal reception is worse than my 1971 Nokia 3210.




    Nokia N97 score: 0 / 10

  42. stebobby13 |

    first thing that went wrong for me was when i unlocked my phone the light would not come on so i had to lock my phone again and unlock it for it to activate....

    My 2nd prob seems also to be another common fault/or prob i need help keeps coming up memory full and i really dont think there is anything else i can delete...please help as im stressed and my phone will have to learn how to fly and swim very quick!!!.
    Thanks guys

  43. stebobby13 |

    can someone please please help on the issue with the memory. it keeps flashing up memory low delete or move memory...ive deleted so much stuff and cant move anything at a loss

  44. Anonymous |

    i have had this phone two months and had all the above problems i find there are many more such as phonecalls and text not being recieved until phone powered down and up . . Luckily the phone will freeze within day or so forcing u to power down.!the worst prob is the camera lens cover somehow got one or two tiny grains of sand under and totally scratched the lens. love and hate this phone the n95 had its problems but never let me down . . This phone is like an unfaithfull supermodel girlfriend.i would not reccomend this phone to anybody with short tempers or low patience

  45. Anonymous |

    Had the n97 for a few weeks now and i love the size and feel of it but the bugs in the software are driving me mad it closes web pages when browsing the charging bar indicator tells me its charging when not plugged in and all 3 off the charger adapters don’t work unless i hold them in why have they changed the charger again

  46. Daham |

    Worst phone I ever had. The last straw is that the phone refused to start and remain at nokia screen and locked there. To switch off have to remove battery and remain dead. Please help owned this phone for 3 months with dozens of other problems.

  47. Anonymous |





  48. Anonymous |


  49. Anonymous |

    the only problem ive had with mine is that sometimes the phone played the wrong ringtone to the one that i have set.....annoying but not tht bad

  50. Anonymous |

    ive had my n97 for about 3-4 weeks on contract and the profil is sayin its on offline but when i try to put it back to general it says insert sim card when its alrready in any know why this is?

  51. Daham |

    Try taking out your sim card. Clean it (the contact)with a clean cloth and put it back and boot it. Normally it worked.

  52. masba |

    I have my N97 for a week now.
    It is a phone designed back in 70's. Full of bugs.
    1. Photo viewer could find photos in external memory
    2. hang all the time. Had to off-on 5/6 times in 2 hours
    3. Photos just taken do not appear in Photo viewer
    4. Music player cannot play at random
    5. Answering a call can cause one to have heart attack.
    6. cannot use scroll to the next item when viewing ( from File Manage.
    7. the list goes on...

    I have been Nokia fan since the early Nokia 101. Been buying Nokia for all family members. N97 will be my last. Can never trust this kind of company anymore.

    Will Nokia refund my money for getting me to buy a phone it says so much good about? It cost me so much money I could buy 2 netbooks, and what I get (and stuck with it) is a lousy and useless phone.

    Dear Nokia, please contact me for explanation, you owe me one, if not to others who have been equally cheated. My email is

  53. editor |

    I've had this phone for about 10 weeks and love it - mainly because of what I use it for - i.e. watching business training videos. Bought it for the huge (32GB on board memory +16gb on card). Had all the problems people are talking about until I deleted a host of programs it came with. Also disabled the Clock Alarm which tends to freeze the phone until you remove the battery. Also Nokia site says it works with Windows 2000, It doesn't!. Now phone generally works fine. Was looking forward to the v20 update but now wont touch it with a bargepole - hope Nokia is able to come out with a fix that actually works.

  54. Anonymous |

    memory problems are known on nokias i had n95 8gb, 5800 and now n97 whan say you have not enought memory just delete some of your message or clear calls and turn off and on your phone and it will be OK :) works for me but alarm is bugged and i have nokia logo on screen after chargind for 1h maybe 2 but than disapear :) that is all i can find for now :) and batery is little wormer just cool it :) easy remove batery for 5-10 min and will be fine :) try to charge it all night 1 time at least :) n97 is awsom and don't worry it's still new phone and softwere will come new and will be better :)

  55. Justo |

    I bought my Nokia n97 on contract 5 weeks ago. Three weeks ago I took it back because of memory and application problems and it was replaced with another new n97. This one is even worse - the screen constantly freezes after taking a call, there is a rattle in the phone, applications like GPS and facebook do not work. I'm taking this one back and claiming breach of contract. Never buying another nokia, worst phone EVER! You wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy.

  56. Anonymous |

    This phone takes too much stick for my liking, without looking at the thing wrong theres so many thing right about it. I think its an awesome phone and most people are impatient with it. My unlock flicker things get stuck sometimes and the alarms a bit off by a minute or two, but im willing to overlook this for what u get out of the phone overall. The ovi maps with "tomtom" capability is sick!! and as far as memory goes..... some ppl are saying small - who the hl needs more than 32gig on a phone. Just give the phone a break!!

