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HTC Desire HD and Desire Z landing in the UK on Oct. 6


Written on 9/30/2010 05:25:00 PM by poison_ivy

For avid Android fans out there, the two new hottest Android mobile phones from HTC is set to land on UK shores on Oct. 6. Yep, that's right, Oct. 6th. Retailers such as Superetrader and Clove UK has already set up pre-orders for the HTC Desire HD and Desire Z on their websites with estimated date of arrival on Oct. 6th. For our US friends, looks like they'll be getting the HTC Desire Z first or it's better known as the T-Mobile G2 since radioshack will be offering it on the October 3rd.

However, US users who long for an unlocked version can also pre-order their HTC Desire Z or HTC Desire HD from Superetrader or Clove as both these retailers ship internationally, PLUS, VAT will be deducted from the price.

For those who want to get a discount when purchasing these two mobile phones, Modaco members get a special discount when ordering from Superetrader. So I'd say pre-order now before stocks get depleted.

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    i think the new revolution is doing great on alot of instance.


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