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Motorola i335 Review


Written on 7/12/2008 01:53:00 AM by poison_ivy

The Motorola i335 is a business phone designed for those who never handles their mobile phones carefully. I don't know if local carriers have this on their line-up since it runs on IDEN 800/900 networks but if you can somehow manage to get this phone to work in the UK then you have a gem of a phone.


The Motorola i335 is a slim candy-bar phone with a rugged design. It's not exactly the prettiest of phones but if you're constantly mishandling your phone and dropping it, you really don't need a pretty phone. The Motorola i335 is built to military specifications so it's dust proof and waterproof. In fact, i think one of the US blog reviewers was able to drop it off a building and it still managed to survive. Talk about tough.


The Motorola i335 is not a smartphone, at least in my standards. It doesn't have the basic smartphone feature of email capability. However, it does have a nice set of features that might suit business needs of some companies. The Motorola i335 is one of few push to talk cell phones. The push to talk feature is like using your phone as a walkie-talkie. Of course, you need to be running the i335 on a compatible network for it to work. In the US, they offer unlimited push-to-talk with select business cell phone plans. If there's one thing I like about Motorola phones, it's the fact that even though they embellish their phones with other features, they still don't neglect the fact that it's a phone first and foremost so call quality is a must. Calls are clear on the Motorola i335 plus it also has Bluetooth and GPS capability. My only complaints is that features are very limited on the Motorola i335, I guess it's because it is designed mainly for business use.


If you're a very simple person who just wants a mobile phone that has great call quality with a few features thrown in such as GPS, then you might fall in love with the Motorola i335.

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