  57. Unknown |

    I completelt agree, the NOKIA N97 (after 6 month s) is a PIECE OF CRAP..terrible.

    Crashes,resets, drops call, terrible connection, teriible call quality, hand free bad, terrible!!

  58. Unknown |

    Waa waa, boo hoo - what a whiney bunch of posts. Sure the N97 has many bugs but so did the iphone when it was first released, if you didn't want to get a cutting edge phone with the risk of some things not working immediately, why did you bother getting it in the first place?!

  59. Moe |

    It's peace of crap,
    i bought the N97 15 days ago, and i'm willing to sell it in cheap price as it is not recommended in the market which i just noticed unfortunately, but i took the rock in the ass.

    Never trust N97...
    the first 2 days it freezed and i restarted the mobile to make calls.
    plus, it has very bad coorespondance in the movement on the screen.
    the touch screen is just a peace of (Sh*T).

    I highly recommend IPhone as it will be the top of all mobile phones. (Touch screen based)

  60. Anonymous |


  61. Rich |

    Has anyone else had their unlock key come off. I now hate my N97, I was excited to get it but it seems to cost more and more and at the moment I am without a phone. It is the most rediculous phone i've ever had.

  62. Anonymous |

    At Last someone else who had lock button drop off, I have had the offer of a claim on insurance or a N97 mini, any thoughts?

    Is there a simple way of freeing up memory

  63. Unknown |

    Is there a different model selling in Australia??
    My N97 had a slow response to answering calls from being locked but it seems turning off Wireless LAN scanning & stopping the scrolling photos for the wallpaper sped that up.
    Phone is otherwise fine, it syncs with Outlook immediately on connection.

    Linsay - Brisbane Autralia

  64. Anonymous |

    Im on my second Nokia N97 and because the 1st one the touch screen stopped working i couldnt even answer a call or open a txt message!
    Now my second handset is starting to do the same thing again! what is happening with these buggy N97s with crap internal memory and buggy home screen1 and dodgy touch screen! i demand a recall!

  65. maria |

    Omg....I m desapired....after 1 month my touch screen is not working,and when I choose aplications (for example),then open me something else...HEEEELP PLEASE

  66. Anonymous |

    After 4-5 months with my N97, i wouldnt advise anybody to get 1!!

    Im now awaiting delivery of my 4th handset due to problems with the previous 3.

    1st phones headphone socket was faulty and i got sound in one ear (both if i turned it constantly) and the message icon didnt disappear after all messages were read.

    2nd phone crashed and basically wiped itself out after updating the software to the verion 2.0, it was sent to a local Nokia repair centre who deemed it unfixable and sent it away to Nokia who sent me a new handset.

    3rd phone was going fine, i had 1070 songs on it, took plenty pictures, then afetr switching it off one night, it crashed like the 3rd phone and has gone through the repair process again, ive been told that, again, it is finished and i will be recieving a new handset!!!!

    I have lost contact details, pictures, money in my tariff and ive also had to buy a new phone to use as a back-up. Yes i should have backed up contacts and things, but id never in a million years think id be on a phone a month!!!!

    First time ive had a Nokia, its the last. I will be getting an iPhone.

  67. Anonymous |

    i ended up here from google but nevertheless....Nokia N97 sucks...mine keeps on hanging atleast half of the day, the phone rings but the touch screens doesnt respond so i can answer...full of crap for 650USD...i was a nokia fan but now iam a nokia hater...asholes

  68. Raymond Currey (New Zealand) |

    Looks like everyone is a bit dissapointed in the N97's. And fair enough too. I'm on my second N97 within 2 weeks. First one the GPS just stopped working, even went out in a paddock for half an hour but no luck. reset the phone by removing the battery and then it wouldn't restart. They replaced the phone and now the second one, the lock key has broken off by sliding the phone into the stupid pouch they give us in the packs. Nokia should seriously fix this phone as the main problems are caused by a lack of system memory. 32Gig is great for music but doesn't help the phone run does it? NO! Pile of crap!!!!!!

  69. Anonymous |

    I got My N97 here is Canada. OMG I swear worst phone ever. Random restarts so much. I even cannot talk to anybody with peace.

