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Top 10 Stupid Reasons to get an iPhone


Written on 3/27/2010 04:29:00 PM by poison_ivy

Reason no. 10: I need an iPod

It's a well known fact that the iPod is still the best selling portable music device in history. A dedicated iPod music application can be found on the iPhone and reviewers have hailed it as good as an iPod. Sure, there are cheaper iPod models but if you want a phone and an iPod, then it's a no brainer that you should just get one device. However, if you already have a phone and you just want an iPhone as a music player---well, come on, that excuse is just--lame. Besides, there are cheaper mobile phones that are also good music players in the market today.

Reason no. 9: Camera

I have to laugh off this reason. The iPhone, even the latest 3GS version is not exactly top of the heaps in the camera phone department. Sure, the 3GS' camera is better than the one on iPhone 3G but if you want a REALLY good camera phone, don't set your eyes on the iPhone.

For a cheaper price you can get the Samsung i8910 HD or Sony Ericsson Vivaz which have 8 megapixel cameras and 720p video recording capabilities. Now getting those two phones for THAT reason alone is not stupid because those are the two phones' MAIN feature. Now for Apple's phone, getting an iPhone for the camera is a stupid reason.

Reason no. 8: My Macbook/iPod is lonely

Okay, once a fanboy, always a fanboy. There's really no arguing especially if you're an Apple cultist. Even though your Blackberry is serving your needs, once you step into the Apple cult, no amount of reasoning will sway you away from getting Apple products. Chances are, even if you already have a Macbook, iMac, iPod, and iPhone, you'll still get the iPad, just because.

But if there's some reason left in you, again, ask yourself the age old question: do you really NEED it? Can you afford to tie yourself to a contract for 24 months and pay at least to £1000 just so you could get a product with an Apple logo?

Reason no. 7: Nike+

Again, really?! Nike+ is just a glorified pedometer. Sure, it's more graphically appealing and its easier to save your playlists and stuff but buying an iPhone for Nike+ alone? You have to spend an additional £11 for the sensor.

Again, I'm sure there are Nike fanboys as well who would buy every gear Nike throws at them but anyways, I'm sure some find this compelling reason alone but for me, I don't see it.

Reason no. 6: I want white headphones

Ah yes, the white headphones. When iPods were the latest craze, white headphones make you look uber cool. Apple has migrated their white headphones over to the iPhone. Sure, if you're an audiophile, you probably haven't used your white headphones that came with your iPhone but let's face it, even Samsung is getting in on the white headphones craze and is bundling some of their phones with white ones.

Reason no. 5: I want an engraved phone

Long before Google made it possible to engrave your Nexus One, Apple has been doing it with their iPods. You get extra cool points too if you were able to make a clever engraving on your iPhone.

Reason no. 4: I want a Fart App

Seriously? You want to spend £500 on a phone just so you could spend 99 cents on an app which lets you make farting sounds or send farts to someone else's iPhone provided that it has an iFart installed? I mean, whatever happened to just plain farting in public? Oh yes, like everything else in the this day and age, it went digital.

Do yourself a favor if that's all the reason you want to buy an iPhone, get a £20 Nokia phone, record your fart, send via MMS message or play to your heart's content and you got yourself a fart app.

Reason no. 3: It's on Simpsons

You know something is iconic when it makes its way to the Simpson's couch gag. The Simpsons is the longest running cartoon series in the US and their couch gag is shown after their opening credits. Recently, the iPhone has made its way to the Simpson's couch gag.

For those addicted to the Simpsons, showing the iPhone on the cartoon show is probably reason enough for them to buy it.

Reason no. 2: I like the cases

The iPhone has the biggest collection of accessories than any other mobile phone. Accessories that would entice a fashionista.

I had a friend who chose the iPhone over a Nokia phone because she said its easier to find cases for the iPhone. So true, considering that as with the case for any Apple products, accessories are usually released first even before the actual product, but would that reason justify the purchase of this phone? To some, yeah, it's reason enough.

Reason no. 1: I want "sent from my iPhone" or posted from "my iPhone" to be my signature on emails or when posting on Facebook

I actually know someone who bought the iPhone for this reason. No kidding. Almost all his officemates have the "sent from my iPhone" appended on their emails or "posted from my iPhone" on their Facebook updates that he wanted to get one. In short, he just wants to be "in" with his officemates.

Actually, whatever stupid reason you may have to justify you buying an iPhone, so long as you bought it with your own hard-earned money, then it's reason enough because, hey, it's your money. The iPhone has really made waves ever since it was first introduced. A lot of people are getting addicted to their iPhones and more and more are being swayed to buy one.


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  1. Roy |

    There's one more reason for iPhone - many cool apps are made solely for iPhone, for example Behance's

  2. Anonymous |

    Great stuff. One more reason -
    Not feel left out of your social peer group and desperately trying to save face (the most vital thing in the world).

  3. poison_ivy |

    @Anonymous. Ah yes, the most important reason for most teenagers. Heaven forbid that they become social outcast. ;)


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