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Compare Samsung Galaxy S vs. iPhone 4


Written on 7/20/2010 11:04:00 AM by poison_ivy

So, you've finally realized that the iPhone 4 may not be the only phone worth your while and you're thinking of going with the Samsung Galaxy S after all. Well, before you dig deep into your pockets, here's a side by side comparison of the two leading mobile phones today: the Samsung Galaxy S vs. iPhone 4


The Samsung Galaxy S is definitely bigger with its massive 4 inch screen compared with the iPhone 4's 3.5 inch screen. However, bigger doesn't necessarily mean better. The Samsung Galaxy S has a 480 x 800 pixel resolution while the iPhone 4 has 640 x 960 resolution. What it means? Well, unless you're using your phone under a microscope or you're nearsighted, it means you won't see as much pixelation on fonts or pictures. But it doesn't mean that the difference is negligble, when put side by side, you could easily see that the iPhone 4 has a crisper screen resolution.

As for the design quality, the iPhone 4 is made of something like a glass composite materials which actually adds to its weight making the iPhone 4 a bit heavier than the Samsung Galaxy S, weighing in at 137 grams compared to the Galaxy S which only weighs 119 grams. In my opinion, the iPhone 4 actually looks sexier compared with the Galaxy S.

So I guess the design goes to the iPhone 4 because it's just more pocket friendly and offers on hand ease of use compared with the massive Galaxy S.

User Interface

The Samsung Galaxy S runs Android OS while the iPhone 4 has iOS 4.0. Both OS offers fluid scrolling and are very responsive. However, I have to give the user interface to Samsung Galaxy S. It just offers much more customization compared with the iPhone 4. On the Galaxy S, you're given different homescreens where you can put widgets to, its very similar to HTC's Sense on their Android phones.


When it comes to watching videos and listening to music, Apple has it down to a Science so there's no arguing that the iPhone 4 is the better multimedia device. The screen resolution alone is SO much better for watching videos and the built in iPod software has been unrivaled. However, it's good to note that the Samsung Galaxy S offers DivX compatibility right off the bat. So for those who're fond of downloading DivX videos, they might lean towards the Galaxy S more as they don't have to be burdened with converting their videos.

Camera and Video Quality

Now here's where there's a bit of a mixed bag. Since I'm not really a camera expert, I would refer you to GSMArena's image and video comparison of the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S. Outright, it seems that the iPhone 4 has the better image quality compared with the Samsung Galaxy S but when it comes to video quality, your choice would have to depend on whether you want to have the option of setting the video resolution to HD or VGA. The Samsung Galaxy S has that option while the iPhone 4 doesn't.

But in this regard, both mobile phones are evenly matched with the iPhone 4 slightly tipping the scales.

Web Browser, Connectivity

Now as for the web browser, both Safari and the Android browser are two of the best web browsers on a mobile phone you can find today. Both renders web pages very fast and scrolling is very smooth. Now the deal breaker may be down to whether you want flash or not. Apple has forever closed its doors on Flash for the iPhone while the Galaxy S, although it doesn't support Flash outright, will have the option to do so in the near future. I actually prefer the browser on the Galaxy S because it offers much more option like find on page and less checker board pattern compared with Safari.

As for connectivity, both mobile phones supports WiFi b/g/n but Samsung added DLNA compatibility to the Galaxy S. So if you have a WiFi equipped TV, you can easily stream media from your phone to your home TV.

Both phones also have GPS but the iPhone 4 has a lot of turn by turn navigation available on the App store while the Android market is lacking on that part but on the other hand, Android has Google Navigation which is free, at least in the UK and US.

Games and Applications

As you know, the iPhone 4 has the largest selection of mobile applications, with over 100,000 apps and games in the App store. Android, though it doesn't have such an extensive collection is close behind, reaching around 80,000 apps but the best part is, most of those apps are free on the Android market. You really can't lose whatever phone you choose because developers are now making their most popular iPhone apps available for the Android market as well and if you can't find the exact same app on the Android market, there are plenty of free alternatives available.


It's hard to put the clear winner here. Both mobile phones have their advantages and as for disadvantage, the most glaring on the iPhone's part is its antennae issue although most people would say that its negligible. I for one, is still on the waiting list for the iPhone 4 so I may have made my choice but if you really don't care for Apple that much, then the Samsung Galaxy S is not a bad choice. I have actually owned both mobile phones but I'm still leaning towards the iPhone 4 just a bit slightly just because of all the free apps I could download. Maybe the HTC Desire Z which I'll be getting in the next few weeks will change my mind. 

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  1. Anonymous |

    What about the major issue to most people - cost on contract.
    I got the galaxy s in the UK with 300/300/1GB for £150 + £15 x 24 months. The nearest iphone deal to this is £170 +£30 x 24months.
    So iphone really costs 75% more. Check it yourself if you don't believe me.

    Also most hands-on reviewers are giving it to the samsung screen because its bigger, has better viewing angles and visibility in high reflective conditions is far better.

    Also you missed a few things in terms of multimedia -the samsung comes with decent headphones, has TV out through the 3.5mm jack as standard and gives the best audio output in frequency range tests for any smartphone - its beautifully flat. Some see not being tied into any ecosystem (i.e. closed market) as an advantage also

    I think the iphone 4 looks fabulous, if it cost the same I would have got one just cos of the look and feel. But- that is what it is here, style over substance.

  2. Anonymous |

    Jesus christ it's so annoying to see idiots (aka apple fan boys) do reviews these days.

    The iphone 4 is "the master of multimedia?" Dude, have you actually seen movies on the Galaxy S???? It blows the iphone 4 CLEAN out of the water. It's not even close! And that's coming from someone who actually owns both and isn't on a "waiting list".

    What a joke this "review" is.

  3. Anonymous |

    whats funny is these "Apple Lovers" are stuck in this realm that Apple has the best devices... but coming from a user who has both phones... i have to give this to the Galaxy s.. user interface is so much more user friendly and the 4.0" Super AMOLED screen blows the iphones Retina display out of the water.

    You really need to get your head out of Apple...there is so much more out there

  4. poison_ivy |

    FYI. I actually owned both device. As for the display, in my opinion, I think the Retina display is just much more crisper because of the tightly packed pixels.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and like I said, for me, on the display part, it's still for the iPhone 4. And no, I'm no apple fanboy.

  5. Anonymous |

    How about comparing the HTC Desire Z with the Galaxy S?

  6. Anonymous |

    What about 'Face time' and Siri on the iPhone 4gs does the Galaxy 3 have anything to match ?. I am trying to decide between the two phones for my next upgrade and currently use the iPhone 3GS 16Gb, I Genuinely would like an honest unbiased view if possible, what about banking apps for the galaxy how do they compare ?connection reliability - speed - signal strength capability battery life is of course very important what is it like based on an average days use ie. calls + browsing and txt lets have some real life comparisons once PLEASE


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