  70. Lucky |

    Hello. What new can I write here... My phone is often even working. The main things that bother me are the following:

    - Locking when receiving a call. Call cannot be finished, phone must be restarted.
    - Memory issues: Always I have to delete SMS messages. I set the storage for SMS messages on D:, but every time I connect the USB cable it switches (and stays) on C:.
    - Pictures taken with flash are blurry, since the flash is somehow reflecting into the lense.
    - Usually rings with selecet melody, but often with nokia tune.
    - Once it heated up and emptyed the battery totally.
    - Sometimes it switches the theme to nokia basic theme for no apparent reason.
    - Horrible signal reception. If I'm having it in my pocket I'm mostly unavailable. This one is bugging me the most.
    - Sometimes it locks up to such a degree, that I have to remove the battery to restart it.

    Otherwise it is a nice phone with great display and touchscreen, but I'm sorry that I bought it. I had Nokias from 5110, 3310, 6310i, 6100, 6230i, 6233, N95 8GB and finally N97... I was never cheap on the phones and I love N97 functionality, but with so much errors, I would be most happy if Nokia would take back the phones and give us something else. But I guess, this will not happen. I will wait couple of months more, but if the solution won't come, I will be forced to cheaply sell this phone and buy myself something else. I hope that people at Nokia are reading this.

  71. Anonymous |

    Yes i am using nokia n97 too.Its is full of bugs and problems...
    I wish i bought an apple IPhone.
    Posting on nokia forums about ure problems wont help since the ydont care to repply to you anything.Nokia should say sorry for all the problems it made with this phone and let us swap them for a new ones.Since Cannon did it with their buggy camera i think nokia should do it too.but nokia is not taking its consumers seriously and they aint a serious company after all.

  72. Anonymous |


  73. Mariam |

    I have the same problem as Masba, specially the photo issue! I cant see or find any photos or videos i have taken in the past week. please someone help, there were tons of imp videos of my son's 3 rd birthday and its killing me :(

  74. Anonymous |

    is anyone having an issue with reciving textes. had the phone for 4 months now and havnt experianced any of the mentioned issues however since yesterday it has been reciving textes that i should of recived hours and even upto a day ago and multipule of the same messages :s it rather homo!.
    and yes i do use my phone regulary its an n97 with 3.2 gig of pictures and 17.9 gig of music. i sent 5583 textes last month and made 4492 calls. is it jst me or dose anyone else have this issue?

  75. poison_ivy |

    @Meriam. Do you have a memory card installed? Try searching for your photos there. If not, try connecting your N97 using the USB and going to the settings so that your pc would detect your phone as a "mass storage device". For your windows explorer, try searching for your photos manually.

  76. Anonymous |

    Had my N97(s) for just under 6 months now. Had to replace the first one after a week. I've had all the problems listed above but the main one is the phone memory running down. I've had the firmware re-flashed twice at Nokia Care centres, most recently on Tuesday with v20.0. It's now Thursday and in 2 days the phone memory has gone from 25mb to 17mb and falling. It seems like the memory space reserved for texts and emails isn't released when the text/email is deleted. Before my first re-flash I was down to about 6mb of phone memory and it claimed that I didn't have enough free memory to send a text even though I had deleted everything! I'll be sending this back under the unfit for purpose rule and getting a refund. Shame really as I really like the things the phone does, and the flip keyboard too. I could probably live with the other bugs but the low memory problem makes it unworkable. Bad Bad Nokia!!

  77. Anonymous |

    i am FURIOUS with my n97. had it since june and within the first 2 weeks the lock key fell off. it cuts me off halfway through a call, freezes, the light wont go on and some of the letters on the keypad don't work any more. Every time i put my charger in it felt loose and it got worse and worse until it refused to charge and kept beeping and coming up "not charging". THEN the bit where you put the charger in fell apart, so now the charger wont go in at all it just falls out. Not been using the phone since xmas time because the battery is dead and im expected to pay £80 to get it fixed. they can fuck right off. not happy in the slightest

  78. paris |

    worst phone ever..
    can I have my money back?

  79. Anonymous |

    I have had to return my 2nd Nokia N97 to Vodafone in Ireland. It is the worst piece of crap that was ever marketed as a top of the range phone. I paid 300 Euro for mine so I expected a top of the range product instead I received the worst piece of shite imaginable. NOKIA should reimburse every customer with a new phone that actually works. Vodafone & other service providers should compensate their customers for the frustrating NIGHTMARE they put them through by promoting this CRAP as a phone that works.
    If any VODAFONE mangement are reading this, talk to your real technicians & they will tell you that this NOKIA N97 is not fit for a recycle bin! BURY it in the graveyard where it belongs. Also try & inform your customer support that it is there job to actually support the customers. After sales service from VODAFONE in Ireland is as bad as the phone!

