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Onyx Liscio Quick Overview


Written on 2/25/2008 04:28:00 PM by poison_ivy

There's a new mobile phone in the market and it's Onyx's Liscio. The Onyx Liscio is a delicious looking handset and doesn't seem to look like a mobile phone at all. First of all, the Onyx Liscio looks like it's missing a screen.


The Onyx Liscio features a futuristic design. Its 1.10 inch OLED screen with 65k colors is hidden until the phone is used and the screen lights up. Even the keypad has a different design with the numbers 2, 5, 8 separate from the others since it also serves as a dedicated music button. However, though the Onyx Liscio will make others do a double take, when looked at a bit longer, it would somehow resemble a futuristic remote control.


The Onyx Liscio can also double as your MP3 player. This new mobile phone has a MP3 player with equalizer, Bluetooth A2Dp profile, 128MB internal memory expandable with a 1GB microSD card, voice recording capabilities, and built in FM radio. From the product specifications sheet, it looks like the Onyx Liscio doesn't have a built-in digital camera, plus, it looks like it can only play MP3 music files and doesn't support other music file formats.


The Onyx Liscio is available for £129.99 without a contract. Considering that there are other mobile phones which you can get for free though with a contract, the Onyx Liscio seems to be a little more on the expensive side with the very little features it carries. However, if it's innovation and uniqueness that you want in a mobile phone, the Onyx Liscio's design is definitely within that category.

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