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iPhone tethering: Use Your Phone as a Modem via Bluetooth


Written on 8/28/2009 03:58:00 PM by poison_ivy

I must admit, one of the great things that Apple's OS 3.0 has given iPhone users is how easy it is to connect your iPhone to your PC and use it as a modem. Of course, your network operator needs to have this feature enabled in order for this to work but assuming that your network does, here's the simple 3 step process of tethering your iPhone 3G:

  • Go to Settings->General Settings->Network->Internet Tethering, and turn it on.
  • Next go to Settings->General settings->Bluetooth, and turn it on. On your desktop PC, right click on the Bluetooth icon on your system tray then click add device. Pair your iPhone with your PC.
  • After successful pairing, right click on the Bluetooth icon, select join a personal area network, select your iPhone and click connect.
It's that easy. I don't even have to install iTunes on my PC in order for tethering to work. A word of advice though, if the option: Internet Tethering does not appear or suddenly disappears on your Network settings, it may be because your APN is wrong. You have to reset your network settings by going to General Settings and browsing till the bottom to get to the reset tab. If you got your iPhone 3G with a mobile phone contract your phone should automatically detect your network settings.

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