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The Nokia Morph


Written on 3/04/2008 03:28:00 PM by poison_ivy

Can't decide whether you want a candy bar phone, a slider or a clamshell? Well, in about seven years, the Nokia Morph may do away with all the choices.

The Nokia Morph is a concept mobile phone developed by Nokia and the University of Cambridge. The Nokia Morphe demonstrates how future mobile phones can be stretchable and flexible which allows the mobile phone to transform into different shapes.

So how can the Nokia Morph be so flexible? Nanotechnology, of course. Nanomaterials can deliver flexible, transparent electronics and a self-cleaning surface.

According to Nokia, the Morph might be able to integrate into mobile phones within seven years but initially only on high end models.

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  1. Bandit |

    the Morph looks like an awesome new technology, of course, but how many years until i'll be able to actually afford one?


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