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How to transfer pictures / images / files from your phone to your PC


Written on 3/08/2010 12:16:00 PM by poison_ivy

I've seen a lot of these questions in forums and Yahoo! answers so I thought I'd set up a guide on how to go about transferring your pictures from your phone to your PC.

Fastest way: MicroSD reader or card readers

If your phone has an expandable memory, either a microSD card, SD card, memory stick micro, etc, you can just take out your memory card, insert it in a card reader and then transfer your pictures from your phone to your PC. If the picture you want to transfer isn't on the memory card, chances are it's still in the phone memory. Insert the memory card back to your phone, go to your phone's media gallery, select the picture you want to transfer and then move it first from the phone's main memory to your microSD card. After that, do the previous instructions and you can now view the pictures via the memory card reader.

Direct USB connection

Your mobile phone usually comes with a USB cable. To transfer pictures from your phone's microSD card, first you must go to your phone's settings, then find connections. Under USB connections, be sure that your PC would recognize your phone as a "Mass storage device" so select that option. Before connecting your phone to your PC, be sure that the pictures you want to transfer are on your phone's expandable memory (either an SD card, memory stick micro or microSD). See previous instruction on how to move pictures from your phone to your memory card. After transfer, you can now connect your phone to your PC, find your pictures by going to your "my computer" and then opening the expandable memory drive (it's either F:, G: or so on).

The PC Suite Way

When your phone doesn't have an expandable memory or you have a hard time finding the pictures you want on your phone's main memory and moving it to your microSD card, you can always transfer photos with the help of your phone's PC Suite. Mobile phone manufacturers includes a PC Suite or a CD with a software that will help you sync your mobile phone with your PC. Just install the CD, connect your phone and follow the wizard which most PC Suite has. If your phone didn't come with a CD, visit the manufacturer's website, there's usually a link there to download the latest PC suite for your phone.

Transfer pictures from phone to PC via Bluetooth

When your mobile doesn't have a cable or you've lost the included cable but your phone has a Bluetooth feature, you can also transfer files via Bluetooth. First, you need to pair your phone with your PC or laptop. First turn on your phone's Bluetooth under settings and connection, look for the Bluetooth icon and make sure your phone is in "discoverable" mode. Next, right click on the Bluetooth icon on your PC and click add bluetooth device. Your PC should be able to search out your phone, follow the wizard and once your phone is paired with your PC, go to your phone's media gallery, select the picture you want to transfer, and then choose send via Bluetooth.

Transfer pictures from phone to PC over the air

If all else fails, meaning, you don't have a USB cable, microSD card, or Bluetooth, you can always send the pictures to your email. Again, go to your phone's media or picture gallery, select the picture and there should be an option to send it via email. Data charges will apply in this instance.

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    Thanks. Very informative.

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    This is the ONLY thing I've read on this subject that makes sense. Thanks!

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    Micro SD Cards with large storage capacity has made life easier for people like me. I love to take snapshots from my mobile. I used to copy my picture files on to my PC daily. But as micro sd cards these days have huge capacities upto 32GB, now I don't copy files daily. Now I transfer picture files only after a week or so.


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