  80. TX BOY |

    I couldn't agree more with some of the comments on here. The N97 is the worst phone i've ever owned. I had two Sony Ericsons before which were superb, why oh why did i bother. The biggest gripe i have, is despite all the gimmicky side of things going wrong, it doesn't even do the most basic thing of funtioning as a phone. I get answer phone messgaes 1- 2 days after they've been sent and texts too, after switching it off and on again they all come flooding in, it's shockingly bad. One thing it does funtion well as is a football, as I discovered recentley one night after a few beers when the thing let me down numerous times in the day and night, hence i'm now looking for a replacement, but i'm only 7 months into a 2 year YES 2 year contract. What was i thinking ? ? ? Should have gone for the I phone 3gs ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  81. sarah |

    i love my n97 but it has so many freaking problems.
    *camera application turns itself on and off
    *lock button fell off
    *randomly freezing
    *not turning back on
    *randomly disconnecting from usb
    *memory problems
    *extremely slow
    *touch features freeze
    *web shuts down randomly
    *pages dont load properly
    * comes up with a white screen when it doesnt want to do something.
    *the list could go on.

  82. Anonymous |

    ad my n97 since july09 wrkd perfect untill b4 xmas wen touch screen went got it fixed workd agn

    now 2day im avin 2 go 2 the vodaa store agn cos it keeps saying not chaarging also aaarrow key button is broke been held 2getha by sticky tape
    aaa button is sticking caant help doin multipule aaaz

    i thought 1ce i upgraded 4m w595 my problemz would be over

    never trust n97
    w595 or aany oder sony

  83. Anonymous |

    My N97 has been replaced 3 times just because it cannot be fixed and its just the same problem with this new one. when I switch it on it just show the nokia sign and unless I take the battery out, the sign will be there until my battery is dead. well I am taking it back again. very unreliable gadget.

  84. Jayn97 |

    Hey guys erm yeah ive had my n97 for 5months now and ive had no problems with it erm i think all these problems are to do with the firmware on your phone. Download the latest 2.0 firmware on your n97 but before you do it make sure you do a hard re-set hope this helps im pretty sure nokia will release a firmware update to make the phone as good as it was meant to be.

  85. Anonymous |

    hahaha all of use have problems i love my n97 its the best phone out there im so lucky

  86. Anonymous |

    I bought the n97 mini last december, i am very disappointed.... the worst part is that nokia does not give a shit...... I have nokia 6600, 3330, n93, n95 8gb, n97 mini and 5210. THE WORST ONE N97......n93 was fat and ugly.... i am WAS big time nokia fan....but nokia does not care about its customers.... :(

  87. Anonymous |

    i have an n96 besides the n97, and except for the touch screen , the n96 beats it hands down. it doesnt have any of the problems this brick has and the games are always full screen . Try to find a full screen racing game for the n97 , there are 3 and also when you are right in the middle of say filling out a purchase form, the net disappears. I have both opera mini and skyfire and they are slow as shit. Im using AT & t . the fastest 3g network my ass! Amazingly, I typed this using my n97 and it stayed on! It still sucks. Ever notice how many times you have to push the capital letter arrow to go

  88. Anonymous |

    I waited so long for the N97 to be released and now, four months on, I wish I hadn't. Where do I start?....It keeps telling me the memory is full when clearly it isn't, it keeps switching itself off, the apps that I've downloaded are either useless or dont work at all - and they're expensive! - and now the screen lock slide control just detached itself from the phone and I've never even dropped it!!! This is completely unacceptable. Iphone, here I come

  89. Anonymous |

    why does my Nokia N97 keep losing contacts ?

    HELP !! any ideas

  90. Anonymous |

    i got the n97 back in july and had no problems with it until december. it wont let me do any updates. im still on v12 and all my mates r on v20. my phone doesnt recognise my usb cable or any body elses for that matter. it randomly starts goin through my menu and apps then switches off. its ever so slow. my button where u lock/unlock the phone crumbled and broke off. rang orange and they were no help. they r claiming there is something wrong with my usb cable but what they failed to understand was why does it work on other peoples and not mine. i honstly can say this is the worst phone i have eva had.

  91. Unknown |

    n97 four mounth old,got very hot,screen wont light,plus all the rest,no memory,carnt answer,etc etc.
    Worst phone I ever had no more nokia.

  92. Anonymous |

    I have noticed that Vodafone in Ireland no longer have the N97 on their website. The phone as I stated before is a piece of crap & NOKIA should refund every customer who bought it. They (NOKIA) have lost their reputation & by burying their heads in the sand & washing their hands clean of that piece of shite equipment they think the customer will forget, well I for one will NOT. Also I am going to switch from Vodafone Ireland & buy a decent apple iphone which can do what it says on the tin!

  93. Anonymous |

    To be honest .. my nokia is a nightmare. Couple of days after i got it lines began to appear on the phone and it would go blank or switch off. Then everytime i used the touch screen it would bleep, It would say it was charging when i didnt even have it on charge, how weird! Also the battery life seems to be VERY poor! And now it doesnt charge at all and wont switch on. I have had this phone for a matter of months and hate it. Ive had nothing but bother with it.

