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iMessage 101: How to iMessage and other FAQs


Written on 11/24/2011 06:03:00 AM by poison_ivy

So, iMessage, Apple's take on BBM. Usually, the iPhone's features are intuitive and doesn't require much research but there seems to be some people confused with using iMessage. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding iMessage and hope I've helped.

How do I use iMessage?

Go to settings->message and turn the iMessage toggle to "on". You will be asked for your Apple ID and password. Enter it to register/activate iMessage on your iPhone.

Why can't I send iMessage to another iPhone/iPod/iPad user?

In order to successfully send an iMessage to another iPhone/iPod/iPad user, first, they must be using iOS 5 and above so tell the recipient to update their device to the latest firmware. Second, they must also turn on their iMessage feature under settings.

My friends are already on iOS 5 and they have iMessage on but iMessage isn't showing up in the message box or there's no option to use iMessage.

The recipient must also be connected to the internet in order to receive your iMessage. Also, if they're using an iPhone and their mobile number is registered with iMessage, make sure that under your contacts, their mobile number is under this format: +(country code)(mobile number) e.g. +447731234567

Can the recipient receive my iMessage as a text message when they're not connected to the internet?

Under settings->messages menu, for iPhone users there's an option to send as SMS when iMessage is not available. If you turn this on, your recipient will receive an SMS if they're not connected to the Internet, however, you will be charged standard text messaging charges. If you choose not to send as SMS but as an iMessage, the recipient will receive it as soon as they're online, just like a regular IM app.

Is there a way to tell if the recipient is available for iMessage?

If you've successfully sent an iMessage, there will be "delivered" under the message bubble. If its been a while and there's no status that the iMessage has been delivered, there's a good chance your recipient is offline.

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