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Unlock iPhone v.2.0


Written on 8/16/2008 05:00:00 PM by poison_ivy

While iPhone 3G owners are waiting in bathed breath for techno savvy individuals to unlock the iPhone 3G, previous iPhone owners who have an unlock iPhone unit but upgraded to the version 2.0 firmware update may want to check out www.iphone-sim-unlock.com.

The site claims that they can unlock your iPhone even if it has the v.2.0 firmware update plus they can give you access to their software for all future firmware updates of the iPhone. Of course, the service isn't free, you have to cough up $29 to have access to their software but the upside is that you have access to their members area for life so that your iPhone will always be updated with the latest firmware version even if has been unlocked.

The site even backs up their claim with a complete money-back guarantee. Hey, any site that gives money back guarantee for their service means they probably can do what they claim to do. However, since I'm not an iPhone user, I really can't vouch for these guys so caveat emptor.

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