  94. Anonymous |

    My N97 dosnt "ON" at all it kinda gets stuck at the nokia thing wen u on it i cant even see the handshake!
    its a white screen with nokia written below
    i switched it Off and On several times and my dad wont go to the nokia service center thing!
    wat do i do????

  95. Daham |

    I have same problem of n97 freezing at nokia. Sent to independent service centre and got it fixed. Cost about US60 in Malaysia. Now there is no more issues with the phone. They say there is a faulty chip in there and it was changed.

  96. Anonymous |

    had the n97 for two months now its locked up and has to go back to nokia, i have been reading about this problem and i am not alone its a nokia software issue they havent fixed yet, now orange and o2 refuse to sell it due to high returns. stay away from the n97

  97. Anonymous |

    I have my Nokia N97 less than two months. Since the day I got it the software freezes at least twice a day. It happens when I "swipe to answer" or when I slide the keybord open while talking over the phone. I think I'll use my old SonyEricsson P1i untill my current contract expire in two years time. The P1i is old, but at least not a frustration like the N97.

  98. raven10011 |

    Hi, I have been using my N97 for several months now and here are the bugs I found so far:
    - Phone sometimes for no apparent reason thinks it is being charged (without actually being on the charger) and the only way to resolve this is to plug and unplug it to the charger
    - Quite often the ring tone reverts back to the very embarrasing Nokia theme ringtone... aaaargh!
    - Due to the low amount of available memory sometimes runs out of memory and even closing the apps does not resolve it and have to turn off and on again
    - Sometimes when answering incoming call when the keylock is on the screen freezes. Although the call is answered and I can talk to the other person, straight after the call the phone has to be turned off and on again.
    - Quite ofter when putting the phone on speaker the microphone seems to turn off and the other side can not hear me. I have to turn off the speaker to be able to carry out the call.
    - Sometimes when trying to make a call using the supplied headset despite the phone recognizing that it is connected it does not send the sound to the headset nor does it use the speakers of the headset. Only way to resolve this is to turn the phone off and on again.

    I think all of these bugs are completely unacceptable for a phone that is supposed to be a flagship model for Nokia and costs so much money! It is such a shame because I love the shape and size and it could have been a good alternative to the iphone. Unfortunately I am tied into a long contract so can not switch phone, but lost all faith in Nokia so will look for a different brand as soon as possible.

    Dear Nokia: You should be ashamed putting a phone in this state on the market which costs so much money! I sincerely hope you will loose market share as a result!

  99. onclejean |

    I have had similar problems with the N97 which is a disappointment - I am now looking to a Blackberry.
    The N97 has substantial charging difficulties due to faulty software: when charged it turns of charging and user must manually restart. It is too heavy for Blue tooth: I have tried various Blue tooth modules but the N97 mostly will connect but will not show messages or contacts.
    Probably the worst phone Nokia have marketed - do NOT buy it.

  100. Anonymous |

    n97 wat a piece of junk

  101. Anonymous |

    hi. ive got the n97 32gb. i am having alot of problems with it. firsty it kept saying my memory was almost full. i deleted everythin, music pictures the lot. it still kept saying it, them today i turned on the phone and it said memory full. then after Around 5 seconds flashed green then turned itself off. it has done this ever since. im not able to use the phoone now can some one tell me what it could be?????

  102. Ramzi |

    I have a problem adjusting the time in my N79 it shows sistem error ..... plz what can I do

  103. Frikkie |

    Hi,PLEASE I HOPE SOMEBODY CAN HELP ME !!! i have the nokia n97 and the problems i have is as,when u take a photo with the flash on,half of the photo is white,i thought it must be something with the software,i then upgraded the phone software with nokia pc suite,becouse they say its the safest way and now i even have more problems,bluetooth would not go on,maybe ones a month,and my nokia ovi would not work and my radio and it will freeze,i would like to know what to do,i can not downgrade my software,becouse they say i will have n brick and i dont know when new software is gonna come out,ag please somebody help me,i feel like giving the phone away,its the first phone that gives me shit,the nokia n95 never had the problems.please email me at Frikels@yahoo,com

  104. Anonymous |

    I have had a N97 since october 2009 and in december it just wouldnt turn on again, tried charging overnight nothing worked and took it in to be repaired it took about 9 days cause it was over the christmas period.
    Now the touch screen dosen't work i cant answer phone calls i cant use the key board and the battery dies really fast .... never buying nokia again
    Going to get this repaired today.

