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Top Applications for your Motorola Droid Milestone


Written on 1/11/2010 01:42:00 PM by poison_ivy

Okay, for those who've recently purchased their Motorola Droid aka Milestone here in the UK and wondering what kind of apps you can put there, here are my top suggestions. All of these Droid applications are free and can be found in the Android Marketplace.

MixZing Lite - The native media player on the Motorola Droid is disappointing. With MixZing Lite, this application is what the Android player should be. It has the ability to recommend songs for you and it can put Album Art on your MP3s automatically. Really nice application and no Android user should leave home without it.

Advanced Task Manager Free - Very useful for speeding up your Milestone/Droid. Some applications are kept running in the background by your Milestone especially if you just use the home button to exit the application. Background applications significantly slows down your mobile phone's performance. Advanced Task Manager free puts a widget in your homescreen which you can press and automatically kills background apps.

Tangram Lite - Tangram Lite is a great way to kill time. Basically, in a Tangram puzzle, you have to put together a picture using the different shaped puzzles provided. There are also other free Tangram applications in the app market but this one has a very nice graphic interface.

Sticky Note - Very useful for forgetful persons like me. Of course, you can always set reminders using the Calendar app but the beauty of this app is that it's right there on your homescreen so you can do a task early if you happen to have a free time before the alarm on your calendar goes off.

Astro Explorer - Astro file explorer is a great tool for exploring your phone and your memory card. I don't know what use some of you may find with this application but for me, it's useful because I use my memory cards to store different files and I'd like to have the option to browse my memory cards without using a PC.

Mystique Ch1: Foetus - This is a nice game with great graphics. Perfect for showing off what your Droid can do. It's a bit scary for me and those of the faint of heart should use this with caution. A word of warning: scary surprises await you on this game.

Palringo - Best free IM messenger. You can have access to your YM, MSN, and even Facebook chat accounts.

Bloo - The best Facebook application for Android. Of course, if privacy issues are your concern, this may not be the app for you because you have to give it access to your Facebook account but currently, this is the only Facebook app I could find which allows me to leave comments. Would have been better if I could also send messages using this app.

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  1. Eric |

    Mystique TOTALLY rocks! You should add the Nesoid for gamers.

  2. Cell phone reviews |

    This all are rally cool applications. In all of this Palringo is one of the best application for business. t's a fairly popular mobile IM application that supports AIM, Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, and other messaging platforms. What makes Palringo even better is its versatility. Not only can you IM with your buddies but you can also send pictures and share your location. From our experience with Palringo with the iPhone we expect a great application. We'll be back soon with our full thoughts on Palringo on Android!

  3. Anonymous |

    Palringo always force closes on my G1, there are better IM messengers in the marketplace.

  4. Anonymous |

    Farm Frenzy Lite! Very addictive game!

  5. Anonymous |

    Yep, MixZing is a definite must have.

  6. Anonymous |

    If you guys love mixzing, try out musicgo, its god.


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