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Orange Mobile Phone company and T-Mobile To Merge


Written on 3/02/2010 03:35:00 PM by poison_ivy

The European Commission has approved the merger of two of the largest mobile phone companies in the UK: Orange and T-Mobile. The merger between the two mobile phone giants is expected to be completed this Spring. Although there's no word yet as to what single phone company will emerge from the merger, there will still be two separate entities in the UK cell phone market but these two: Orange and T-Mobile will be controlled by one entity.

What it means? You'll still see the Orange Phone Shop and T-Mobile stores (until they decide on one single company name) but don't expect to see any price competition between the two. This is big news for investors and sad news for us consumers. Less competition means less choices. Oh well, let's just hope Vodafone or O2 don't cozy up with each other.

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