  105. Anonymous |

    i have a problem with my N97,it doesn save any of my captured pics!and it cannot delete any picture...any suggestions???thanks

  106. BB |

    I bought a Nokia N97mini very recently, and was told that the technical difficulties from the previous model, the Nokia n97, had basically been all "solved". However, I recognised many faults with my phone the moment it was turned on. The main issues are:
    - Even though the phone says it is "Fully Charged", it turns off after 2 hours or so, saying "Battery Exhausted". I am very confused on this issue, as I cannot understand how my battery is being used so fast when I close all applications after use, as well as turning off Bluetooth when it not needed.
    - The screen flickers when I use the "Lock/Unlock" slide on the side of the phone. Even though it is on vibration mode when unlocked, it rarely vibrates.
    - Similar to the other posts made, I find my phone freezes and the camera sometimes does not display flash even though it says it is on.

    I have been a customer of Nokia mobiles for nearly 10 years, and I was happy with the purchases of my previous models, such as the Nokia n95 8GB, but this new phone from Nokia simply disappoints me.

  107. Anonymous |

    Absolutely the worst gadget i have ever had the displesure of buying...

    i got the phone and noticed that the charger fell out of the port and if you moved the phone whilst it was plugged it would say not charging then charging then not charging over and over untill you put the device down... then it says its charging when the device isnt plugged in which is just.. weird and also the lock key fell off, the software updates just make the phone slower and less responsive, the screen contantly freezes the memory says its full even when theres nothing on it which is impossible with 32gb of memory it has so thats just a fuck up, it overheats and turns itself off and if it runs out of battery it takes an hour to start charging and then doesnt turn on for even longer, it also has a minor heart attack when you try to use the internet... also what with o2 and orange discontinuing the sale of this phone with their contract i think vodafone wants to save face by adopting a policy with nokia that absolutly overides my statutary right by sayin that the manufactuer must deal with the faulty device when in my rights it clearly states that it is the retailer that must deal with a faulty product not the manufactuer and also it is a complete breach of my contract with them as my service provider... also another thing my phone has been for repair 3 times a nokia in which they said they had replaced the keypad however you could clearly see they had not as a small but distinctive scratch that was there before was still there... how stupid do they think i am??? also nothing worked and i came back each time progessively worse... i have today recieved a replacement device which has all the problems of the old device but with a new edition... the key in the bottomleft corner of the screen when pressed should bring up all the apps and settings and messages and stuff... aparently i dont have any so i dont have messages contacts or settings its rediculous for a 'top of the range' smart phone i hope nokia lose alot of money because of this i have never been treated so badly as a customer

  108. Anonymous |

    Worst phone I have ever touched! Always preferd nokias to any other phone, but the n97 is hands down the biggest piece of shit i have ever owned! Would rather have a 5110 right now, least id b able to do somethin with it apart from use it as a paper weight.

    -Tells me its charging when not plugged in
    - When it is plugged in and propped up in the only position that responds it tells me its charging... but its not
    - When trying to do anything the phone goes mad and the thing I highlight to select either jumps all over the screen or will just constantly scroll down
    - White screen / Freezing
    - On/Off button rarely works, have to remove battery
    - Keypad doesnt work
    - When the alarm goes off it cant be turned off as the touch screen will only work (very badly, having to repeatedly hit the screen very hard)for about 2 random mins of a week
    - Cant answer calls as Touch Screen doesnt work
    - Cant use the keypad as that too packed up
    - The list goes on, I dont have one good word to say

    I got it on a 2 year contract as an alternative to the very common iphone. What a mistake! And insult to injury... Im paying more for this useless doorstop than i would have been for the iphone.

    If anyone is thinking of buying this phone.... DONT!!!

  109. Anonymous |

    My N97 doesn't boot up after the battery charge gets finished!!!!!!!!!

  110. Anonymous |

    Worst piece of smartphone i have ever seen. All of the above statements are true. Mostly just problems no solutions. And Nokia keeps ignoring them. If i could i would want my money back...

  111. backtowellies |

    How can anyone say N97 is a shite phone! I'm writing this comment with it (and I suppose most bad comments were written with it). It's a wonderful phone. It gives you loads of excitement from minute to minute. It's got its own mind. It's full of surprises. It's like your "trusty" old banger, you never know if you ever get to your destination. It's like your "lovely" old partner, you never know what's for dinner if any. As I found my one and truly I never need another Nokia again ever!

    Although it's not exactly the desirable must-have hot phone in UK at the moment, it's been cleverly put on the back-burner waiting for the "right" person. In France and Germany and elsewhere, it's being flogged as one of the most wanted top phones with some clever combined marketing from Amazon and you know who. And N97 will soon get star billing in the next super block-buster "A Phone Too Far". Watch this space!

