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Tech 21 Impact Shield for iPad Mini


Written on 12/23/2013 01:44:00 AM by poison_ivy

Ever since I discovered the wonderful creation that is glass screen protectors, I have since covered up my gadgets in them. They would not only protect your screen from scratches and the occasional drops, but they also won't take anything away from the touch experience as they provide the same feel as the glass screen of your gadgets compared with traditional plastic screen protectors.

So when Tech 21 offered me to review their impact shield protector for the iPad mini, I originally thought that it was made of glass because of their claim that it was made from the same materials as bulletproof glass so I was a little disappointed when it turned out to be a thick plastic screen protector.

My disappointment diminished when I put it on my iPad and found that application was a breeze, the adhesive side was top notch it can be easily applied and removed. The screen protector itself was clear, no rainbow effects whatsoever and no indication that you have a plastic screen protector on. The oleo phobic properties is also top notch, my fingers glided over the screen and although it still feels a bit plasticky, compared with other plastic protectors, the feel of the impact shield is well above average. Only time will tell though if the oleophobic coating would quickly diminish over time as what other screen protectors have shown, even the glass ones.

The only real bad thing about the tech 21 impact shield, for me although for others it will probably be a non-issue, is that it's too thick for a plastic screen protector. Almost as thick as the glass ones. You can feel its thickness when you use the home button and you would feel the edges of the impact shield. The addition of a home button sticker would probably fix this.

As for their claim of being bullet proof and drop tests, well, I'll leave that up to the professionals. Heck, I'm not about to drop a £400 tech to test a £14 protector.

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