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The Best Clear case for the iPhone 5


Written on 1/13/2013 01:54:00 PM by poison_ivy

The Switcheasy Nude is another clear case for the iPhone 5. Unlike the SGP Ultra Thin Air Soft, the Nude is made of a clear plastic which is not bendable but is made up of hard materials.

Protection-wise I think the Switcheasy Nude offers a little to medium protection from drops but I think it has your bases covered when it comes to scratch protection. Unlike the Ultra Thin Air and other clear cases, the top side is covered and they included a plastic cap to protect the bottom as well. The only downside is that you have to take it off when charging. True to its form, the Nude doesn't leave much footprint on your phone so it looks like you're don't have a case on which is good, for those people who, like me, would want protection against scratches but don't want to hide the great design and thin form factor of the iPhone 5.

As for what comes with the package, the Nude comes with two screen protectors and a back protector as well. I like the back protector considering that some case makers fail to include it.

I have to say that so far, the Switcheasy Nude is my favorite clear case and for me, the best clear case so far for the iPhone 5, however, after one month's use the top near the power button had a crack but it wasn't because it has shoddy build quality, it was actually my fault since I stubbornly refuse to take off the side protection (SGP Ultra Crystal EX Mix). Naturally, it's a very tight fit, actually, it really won't fit I just jammed the phone inside thus the crack.

Anyways, below are the gallery pictures of the Switcheasy Nude. If you're in the market for a clear case, this should definitely be on your top list.

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