    All these grunting and moaning won't get anyone anywhere. There WON'T be a recall. If you want to get on with life why not get a 1665 or 1650 from our dear friend here. The latter comes with music! Shut it down for 6 months it may still be able to make a 999 call (don't try this if your life depends on it!). In the mean time why not complain to both Which? and Computing Which? They are supposed to be our consumer champions. How come N97 had been at the very top of their so-to-speak "bestbuys" since it came on the market? Was the test design faulty? Or did they allocated the wrong rating? A new testing may be required. If none of these cases it makes you wonder if these people are really unbiased. On the other hand are you people lying through your teeth. Or on the payroll of SonyE!

    My shiny N97 did not die on me writing this comment. I'm truly blessed. What' puzzling me at this moment is that there's a little new software update(from Nokia!) to transfer things from c: to mass memory but my phone is not taking YES for an answer. It wants to disown mother.

  112. Anonymous |

    Reception is rubbish - cuts off half way through calls.

    When using flash on camera half the picture is white and bright. This is a lens cover fault - it scrapes the flash each time you close it.

    Have returned for repair 4 times now. Last time they supposedly gave me a new phone. Back in for repair - new one's got a bigger scrape on the lens than my old one!

    Piece of crap and not cheap either.

    Will never touch a nokia again!

  113. Anonymous |

    on my memory card i put music on the card, but when i remove the card and put it in my nokia n97 and go to music it is not there. but when i change my ring tone it is in the file and i can have it as my ring tone.
    but cant listen to it.
    some times it goes on and sometimes it doesn't.
    i dont know what to do ?

  114. Unknown |

    hi i want to erase all transfered photo as it is shownings system failure when i want to delete it.And my captured phot is coming in break format.kindly suggest can i deep reset

  115. Anonymous |

    My shit n97 just stot work by itself, one night it was working and when I wake up it wasn't. I sent it to repair and they said : we're sorry to say that we found liquid damage on your electronics board. Fuck nokia I gonna just cancel my direct debit and lets go to the court.

  116. Anonymous |

    crap model! funny internal memory built-in (too small)! 32GB Mass storage (This is a joke, when store a lot picture or music..hehe)..If u put external MMC ... lol!! crap..lag...slow. hang!! crap! just keep on wait for new coming firmware and explore another new issues after update..endless until you keep up!

  117. Anonymous |

    I have an issue with my nokia97, after i updae my device, suddenly no video works, any help please

  118. Anonymous |

    I have had my n97 for about 8 months now and i have had nothing but prob's with it, its turns it self on and off when it wants, it opens apps by its self the touch screen plays up most of the time, it is by far the worst phone i have ever had.
    plus to make it even worst it has been in to get fix 3+ times and it still comes back playing up! not to mention it always say's the memory is full when its not. has anyone had these prob's

  119. Anonymous |

    My phone is on but my screen is black. Can anyone help. This phone has been a nightmare from the beginning.

  120. brad |

    my N97 wont let me answer calls and the screen and buttons barely work at all...

  121. Anonymous |

    Despues de un año al fin he decidido cambiar de movil. Llevaba varios meses auto-engañandome pero se acabo. He tenido varios Nokia, un 3210 el mejor de todos, un N95 que al final fallaba por todos lados que me hizo cambiar a un Sony Ericsson 810, vi que esa marca era aun peor y volvi a Nokia comprandome un n97. Esperaba mucho de el.

    Mas o menos al cabo de unos dias me di cuenta de que era lento con ganas, tardaba bastante en ajustar las fotos, el GPS fallaba bastante, el reproductor de musica obsoleto (error cuando vendi mi iPod para usar esto como mi reproductor de musica), la tienda OVi es una basura, al igual que la imnensa mayoria de sus aplicaciones, el navegador de internet daba fallos a saco y un largo etcetera. Nokia sacaba actualizaciones que no mejoraban nada el telefono (problemas de memoria a tutiplen que poco mejoraron) y encima de eso, una de las cosas por las que me lo compre, las fotos, se vuelven amarillas por los lados, de mala calidad (lente Carl Zeiss?, pues no son muy buenas no...) y la lente se ralla por la tapa esa que tiene. El sistema operativo era desfasado completamente, ademas el telefono se cuelga cada dos por tres. Asi que hace un mes mas o menos decidi hackealo porque lei que los CFW eran mas rapidos que el sistema operativo original, con mas aplicaciones (que siguen siendo una basura, la mejor aplicacion de largo es Google Maps seguida de Handwritting calculator y son gratis, el resto deja que desear), etc... cuando lo que veo es NINGUNA MEJORA, es igual de lento y tosco, es cierto que puedes instalar aplicaciones OVI, pero tontas y horribles). Asi que de vuelta al original, no tiene nada que ofrecer, y es aun mas inestable). Juegos tiene pero son injugables debido a la pantalla resistiva, lenta, tosca, dificil de manejar, .... otra cosa mala es el navegador de internet que no da mucho de si, se cuelga, es lentisimo. Cosas buenas tiene? pues si,el teclado QWERY deslizable es muy bueno, cuesta acostumbrarse a algunas cosas pero mejor que antes que eran las teclas con los numeros y letras.... otra cosas buena que tiene es la cobertura, la recepcion, la calidad de la llamada, cosas que Nokia hace bien. Otra buena caracteristica es que reconoce la escritura, le cuesta pero esta muy bien. y ya esta. no hay mas.

