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LG U8380 Mobile Phone Review


Written on 7/29/2008 03:49:00 PM by poison_ivy

LG’s contribution to the world with the new LG U8380 mobile phone has been a very significant one. Clamshell phone with an external antenna featuring a variety of traits that include dual camera, brilliant display, handy messaging features and more makes this phone the preferred one. Various connectivity options along with Internet browsing also make the phone a very remarkable one. Visit LG Mobile Phone Page in mobile phone directories to have an idea of different LG mobile phone models.

LG launches all-in-one U8380

The LG U8380 mobile phone is one of the elegant contributions of LG in the field of 3G mobile phones. This phone of LG is improved in the field of technology. The phone weighs a one hundred forty grams with an external aerial plunging out like a horn of a bull. The LG U8380 mobile phone employs two fixed cameras. The 1.3-mega-pixel camera takes care of the photos department and the other 0.3-mega-pixel camera takes care of the video recordings department.

The internal display is wide with a 262k colours and the external display contains a 65k colours internal display. Both the internal and external screen is made up of TFT technology. The LG U8380 mobile phone contains a powerful music player that produces a High quality sound near to the bass effect. The Java games proudly capture the interest of the user of the user. These empower the phone’s multimedia. The phone has an internal memory of 22MB with an additional expandable Memory card. The Internet features in the phone are satisfying. The LG U8380 mobile phone has Bluetooth and USB port for Connectivity. The Java features enables unlimited downloads. These things make this mobile phone a commercial hit.

Phone specifications

  • Dimensions 97.1 x 51.6 x 25

  • Weight 139g

  • Band (in MHZ) 900 / 1800 / 1900 / 2.1 (Ghz)

  • 64 Polyphonic ring tones

  • WAP browser 2.0

  • Messaging SMS, EMS, MMS, Email

  • Connectivity Bluetooth, USB data kit

    Features in brief

  • Twin cameras

  • Dual colour screens

  • Powerful stereo speakers

  • Talk face to face with Video Telephony

  • The multimedia handset

  • TransFlash memory card slot

  • Enriching sound with 64 Polyphonic MIDI technologies

  • Email

  • Embedded Java technology

  • Bluetooth

  • USP (Line1: Bluetooth, Line2: Twin cameras, Line3: Powerful stereo speakers)

  • Internal display: 262,000 colours, TFT type, and 176 x 220 size

  • External display: 65,000 colours, TFT type, and 128 x 160 size

    Features in detail

    Classic Display

    The display has surprising quality and fine clarity to make browsing in 3G a much more pleasing practice.

    Bluetooth sensibility

    The phone chains Bluetooth wireless connectivity that permits you to communicate with other Bluetooth devices without any wires up to 10m away.

    Lively Video Calling

    Video Calling is a two-way communication using video, in your 3G LG u8380 mobile phone. Video Calling crafts communication both pleasure and convenient.

    Brilliant Camera

    The phone encompasses a 1.3 megapixel digital camera for the paramount images and video recording while you want to capture a special moment.

    Ample memory

    The phone has a significant 22MB of internal memory for you to store any number of pictures, Ring tones and screen savers and video clips. There is also an expandable Trans Flash card slot for more memory, for you to save more images, applications and video content.

    Handy Multimedia Messaging

    The MMS facility helps you to communicate with your friends and loved ones. You can send your pictures over MMS. The only feature that is exceptional is that you can send a picture, text, voice and video all at once.

    Java Construction

    The Java technology completes the multimedia construction for this phone. Vibrant Games, wallpapers, animated wallpapers and lot more are already loaded and can be downloadable and easily cleared off.

    A sound out of the ordinary

    The phone benefits from the "polyphonic" ring tone technology. This fabricates a superior quality ring tone.

    Voice Recorder

    There is a voice recorder employed for recording voice messages and you can send it as a part of your multimedia message.

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