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How to overclock T-Mobile G2 HTC Desire Z Temporary Root


Written on 3/23/2011 05:21:00 PM by poison_ivy

As you may know, the HTC Desire Z or T-Mobile G2 has only an 800 MHz processor but it can actually be overclocked up to 1.4 GHz. The following instructions will guide you to overclocking your HTC Desire Z or T-Mobile G2 using only a temporary solution or Temporary Root. I prefer this method as it doesn't do any permanent changes to your handset and can easily be reset if you just reboot your device.

I got these instructions from this video: but I ran into some problems so I'm documenting it here and hope it helps some of you.

What you need:

1) Visionary App (one click root)
2) Gscript (light or paid version) you can download it from the Android Marketplace
3) SetCPU, download from the Android Marketplace
4) Any File Explorer with zip function from the Android Marketplace, e.g., Astro, Androzip, etc.
5) Binary Original ROM OR Binary OTA, download from first post here.
6) and, download from this post.


  1. Make sure your phone is set to USB debugging mode by going to settings, applications, Development. Install Visionary App and run. Check "temproot on boot" and "set system r/w after root" and tap on "temproot now". Wait as Visionary roots your handset. I encountered a blackscreen for a while but I just pressed the home button and temproot again, Visionary should go back to the first screen after rooting.
  2. Download and install Gscripts. Connect your mobile phone to your PC via MicroUSB and transfer and to the gscript folder located on your microSD card. If the folder isn't there, create one. You can also transfer files via Bluetooth but make sure you've downloaded the Bluetooth File Transfer App from the Android Marketplace. Extract and on the gscript folder. 
  3. Transfer the Binary Original ROM file (vision_oc.ko) to your microSD card. Make sure that the file is not in any other folder but just the root folder of your microSD card. 
  4. Open gscript, press menu, select add script, press load file, select and select save. Do the same for,, and, be sure to load first and second. 
  5. Go back to the main screen of gscript and load cpoc by pressing it, it should load successfully, then load noreboot. 
  6. If you want your HTC Desire Z / T-mobile G2 to overclock to 1 GHz, load "oc", if you want it overclocked to 1.4GHz, load "oshittt".
  7. When you load either "oc" or "oshitt", there shouldn't be any error messages and you should go back to the main screen of gscript. If there's an error, you may need the Binary OTA file. Rename the Binary OTA file you have downloaded to vision_oc.ko and replace the one you originally placed on the root folder of your MicroSD card and then go back and redo step 5 and 6.
  8. Open up SetCPU. If you're successful, you should be able to set your handset to 1014 (if you chose OC) or 1420 (if you chose oshitt).
And that's it. You now have an overclocked HTC Desire Z or T-Mobile G2. I can tell you from first hand experience that the handset is noticeably faster and zippier thanks to the overclocked CPU. If you have to reboot you'll only have to temproot again and then open up Gscript and just load cpoc, noreboot, and oc or oshitt then open SetCPU to make sure it's running at your desired speed.

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