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Best free games for Windows Phone 7


Written on 3/08/2011 04:28:00 PM by poison_ivy

So, even though Windows Phone 7 may still be an infant OS, the good news is that Microsoft made sure that the marketplace will still have a few good apps and games. the problem is that even though its sorted between free and paid and even by categories, the top free games aren't sorted so you have to flick through a lot of bull. So let me help you sort through all those games and give you my list of what's the best in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Omi Jump

This is by far my favorite. It has great graphics and a good gameplay. Its a lot like abduction! for Android and Doodle jump for iPhone. You can even choose from different scenarios. The object of the game is that you jump higher and higher by using platforms and  tilting your phone. You can eliminate enemies by tapping on the screen while jumping. There's a paid version though the free game already has enough levels.

Solitaire, Hearts, Freecell by Jake Poznanski

Jake Poznanski's versions of Solitaire, Hearts, and Freecell are by far the best card games compared to other card games of the same title in the marketplace. The graphics are Top Notch, the UI fluid. He could charge for these games and I'm sure people would happily pay for it.

Bubble Birds

Another game with great graphics. Bubble birds is another bubble shooter game but the graphics made this game a worthwhile time waster especially since its free.

Text Text Revolution

If a Windows Phone 7 is your first touchscreen phone then you better try this game to hone your typing skills. The graphics ain't worth writing about but this is the only typing game I could find in the market and hey, it works.

These are just some of my favorites and I'll add more once I'm able to discover more of the marketplace but I hope that this list won't be necessary if only Microsoft would arrange the free section with a top 25/50.

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