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Sending SMS Online


Written on 5/19/2008 09:43:00 AM by poison_ivy

Cell phones have changed the way people communicate forever. Used to be, mobile phones are just used for calling, then came text messages, and now, mobile phones can also be used for sending email.

Text messages, however, can take a toll on your phone credits so some people use online sms messaging software. Here are just some of the online sms tools on the web.

Web SMS from Message Media

Web SMS is not a free service, however, you can try out their software for free. With Web SMS, you can send bulk sms messages online. You also need not have any software as everything is done on their web interface. Web SMS is perfect for companies that do their promotions through SMS. is a free service, however, be ready to have your email account spammed. When sending SMS on their site, be sure you’re using a secondary email account. Also, their SMS sending is unreliable. My text messages were only sent two out of 5 times. I gave up trying after.

You need to download a software in order to use Don’t worry, there’s no spyware or anything. The Chikka messenger is popular in the Philippines, however, countries wherein you can send SMS messages to are limited, plus text messages you send are also limited as you are only allocated a certain number of messages per day. As for the reliability of this product, the possibility of your message coming through is four out five so that’s pretty high.


If you’re looking to online SMS messaging for your company’s use, I suggest that you just go for the paid service. With the free services, you get what you paid for, or in their case, you don’t actually pay anything so don’t expect anything.

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    Online mobile SMS in it's purest form is delivered by It is a paid for product, but you can test it free or charge first to see if you can install the programme to your phone and if your phone connects correctly via GPRS or the Internet.


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