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Disney Hidden Worlds Review tips and tutorial


Written on 2/01/2014 04:47:00 AM by poison_ivy

So I'm currently addicted to this game. What kind of game is it? It's a hidden objects game, for those not familiar with that kind of game genre, it's a puzzle type game where you try to look for specific items within a scenario, kinda like where's wally. Anyways, I really like this game because I'm a fan of Disney cartoons, in fact after I started playing Hidden Worlds I rewatched Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid.

However, since it's a new game it is buggy. Some of the downsides include: it often crashes, it needs you to be connected to the internet, the menu is not intuitive and  you need to recruit your friends in order to progress in the game.

I really hope that in the future they would update it so that users don't need to be connected to the internet all the time, kinda like Candy Crush where you can play offline but you need to go online once in a while to progress.  It's a great game and perfect for Disney fans young and old alike.  I put together some of the frequently asked questions I came about on their facebook page.

How do I add friends? How do I add friends using PlayerID?

You can add friends by logging on to your facebook account. You will be able to transfer your save games between devices by logging in your account too. If you need friends but don't want to add anyone to your facebook friends you can add friends using the apps' community. You can access it by clicking on the friends icon, selecting the invites tab and below the  invites tab you will see the community tab, click on that and you will be able to add a PlayerID. Tip: you can search the comments on Disney Hidden World's fan page for people posting their playerids. You can check your own playerid by going to the apps' settings (it's the gear on the upper right portion of the screen), it's in the lower left portion below the version number.

Where's the Energy Ink everybody's been giving me? How do I use the Energy ink?

It's in your supplies. You can check your supplies by selecting craft and in the upper left side you will see supplies. Click on that and on the very top you will see "Energy", tap on any of the fuel and you will see how many energy ink you have. In order to use the Energy ink you first need to craft it into a fuel. Go to your supplies and under Energy you can craft 3, 10 or 15 energy fuel. After crafting your energy fuel will transfer to your inventory (under craft menu it's on the upper right corner of the screen) where you can use it.

How do I craft quiz items?

Go to your supplies and scroll through the different inks. If the quiz answer is metallic green, just press metallic green under supplies and you will be able to craft it if you have the materials.

How do I unlock night time in Beauty and the Beast?

I don't know if this is true for all but I was able to unlock night time in beauty and the beast by crafting every characters and upgrading all areas in B&B scene.

I can't send and receive gift inks!

There's a glitch wherein when I try to ask for gift ink it won't let me send the request because the option to select friends and send request is missing from the message box. What I did was I logged in on another device and the option reappeared. If your friend already sent you a gift ink but you can't see it in your messages, close the app in the multitasking window (double click the home button and swipe to close the app) and then open it again. If you still didn't get the gift ink it could be that your friend already sent you one and the messages in your message center are phantom messages (previously read messages that still appears as unread).

If you have any more questions drop me a line in the comments section and don't forget to add my PlayerID: Disneyfrozen1234, I would accept facebook friend requests but my facebook account is not linked to the game I'm currently playing.

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