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Orange iPad 2 and iPhone 4 One Connected Plan offer: is it worth it?


Written on 6/03/2011 05:39:00 PM by poison_ivy

You've probably seen it on an advert somewhere and are deathly curious about Orange's iPhone 4 and iPad 2 offer, well, according to their website,, existing Orange customers can have the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 3G models in the following combination under a £65 tariff for 24 months:

With this plan, you can get 600 minutes, unlimited text, unlimited BT Openzone WiFi access and 2GB data shared between your spanking new iPhone 4 and iPad 2. New customers would need to add £50 to the price listed. So, you got the low down but the big question is: Is it worth it?

At first glance, £65 a month for 24 months is a bit too much. Your overall cost for two years is £1560 plus £99 cash out for the units and that comes down to £1659 for two years. For £35 a month, you can grab an iPhone 4 16GB from Orange for £119.99 with 600 minutes, unlimited text and 500 GB of data, add a 1.5GB tethering bundle for £10.21a month, buy an iPad 16GB WiFi for £399 and this set-up would come out cheaper by £54.97 than Orange's bundled offer.

Of course, the latter set-up assumes that you always carry both devices with you but what if you want, say, an iPhone for yourself and the iPad for someone else in your family? Well, then Orange's One Connected Plan is looking pretty good since if you get the iPhone and iPad plan separately, you'll spend £99.99 more in the same 24 month contract.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Apple fix and head on to Orange right now.

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