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Mobile Phone for the Seniors


Written on 4/17/2008 03:47:00 PM by poison_ivy

If your grandparents seems to not be using that mobile phone you gave them for Christmas, don't blame them. Even I have always had a hard time reading the small text on mobile phones. Well, next time, maybe you should just get them the ClarityLife Mobile Phone.

The ClarityLife Mobile Phones is the first Mobile Phone designed for elders. It's actually a two-in-one device: a mobile Phone and an emergency response device. The ClarityLife Mobile Phone has a large display to help older people with vision problems plus prominent buttons. Incoming sounds can also be amplified to 20db to elder people with hearing problems don't have to miss a call. The emergency response device is in the form of a one touch emergency button that will call and send text messages to five pre-programmed numbers.

The ClarityLife Mobile Phone will be available this Summer.

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  1. Anonymous |

    Certainly, a cell phone like Clarity Life is very functional as it serves two purposes—a mobile phone and an emergency response device. The only problem with Clarity Life is that it costs a lot. This phone is obviously expensive at its price that goes as high as $270. I don’t believe that practical seniors will spend an amount for such phone.

    I don’t believe that cell phone for seniors that work for two purposes just like Clarity Life is naturally expensive. I know because Just5 phone, a cell phone for seniors that works in the same way, is being offered for a very reasonable price only. For only $119.9, an elderly can already enjoy competitive features such as big and clear keypad, louder volume, FM radio, and emergency S.O.S. button.

    Apparently, the price of Clarity Life from Just5 phone is too high. Yet, Just5 phone delivers the same phone features. These simply mark that Just5 phone is the right cell phone to buy by the old folks.


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