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Everyone is going touch screen


Written on 8/31/2008 04:07:00 PM by poison_ivy

Touch screen has been introduced several years back but let’s face it, it’s Apple who actually made touch screens seem way cooler. After the iPhone’s success, every mobile manufacturer has been releasing a touch screen version of their mobile phones.

Nowadays, it seems that everything that comes with a screen necessarily has to be touch screen. Sony is now putting touch screen LCDs as a standard on their digital cameras, something which was only common in their camcorders. Even digital photo frames have a touch screen version. Varnam’s touch sensitive digital photo frame has been receiving some rave reviews lately. I must admit, though I really don’t find touch sensitive controls particularly useful (it annoys the heck out of me when touch sensitive controls aren’t really “sensitive”), they could add aesthetic value to almost any consumer electronics. I guess it gives them a more futuristic feel.

Even tables, thanks to Microsoft’s surface, will soon be touch enabled. So, will touch screens continue to be the prevalent technology used in most consumer electronics or will something better come along soon? Well, if they could come up with a phone that that can read your brain waves and execute its command through just the touch of a finger, well, I’m sold.

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