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LG BL40 Chocolate Now Available at Mobiles.co.uk


Written on 9/19/2009 03:33:00 PM by poison_ivy

The LG BL40 Chocolate is redefining the word "candybar" phone. I haven't covered the LG BL40 Chocolate since I'm not really that interested in an elongated mobile phone. If you missed the LG BL40 Chocolate announcement, well it's a touchscreen mobile phone with 4 inch display, a 21:19 wide aspect ratio, 5 megapixel camera, and 1 GB of internal memory.

But what gets people excited about the LG BL40 is its design. This is the first phone that I've seen that's taller than most mobile phones. It's actually shaped like a chocolate bar. Anyways, if you're the type of person who needs to have an unusual sort of mobile phone, you can order one at Mobiles.co.uk since they have it in stock, that is, according to their blog. The LG BL40 Chocolate will be exclusive to mobiles.co.uk and carphone warehouse, for how long, I don't know but they're offering it on O2 or Orange for free at £30 a month tariff. Lowest tariff available is £15 a month but you have to shell out £169.99 for O2 or £219.99 if you want to be on the Orange network.

Order yours with a free gift at:

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  1. Chocolate-BL |

    This Chocolate Bl 40 definitely is a beaty! I am usually not impressed by phones that seemed to be produced only because they "look good". But this LG Chocolate add a new dimension to the mobile telephone development. With this 21:9 screen it should be good internet browsing!

  2. MSamo |

    That's one thing that LG really can do amazingly well...make beautiful mobile phones. The LG BL40 Chocolate is a stunner

  3. My Telecoms |

    I'm a massive fan of the Sony Ericsson Satio which seems really similar to the LG BL40 Chocolate.

    To be fair, there's not much to choose between them, as the Satio kills the BL40 with the camera, but the BL40 has a bigger and nicer screen with better touch features.

    i need to get my hands on both to do a comparison. Thanks for the review though, found it useful.

  4. Anonymous |

    The screen, and the benefits that the screen affords, is definitely the most attractive feature of this phone.

    There's more info on the BL40's partnership with the upcoming film Avatar at their website - www.lgavatar.com. You can download Avatar content to the phone create your own avatar.

  5. Anonymous |

    great phone, love the bl40. very practical, fast processor, huge touch screen. my favorite unlocked quad band phones this year i think. my wife and i love them, huge screen, the email and gps are great for my business and the gps helps me get around for my meetings. these unlocked mobile phones are very practical. my daughter loves hers for the facebook and games, they keep her busy and out of my hair too lol. but besides that, it is really big, sometimes too big, screen slows down sometimes too. I still like it though. way better than our old unlocked t-mobile phones. got our unlock codes and samsung unlock codes free as well so that's nice. the speaker phone is loud enough for when i'm in the car and the battery life is long enough to last all day so that's practical. the web browser helps me rent movies and keep up on my fantasy team too. got our last couple unlocked new phones at unlockthatphone.com 2 thumbs way up


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