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How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S for Free


Written on 9/16/2010 09:05:00 AM by poison_ivy

The Samsung Galaxy S is one of the iPhone 4's biggest competitor in the UK. Most of the networks here carry the Galaxy S but like all subsidized mobile phones, chances are, the one that you got is locked to that specific network. So, how do you unlock the Samsung Galaxy S from Vodafone, O2, Orange, etc? Well, I've used this guide on a Galaxy S locked to T-Mobile USA so I don't really know if it will work for UK users but other users in other parts of the world reported it working on their Galaxy S locked to their carriers so there's no harm in trying (but then, I take no responsibility when you brick your phone so use at your own risk). This procedure will only work on a Samsung Galaxy S not running Android 2.2.

1) Go to Android Marketplace and search for Samsung Galaxy S Unlock Tool. Two apps showed up and I chose to download the one with five star rating (first one).
2) After downloading, I installed the app, went to applications then opened SGS Unlock.
3) Write down the generated unlock code and unfreeze code as well.
4) Shut down your phone, insert a simcard which your phone is not locked to. The phone will automatically ask for an unlock code. Enter the unlock code and press unlock.
5) Viola! You now have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S.

Thanks to XDA-Developers for the instructions. If you run into some trouble, you can always ask the good fellows a XDA-Developers for some help. Good luck.

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  1. Anonymous |

    Thanks! It worked on mine.

  2. Anonymous |

    What is your brand on the phone? Vodafone, orange or another? It will be work on vodafone?

  3. poison_ivy |

    You can try one time. I entered the wrong code the first time I tried it and it didn't break my phone or anything.

  4. Anonymous |

    yep, worked a treat on mine, didn't even need to enter the code, just restarted with the new sim

  5. Anonymous |

    Great! This save a me a lot of money rather than paying some eBay guys.

  6. Anonymous |

    WOOWWW.. this is gr8 worked for my T-mobile Galaxy S..

    thanks guys..!!!!!!


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