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Skyfire Alpha for Blackberry to be Delayed


Written on 7/28/2009 07:00:00 PM by poison_ivy

After some beta testers leaked an OTA (over-the-air) download link for the Blackberry version of Skyfire, it seems that the Alpha version would be delayed.

Skyfire's web browser makes use of servers in order to render flash web pages faster on your mobile phones. Since the Skyfire for Blackberry is in limited beta test, there are only a few persons allowed to make use of the Skyfire mobile browser and any unauthorized use or download of the browser would result in their servers being overloaded, thus, those who have downloaded the Skyfire Alpha version would find themselves having a hard time to connect to Skyfire's servers.

Skyfire seems to have already pulled the Alpha testing for the web browser for the Blackberry and most think that this would delay the release of the Alpha version.

All I can say is--too bad for Blackberry users. I personally love Skyfire on my windows mobile phone. Sure, it's not the fastest browser but I just love the fact that I can play Facebook applications on my web browser rather than rely on some Facebook widgets. This is a must have for avid Facebook games users who needs to check in on their applications every once in a while. Mafia Wars, anyone?

Source: HowardForums

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