    Muchas veces me han dado ganas de estamparlo contra la pared, algo que voy a hacer en unos dias ya que me he comprado un iphone 4 y podre liberarme de esta, mi peor compra de la historia. Un comprador menos para nokia, que se va enfadado y estafado por su buque insignia el N97. 1 año aguante con esto. Si lo veis NO LO COMPREIS, hacedme caso, es EL PEOR MOVIL DE LA HISTORIA

  122. deee |

    umm nokia wont switch on..when i switch it on it stays at the start up screen(white screen and says nokia at the bottom) what do i do????

  123. jessica_j |

    I only had my Nokia N97 Mini for 5 months and already my slider key has fell off and this morning; I woke to find my phone kept freezing at the simplest of actions I asked. Like pressing the MENU key?!?! I loved this phone till these incidents all occured. I rated the phone 4/5 until this. If Nokia are aware that thgey are having probs with these fones; why are that charging for them like they are iPhones, but they really are like LG's?

  124. Anonymous |

    hello all i have the n97 mini and i can honestly say its the shitest fone i have ever had its allways crashing i never have any signal as when people ring me they just get my voicemail and ALLWAYS hangs up on people when in the middle of a call i feel like frowing it against a wall. just thought id give my opinion about this phone 1 word (SHIT)

  125. Anonymous |

    i have it too but to me its the best its way better than iphones or any other smart phones

  126. LIR |

    I too have had an issue with the Nokia N97 mini the screen would not work after 5 months and Nokia are telling me that it is my problem as the phone circuits are wet.............I have never dropped the phone in water all I did was use the compass and maps in the Highlands as the phone was sold to me as a great alternative to a GPS (converging technology into one devise) - I feel that Nokia have conned me and will never get a Nokia phone again nor will I ever say anything good about Nokia or let any of my family get one again - I am angry at spending so much money for a phone that only worked 5 mponths.

  127. Anonymous |

    No one should ever buy a Nokia under any circumstances. The N97 is a buggy laggy unreliable phone that has poor call quality, will shut down on its own, not work when you need it and let you down in every way. Nokia is laughing very hard at every one who owns one of these bricks and you can bet they'll have another go at scamming you if you give them the chance so don't.

  128. Anonymous |

    i order this ph a dey before and i just use it few hours it is a fucking foneeee plzzzzzzzzzzzz dont buyeeeee this foneeeeeeeeeee its very bad in signalsss and betrryyyyyyy timing fuk nokia n97

  129. ARJAY |

    today i don't understand on what is going on with my N97 phone. Everytime i turned it on it freezes and will still remain in it self... How will i use this if it wont function. So sad... I hope it will be soon be fine and return to normal...

  130. Anonymous |

    Had really annoying freezing issues and keys not working. Removed all aps i didnt want, deleted some texts, updated photo viewer. Phone is working much much better now. Still can be slow though. Nokia sort it out!

  131. Unknown |

    This has been a truly appalling phone. In almost every respect it is poor, and at the root of most problems is the inadequate memory provision. Additionally my provider (Vodafone) adds additional unwanted stuff that uses up the very limited space and delays Nokia's weak attempts to correct problems with software upgrades by months. Disappointed by Nokia and Vodafone

  132. android |


  133. Anonymous |

    lol my N97 is working perfectly fine .....perfect lol problem at all....

  134. Anonymous |

    fck this they alll say it laggs buggy piece of gps worked 3 days than it stopped..i cant get wifi signal from the same room where my modem is.....only thing that is good on this crappy phone is the keyboard oh yea and it has ram memory ant its not able to show imagges on some page.....WTF!!!!!
    I am very dissapointed with nokia used too have the best mobile phones and now they sell this pieces of shit....assholes

  135. Nozz |

    Nokia N97 mini freezes constantly.Bluetooth is absolute rubbish...can't pair with even a Nokia BH-111 headset anymore. Tried getting Nokia help but emails not forthcoming. Always had Nokia phones (last 8)but this definitely last!Going android next time.Had enough - reliability just not there anymore.


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