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First Look: HTC Legend Review


Written on 3/04/2010 11:58:00 AM by poison_ivy

The HTC Legend is amongst the pletora of smartphones to be released by Vodafone this coming weeks. Its predecessor, the HTC Hero has garnered a lot of awards and attention so it has big shoes to fill. So, does the Legend live up to the Hero? Let's find out.

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Well, from Teflon coating to Aluminum, the design of the HTC Legend mobile phone certainly has improved. The aluminum unibody makes me think this is a Macbook phone. Anyways, the use of Aluminum definitely made the HTC Legend a sophisticated looking mobile. The unibody design made it possible for the HTC Legend to be curvy (unlike the Motorola Milestone) and because of this, users will find that holding the phone is just--well, amazing. You probably don't want to put it down. Anyways, not everything is made up of Aluminum. On the back you can find some black plastic parts to make sure that the antennae is getting proper reception.


The main thing that would probably separate this mobile phone from all other Android phones is the HTC Sense. Android's old homescreen is boring. If you've seen the Galaxy Portal or the Nexus One, you'll know what I mean. With the HTC Sense, you can put on a LOT of widgets. Though I don't really know if that would be useful, at least for me, considering that I just want everything on one page. But of course, since you're using a smartphone, you can't fit everything you need on one homescreen. Thankfully, the HTC Sense on the Legend makes that easier because on the homescreen, you can just pinch on the screen and then you get a thumbnail view of all of your homescreens so it makes organizing a bit easier. HTC Sense also brings you HTC's keyboard which is probably better compared with the standard Android keyboard. HTC's keyboard is assigned two keys each button so pressing and holding a button will bring up a corresponding assigned symbol.

Another thing that HTC Sense brings to Android is the multimedia player. The standard multimedia player on Android sucks and I always recommend downloading MixZing to get a better audio experience. Well, HTC's audio player is similar to those found on their Windows Mobile device, there are lots of visualizations here.

This HTC smartphone packs a 5 megapixel camera with flash. Taking the camera a step further, they've also added face detection. The HTC Legend's screen is made of OLED so colors are vibrant and it's enjoyable to watch videos. Too bad it doesn't support DivX files like the Samsung Galaxy Portal.

Other improvements that the Legend brings over the Hero is a faster processor
(Qualcomm MSM 7227 600 MHz processor and a higher (384MB), the latter allows you to run multiple apps at once.


Although the HTC Hero will also get the Android 2.1 update, the HTC Legend still has much more to offer--a lot more. Faster processor, bigger RAM, better camera, and a more gorgeous design. Of course, these upgrades come at a price so this latest HTC smartphone will cost more than the HTC Hero and will also become cheaper so those who're looking for a cheaper alternative will more likely gravitate towards the Hero. But come on, the price difference is probably not that great, probably an additional £5 on your monthly plan and you'll get one of the most gorgeous mobile phones this year.

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  1. Anonymous |

    Wooww! Wonder how the aluminum coating will look once I see this device up close. Can't wait.

  2. Romeo |

    I agree. Unibody on a phone looks sweet.

  3. Anonymous |

    There are some lucky people who are already getting their Legends. I wonder if those who pre-ordered on Amazon will get theirs early too?


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